June 2018
Stressed Woman - Mental Therapy after Car Accident

Physical injuries are the first thing that people tend to alleviate after they have been through a car accident. Although visiting a doctor and getting thoroughly examined is the most important first step, it certainly isn’t the only thing that should be kept in mind.

Being a part of an auto accident can also take its toll on your emotional and mental health. So, although you will find yourself looking for ‘auto accident physical therapy near me’, don’t forget the emotional influence as well. Remember to seek mental therapy after car accident as well.

Auto accidents can cause emotional distress

Apart from the obvious, physical effects of taking part in a car accident, the victims can also suffer emotional distress. This includes every type of symptoms which have no medical diagnosis, but cause the individual to act differently than usual. They mostly have to do with feelings and that is why the doctors can’t define them as a medical condition. However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t real.

Emotional distress can manifest itself as one strong emotion, such as fear, anger, anguish or anxiety. It can also entail mood swings, loss of appetite and sudden bursts into crying. A person can have trouble falling asleep or have nightmares, while their usual daily interests might become almost non-existent. This is where mental therapy after car accident can help; although the distress can be short, it might also last for a long time for some.

Trauma can lead to mental conditions

Depending on the type of car accident an individual has been involved in, the suffered trauma can cause the development of a mental condition. Not only does it interrupt their daily life, it can be a serious issue. One of the most common conditions is post-traumatic stress disorder, better known as PTSD. Even though it is most commonly connected with soldiers returning from war, it can also manifest in people after other types of trauma, such as a car accident.

It can entail memories of the traumatic events, involuntary flashbacks and even passing out from strong recurring feelings. People in such cases might completely avoid anything which reminds them of the accident, which means driving or riding in a car, even seeing one. If prolonged, the symptoms can lead to depression and asocial behavior, which is why they should undertake a medical treatment.

Treatment prevents long-term effects

People involved in car accidents, no matter if they were the drivers or only passengers, can suffer long lasting negative mental effects. If any symptoms show after the accident, the best thing to do is seek professional help in dealing with them. But this also means talking with your friends and family about what is bothering you and how you feel about it. If unsolved, such traumas can lead to a dysfunctional individual afraid to perform everyday tasks.

Seek mental therapy after car accident

Being in a car accident is a serious thing and we at Fix Body Group know it well. We provide therapy after such instances, which is designed to help you get better as soon as possible. This also includes advice on mental therapy. Reach out to us and take a confident step towards healing!