You’ve been to the gym. You’ve had a training. You’ve been disappointed. Cookie cutter workouts at chain gyms don’t work for you. Why? Because they aren’t written for YOU. It’s time to put the personal back in personal training. Our trainers work with some of the most elite athletes and Olympians. If they trust their fitness, conditioning and performance goals to us, shouldn’t you? You begin with a one-hour assessment with your trainer. Why do we do these assessments? We need to know what you want out of your time with us, as well as what your body is capable of and your fitness level. We want to understand how your body works in order to write a program customized to you personally. We program based on science and don’t want to put fitness on top of dysfunction. We start at the base of it!

We go over the results and how you compare to the national average. Then, we take the results of these assessments along with your goals and create a customized plan that supports your goals and maximizes your workout time. Next, you’ll return for a complimentary 55 minute workout based on all this information.  We base this on your goals, your medical history, the results from your assessment, your fitness level and mix that together with personality matching from our Personal Training Manager. Being given a trainer shouldn’t simply be about who is available past 5 p.m. Our guarentee to you is that you will love both your experience and your results. We follow up with you after your first two sessions. Don’t love your trainer? No problem, we will credit those sessions back into your account and rematch you.