Veterans Choice is a program that allows an eligible veteran to get health care from community providers, rather than to wait for VA appointments, or travel to VA facilities. So, get familiar with how this program works, including eligibility criteria and potential problems.

Who is eligible?

The beginning of this process is certainly establishing your eligibility for the program. There are several aspects to consider, similar to those of the Veteran Affairs program for disability claims.

The basic requirement you need to fulfill is current enrollment in a VA health care program. Besides that, there are more criteria to take into consideration.

If a local VA facility informs you that your appointment is more than 30 days away, you can apply for Veterans Choice.

The same goes for the distance – if the nearest VA facility is more than 40 or more miles away from your residence, you can be deemed veteran affairs benefits eligibility for receiving care from a community provider. If the distance is shorter, but you have to travel by ferry, air, or boat to the closest VA facility, the same rule applies.

If, because of your medical condition, you can experience health problems while travelling to a nearby Veterans Affairs medical center, you can opt for Veterans Choice program.

When a veteran resides in a state with no full-service medical facility in the VA program or VA disability eligibility, he can be eligible for participation in the Veterans Choice.

If you think you are eligible for this health care program for veterans, call the VCP center and get informed about the ensuing process. Also, always follow the VC program news, as there can always be certain changes to the requirements.

How do I calculate the 40 mile distance?

Since distance from the nearest medical center for veterans is usually the reason why people opt for Veterans Choice, you have to be able to know how to calculate it properly.

The 40 mile distance in question is the driving distance to the nearest VA facility from your home, including Veterans Affairs Medical Centers and different outpatient Community-Based Clinics. Take a ride in your car, pay attention to the mileage, and see how far away from the nearest medical facility with a full-time physician you are.

How to get prescriptions filled if part of the VC program

Community providers you visit through participation in the Veterans Choice Program issue a 14-day national formulary drug prescriptions. You can have the prescription filled within 14 days at a non-VA pharmacy you choose.

Prescription reimbursement is done through the Non-VA Care Coordination Offices or Business Offices at a VA facility. The process can take up to 30 or 45 days to be completed, and you need to hand in a copy of the original receipt and prescription.

Does Veterans Choice Program affect Veterans Affairs health care?

The simple answer is no. Many people fear this, because they think that participating in the VC program can have negative effects on their VA health care benefits.

VCP has been created with an idea of delivering the best combination of community medical centers and VA facilities. The integrated network provides veterans with more choices when it comes to their health care, ensuring that the care is delivered when and where you need it.

Have I got any copayment responsibilities to the other insurance I possess?

Again, no. Veterans Affairs remains the primary and sole coordinator of all the VCP benefits, which means only you are responsible for all VA copayments.

The copayment itself is determined by Veterans Affairs only after proper care has been provided. The copayments are billed after the appointment, and the process is taken care by the VA benefits paying for chiropractic program.

There are no problems with Veterans Affairs program here!

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