May 2017
Woman under Stress - Personal Training San Diego

When we say stress, we often mean emotional stress caused by various personal issues, family troubles, work-related stress, etc. However, there are different types of stress and also different ways to manage it. Regardless of the type of stress, there’s no denying that physical exercise is vital in stress management.


Take a look at the breakdown of different types of stress and what you can do to secure the well-being of your body and mind.

Acute stress

The most common type of stress, acute stress is a biological reaction to new challenges or demands. As an immediate reaction, acute stress can be triggered by everyday situations, such as an argument at home or work, or a traffic jam, or less frequent events such as a change of job or moving to another city.


As long as these ‘’episodes’’ of acute stress are isolated, there should be no permanent health problems. Nevertheless, the greater frequency and intensity of acute stress may indicate acute stress disorder or what is better known as episodic acute stress, in which case you should consult your doctor for suitable treatment.


Acute stress can be mitigated by regular physical exercise, a healthy and socially appropriate way to ‘’let off steam’’ and relieve the body of the tension accumulated during the day. You can’t get rid of stress completely because it’s mostly caused by external factors, and you can’t possibly eliminate them all. But, you can take care of your body by eating healthily and doing exercise to minimize the effects the stress will have on your organism.

Chronic stress

If acute stress persists for longer periods of time and seems to be getting more intense, it’s a sign of chronic stress. This type of stress is usually caused by more deeply rooted issues such as an abusive or otherwise bad relationship, dysfunctional family, bad financial situation, etc. Chronic stress is extremely dangerous because it ultimately leads to health issues such as cancer and heart disease.


The best thing to do is to do your best to prevent chronic stress altogether. If your job is making you miserable, you should change it. Where possible, get away from the things that are causing you stress.


Taking care of your body is equally important. Treat yourself to relaxing massages and other treatments to ease the built-up tension. Let your body help heal your mind.

Physical Stress

Most of the population leads a sedentary lifestyle, sitting at the computer all day long. Children play video games or are overweight. All of these things, combined with an unbalanced diet and the lack of physical exercise, cause what we can physical stress.


This type of stress can compromise the well-being of your entire body. For example, bad posture and lack or muscle support for the spine can cause migraines and ultimately compromise the nervous system.


If you don’t take care of your body, the effects will inevitably spread to your mind. The lack of physical strength will make you drowsy and irritable, unable to focus on your daily tasks, or worse.


If you have been in an accident or suffered a bodily injury, the trauma can cause a significant amount of stress. Rehabilitation is crucial to your recovery, both physical and emotional. At Fix Body Group, our rehabilitation therapists can help you improve posture, alleviate pain and improve strength through corrective exercises, stretching training and active release technique.

Chemical Stress

Did you know that your diet and the environment you live in can contribute to yet another type of stress known as chemical stress? Our body is a complex organism and everything is interconnected. Eating unhealthily, being exposed to pollution and smog, smoking, recreational drug use – all are wearing your system down slowly, but persistently.


You should eliminate these chemical stressors as much as you can. If you live in a polluted environment, you should get some fresh air as often as possible. Remember – you should love your body and always do what’s best to preserve its healthy state. A balanced diet and an optimal amount of physical exercise are a good place to start.

Personal training in San Diego

Just like there are different types of stress, some of which very individual in nature, that’s how the approach to manage it should be personalized. At Fix Body Group, we recognize the importance of physical exercise in stress management. Our personal training programs are tailor-made to suit your needs. There are no cookie-cutter workouts, only targeted exercises to help you achieve your goals and take care of your body.


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