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First…Thank you for your service! At FIX Body Group we take care of our veterans and have been a partner with the veterans’ choice program for many years. If you are active duty or retired, we are here to help. To show our appreciation, all military members receive a 20% discount on our services.

What to Expect

There are many benefits of the Veterans Affairs program you can apply for, as many veterans are in need of help after the end of their active duty service. It is a difficult process, so, besides knowing the technicalities of how to apply, you should also know how to increase the odds of your application being successful.


Using wrong or bad evidence is probably the worst thing you can do when trying to argue your disability claim. That, and the previously mentioned failure to acquire the C-file.

Firstly, you need to use good quality five-star evidence in your disability claim. Evidence that clearly and irrevocably proves that your disability stems from your military involvement. Secondly, you have to point the evidence to the VA. Don’t make them try to find a needle in a haystack, because they probably won’t bother.

Lastly, the evidence you use has to be relevant, probative, competent, credible, and, most importantly, material.


For many veterans, the process of VA claims is a never ending process of claims, denials, and remands. They start to feel like they’re getting nowhere.

However, when you start to better understand the process itself, you can start choosing the battlefield, increasing your chances of a successful disability claim.

For example, certain battles such as impairment rating issues and effective dates cannot easily be won in a regional VA office. You stand better odds at the Board of Veteran Appeals. Other processes are more easily won at the veterans court. Choose your battles, but choose the battlefield too.


Finally, we come to the last advice we have to give. If everything starts getting too cumbersome and difficult to understand, get professional help. We know how easy it is for the entire process to become too complicated for the already physically and emotionally drained veterans.

To be completely honest, no Facebook veteran group, no text or blog, and no message board can replace good legal council from attorneys experienced in VA disability claims.

Nobody is saying you have to hire one, and it’s certainly something that VA doesn’t advise. But, if you think you’re in over your head, and start thinking there is no way out, get help. And make sure the person trying to help you knows their stuff.


This Thing


That Thing


Those things


these things



Veterans with a disability need to believe they can do it, they need to believe they can beat the system. Sounds simple enough, but many veterans applying for the VA benefits paying for chiropractic program struggle to find their way through all the paperwork and bureaucracy involved.

Veterans Affairs has its veterans choice program news problems, but the solution isn’t in the Congress or the VA itself. The solution is you. You have more power that the people from VA that process your disability claim. And that’s really important to know before starting down the path of proving your veteran affairs benefits eligibility.



Nobody is saying you should become a lawyer. Far from that. You just need to become familiar with some of the more basic laws that come into play with VA disability claims or appeals.

What’s more, take a look at some of the previous cases that your fellow combatants fought with the judicial system, and learn from them. You can learn from their mistakes, and take in the positive aspect of their struggle.

These cases can also help you understand how VA looks at evidence, what mechanism they use to deem somebody eligible, and what arguments they use to disprove the evidence veterans provide.



This is, without a doubt, the most important document of your entire VA disability claim. In most cases, the reason for veterans being denied their disability claim lies in their C-file.

You are “shooting blind” without a copy of your C-file. The reason for it being so paramount is that it helps you to better understand the documentation for your claim.

It will show you the evidence missing from your claim, the evidence that should not be in there, as well as the evidence necessary to prove and resolve your appeal or claim. Without it, it all becomes sort of hit and miss.

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