We are sure you have some questions before camp. And here are some answers.

What is a typical workout like? With our camp, no workout is typical. Everyday at camp is different, and we make sure to rotate the instructors as well. This ensures that you remain engaged in camp and are always craving to see what challenge is next. We  teach to the fittest person in camp, so you can be sure that this will be an exciting challenge for you as well.

I am worried, What if  I am not able to do all the exercises? Yes, camp is designed to be tough, however, we always offer a modified or low impact version of the camp. This is about you reaching your personal best. For some, that is leading the pack, while for others, the first goals is to keep moving for the hour!

Do you yell at campers like the military? No. We encourage our campers to do their personal best, whatever level they may be at. That is different and unique for everyone. The camps are designed for positive motivate and camaraderie with your fellow campers. Verbal abuse is not our means to motivate.

Can I bring  friend? Absolutely. We love when friends or family join in the fun. Please have them get there a few minutes early to fill out a waiver. Guests are allowed one visit per camp.

What should I bring with me to camps? Bring a towel, water bottle and a can do attitude!

Do you have a place to lave my bag and keys? Yes, we do. Our camps always begin and end at our office. We have a space inside for you to leave stuff where our reception team is staffed.

I am going to miss my scheduled camp time, can I attend another? While we encourage you to stay with your group, an occasional switch is ok but please try to let the staff know ahead of time.

It looks like it may rain, is camp still on? Our camps are indoor/outdoor camps. You should always be prepared to go outside, even in the rain.

Who can attend camps? Anyone. If you are under 18 you will need a parents signature. Don’t think that you need to get more fit before beginning. That’s like saying you want to wash your car before you take it to the car wash. This is for you!

What else do I receive with camp? You get a complimentary chiropractic adjustment or soft tissue treatments each week. You receive a printed photo of you and your camps (don’t miss photo day), a t shirt if you attend 80% of camp, and at the end, all camps get together for a celebratory happy hour!