The duty of our rehabilitation therapists is to strengthen the correction being made. Through specific corrective exercises, stretching/flexibility training, and active release technique (muscle stripping) we are able to provide:

  • Decreased Pain
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Improved Posture
  • Increased Strength
  • Improved Balance

Our goal is to get you back to doing what you love, pain-free and stronger than before. Our therapist will give you the tools to become independent in taking care of your condition.

We bring you expertise-based physical therapy in San Diego

Fix Body Group is the leading provider of sports rehab, enabling both athletes and active individuals to recover after suffering an injury in San Diego and across the area. We have years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field, so rest assured that our physical therapist in San Diego has the expertise needed to help you get back in shape. Schedule a consultation with us today and start your recovery in no time!

Get specialized sports rehab in Mission Valley

Are you an aspiring athlete who has experienced a serious injury and needs dependable rehabilitation experts? Then contact our physical therapist and overcome any physical obstacle there is. Contact Fix Body Group and get the best physical therapy in Mission Valley and beyond. Recover for your next sports competition with ease!

Our physical therapist in Mission Hills offers full support

Getting through the challenging rehabilitation process is difficult without professional assistance and guidance. Fortunately, Fix Body Group brings you the foremost physical therapy specialists who offer scientifically based sports rehab and physical therapy in Mission Hills. They will devise a recovery plan unique to your situation, yet in accordance with industry safety and health guidelines. Get the help you need at our facilities!

What is physical therapy in Hillcrest?

Physical therapy focuses on rehabilitative health and enables patients to recover after an injury or any other physical condition that has affected their everyday life. Signing up for our sports rehab in Hillcrest will enable you to regain your physical abilities or even improve them after working with an experienced physical therapist. Join our rehabilitation program in Hillcrest at any time!

Rely on our physical therapist in University Heights for optimal results

Our trusted chiropractors and personal trainers specialize in physical therapy and sports rehabilitation, so they know which methods the include in your sports rehab in University Heights. They will go to great lengths to ensure your safety, health, and well-being by applying tailored rehabilitation methods. Contact our team today!

What are the different types of physical therapy in South Park?

Our specialists from Fix Body Group can help you with several types of physical and sports rehab in South Park. Chiropractic treatment falls under the category of orthopedic physical therapy since it focuses on your musculoskeletal system. However, since chiropractic has such wide use, your physical therapist can also render geriatric, pediatric and other forms of physical rehabilitation in South Park. 

What is sport physical therapy in Linda Vista?

Do you need an appointment for sports rehab in Linda Vista? Are you wondering “What does a sports rehabilitation therapist do?” Fix Body Group is here to answer all of your questions and provider you with adequate care. A physical therapist who specializes in sports rehabilitation treats athletes who’ve experienced an injury and tracks their progress. Schedule an appointment with our specialists in Linda Vista today!

Our experts in sports rehab in Downtown boast stellar records

With us, you will get the best physical therapist has to offer. All of our specialists have undergone extensive physical therapist education and years of training. They have the experience, knowledge, and equipment needed to help you recover and regain your life back. Contact us and we’ll schedule your physical therapy in Downtown at your convenience!

What are benefits of physical therapy in Point Loma?

You can rely on our dependable physical therapists to help you achieve optimal rehabilitation results during your sports rehab in Point Loma. Some of the perks you will gain include reduced pain, enhanced balance, restored movement/mobility, stroke or paralysis recovery, fall prevention, avoiding surgery, and more. 

Our sports rehab in Bay Park meets the highest standards

When choosing a sports rehabilitation therapist, you need to ensure you’ve picked a highly qualified physical therapist in Bay Park who know all the safety guidelines in depth and follows the industry norms for physical therapy. Of course, you can always rely on Fix Body Chiropractor Group, the industry leader in Bay Park and beyond. 

Scheduling physical therapy in Golden Hill is easy with us

You shouldn’t wait to get the required sports rehab treatment. Instead, contact our physical therapist in Golden Hill and we’ll schedule your examination at your earliest convenience. We’re always available to assist you and help you recover fully.

Your physical therapist in La Jolla focuses on your needs

Rest assured that your sports rehabilitation specialist will devise a physical therapy plan specially adjusted to your physical condition and the nature of your injuries. Our sports rehab in La Jolla takes an individualized approach, so you will get the tailored care you deserve.

How do you become a sports physical therapist in Clairemont?

Only the best and most qualified specialists get to join the Fix Body Group. We handpick our team members by employing a thorough, strict vetting process. So, there’s no doubt that you will have the best of the best by your side while undergoing our physical therapy and sports rehab in Clairemont. 

