December 2014
Get Treatment Before Your Annual Deductible Resets The holiday season has arrived and your calendar is filling up with obligations. But, even though your time is already limited, it might be worthwhile to add a few appointments to your schedule. Yes, you’ll be extra busy, but you might save a significant amount of money by taking care of these appointments now, instead of waiting until 2015. If you wait until 2015 to get treatment, you don’t take advantage of all the benefits you’ve paid insurance premiums for in 2014, Use Up Your Existing FSA Contributions. Take Advantage of Benefits That Will Disappear or Be Reduced In 2015 We have options to finance co-pays. If you would like to learn about what options and benefits you have and can maximize before the end of the year, please reach out to our office at 619 295 9791 and ask for Wendy, our Finance manager. You can also email her directly at wendy@fixbodygroup.com