Get diverse sports rehab in Rancho Bernardo

We will assign you a personal physical therapist in Rancho Bernardo who will be in charge of developing, conducting, and monitoring your rehabilitation process. They will recommend a list of physical therapy exercises that target your afflicted areas. For instance, they will help you go through physical therapy exercises for legs and help you recover your mobility. Rely on us – we’re always here for you!

Our physical therapist in Carmel Mountain Ranch is your trusted partner

You should know that you will have all the restorative support and guidance you need during your sports rehab and physical therapy in Carmel Mountain Ranch. Some of the physical therapist duties at Fix Body Group include consultation, diagnosis, professional advice, treatment plan development, offering stimulation, helping patients use therapeutic equipment and exercises, and more. 

We also offer sports rehab in Rancho Santa Fe

Fix Body Chiropractor Group can provide you with first-rate physical therapy in Rancho Santa Fe, as well. Our team is always available for any questions you may have and ready to help you achieve full recovery. Contact our physical therapist without any hassle in Rancho Santa Fe.

Improve your life – sign up for our physical therapy in Poway

Whether you need sports physical therapy or simply want to improve your physical abilities, our physical therapist in Poway is here for you. Our sports rehab will help you get back your A-game while our general physical therapy can offer an array of benefits. Either way, you’ll see improvements in your everyday life in Poway before you know it!

Our physical therapist in Scripps Ranch is at your disposal

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your sports rehab in Scripps Ranch, don’t hesitate to reach out to our physical therapist specialists. They will be more than happy to explain the entire process and make sure it’s completely stress-free for you and your family in Scripps Ranch. 

We will adjust your sports rehab in Encinitas

We go above and beyond to provide our patients with the best physical therapy treatment possible. We achieve this by delivering tailor-made therapy plans that tackle the core problems rather than just symptoms. Your physical therapist in Encinitas always puts YOU first.

Our physical therapy in Del Mar is backed by a holistic approach

Each and every one of our team members have a holistic approach to health and physical recovery. This means that your physical therapist will not only apply proven solutions for your sports rehab in Del Mar, but also give you general nutritional and lifestyle advice on what can speed up your recovery.

Be your old self – get our sports rehab in 4S Ranch

Losing certain physical abilities can be highly traumatic, even resulting in anxiety and depression. Thus, it’s recommended you undergo reputable physical therapy that employs advanced techniques and offers world-class equipment. You can do so at Fix Body Group, so contact our physical therapist in 4S Ranch as soon as possible. 

Schedule multi-step therapy with our physical therapist in Black Mountain Ranch

Our treatment plan consists of several stages adjusted to your physical condition. For instance, your sports rehab in Black Mountain Ranch may entail the application of Active Release Therapy, massage treatment, body-specific exercises, flexibility training, stretching, and more. Of course, our seasoned and qualified therapist will oversee your progress at all times. 

Our physical therapy in Rancho Penasquitos helps with an array of conditions

While our sports rehab treatment addresses sports-specific injuries, our general therapy has a wider application. For instance, our physical therapist in Rancho Penasquitos can help you with any bone, ligament, or joint problems, mobility issues in seniors, physical disabilities caused by neurological disorders, birth defects, and others. Contact our team for any questions you may have!

We take the stress away from sports rehab in Mira Mesa

Your physical therapy doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming even if you come across a few obstacles on your road to recovery. Our physical therapist in Mira Mesa is not only educated and trained, but also truly friendly, patient, and ready to motivate you when it’s challenging the most. We have your back!

Your physical therapist in Solana Beach boasts expertise 

Here at Fix Body Group, you can count on the highest level of professionalism and dedication. Our team will provide you with the utmost care and respect during your physical therapy and sports rehab in Solana Beach. We are professionals with your interests at heart!

Our physical therapy in Cardiff is innovative and advanced

While employing dependable, tried-and-tested rehabilitation methods, your physical therapist in Cardiff will also implement the most recent, science-backed solutions that have been recognized in the industry. Get the best sports rehab program available in Cardiff!

Breathe easy during your sports rehab in Escondidio

Our prime concern and most important objective is to ensure your safety during your physical therapy while also helping you achieve full recovery. Our physical therapist in Escondido boasts a long-standing practice and world-class education, so you can entrust them with your health and well-being. 

Start fresh with our physical therapist in Fairbanks Ranch

It’s never too late to start taking care of yourself. If you’ve been experiencing any physical difficulties or suffered an injury, consider starting our physical therapy or sports rehab in Fairbanks Ranch. We have first-rate facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and a team of second-to-none rehabilitation experts. Schedule a consultation at your convenience and count on Fix Body Group to be by your side every step of the way!