The duty of our soft tissue is to remove damaged or scarred tissue from muscles to facilitate healing and aid in a strong correction. This is accomplished through specific movement based hands on technique, deep tissue sports massage and assisted stretching methods performed by our therapists. Results one can expect are:

  • Removal of damaged tissue that has healed with scarring from an injury
  • Increased blood flow and nutrients to damaged tissue for efficient healing
  • Removal of toxins in muscles
  • Reduction in muscle spasm
  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved posture

What is massage therapy used for?

Massage therapy can boost your overall wellness in more ways than one. There are various health-related reasons to use massage therapy: pain relief, recovery from sport injuries, relaxation, stress relief and anxiety or depression treatment. Massage therapy can be beneficial regardless of how old you are and whether you have a serious condition or not.

Is deep tissue massage good for you?

Deep tissue massage has both physical and psychological benefits. Its main purpose is to treat muscle pain and muscle stiffness. Deep tissue massage can help you unwind as well and remove the consequences of stress and anxiety. It eases stress in a natural way, leading to better overall health.

What are the different types of massages?

The most effective types of massage can be broken down into two categories: deep tissue massage and soft tissue massage. The latter is known as Active Release Technique massage therapy. Your massage therapists will examine you so as to determine the most beneficial type of massage therapy for you, as well as recommend additional forms of treatment to help you achieve maximum recovery.

The finest massage therapy in San Diego

Wherever in San Diego you may be, get ready to discover the many benefits of massage therapy. Whether you want effective deep tissue massage therapy in Carmel Mountain Ranch or active release technique massage therapy near your home, we are here for you. With our experts by your side, you can reap the many benefits of massage therapy fast.

Indulge yourself and have a massage in Mission Valley

Whether you have suffered a sports injury which has left long-term consequences or simply need to unwind after a stressful week at the office, reach out to our massage therapists in Mission Valley. They will go above and beyond to customize the approach to your needs and your body so you could feel lasting benefits.

Maximize the benefits of massage therapy in Mission Hills

Even if you were lucky enough not to have ever suffered an injury and tissue damage, there is one factor that affects us all, whether we know it or not: stress. Massage therapy in Mission Hills is one of the most popular Fix Body Group services because of its versatility and numerous benefits.

Make the most of massage in Hillcrest

Some people seek lasting pain relief, others want to find an effective way to deal with minor discomfort, while others just want to relax and unwind. The answer is the same: massage therapy. With the finest massage therapists in the area you can rest assured you will feel better than ever.

Massage therapy in University Heights: life-changing potential

Some people think that massage therapy cannot have lasting benefits, but this could not be further from the truth, especially when combined with other forms of treatment Fix Body Group crew has to offer. Starting massage therapy can truly turn your life around. Reach out to us for your own custom-made course of treatment.

Reap the benefits of expert massage in South Park

When you put your health in the hands of expert massage therapists, you can feel absolutely certain that nothing will be left to chance. You will find pain and discomfort relief, as well as relief from stress and anxiety. Let us show you the way to a brighter, pain-free future!

Effective with lasting benefits: massage therapy in Linda Vista

As soothing as massage therapy most certainly is, it can have bigger, lasting benefits when performed by the leading experts in the field. Here at Fix Body Group, we believe in a holistic approach which allows our patients to discover lasting benefits and feel improvement from the very first session.

Massage in Downtown: effective and beneficial

Make the most of your massage therapy with the help of the Fix Body Group team, a group of highly qualified massage therapists with an impressive track record and years of experience. We will remove the consequences of an injury or your stressful lifestyle by making choices in your best interest. We’ve got your back!

Massage therapy in Point Loma: let’s take things up a notch

We all know that having a massage can be a pleasant and beneficial experience, but do you know just how beneficial it can be? Whether you are dealing with the normal consequences of daily stress and anxiety or severe damage to muscle tissue, massage therapy can be just what you need!

Taking things to the next level with massage in Bay Park

Muscle spasms, pain, discomfort, reduced mobility and fatigue. All these things sound abominable and we know they are the bane of your existence. But our expert massage therapists can lend you a helping hand and show you a way out so you can wake up feeling fresh, rested and relaxed. Reach out to Fix Body Group today!

Schedule your massage therapy in Golden Hill

Massage therapy comes in all shapes and sizes, and we are here to ensure you undergo the very best one for your specific needs and condition. You can feel absolutely certain we will act in your best interest at all times, as well as take swift action to ensure you experience relief from pain and discomfort as soon as possible. 

Prepare to be wowed: book a massage in La Jolla

The leading providers of effective massage therapy in La Jolla have the power to turn your life around. You will be absolutely amazed by the many benefits of Fix Body Group massage therapy tailored to you and your needs. We are here to help promote your natural healing process and enable you to achieve maximum wellness.

Massage in Clairemont: your safe choice

Not only can massage therapy have amazing benefits for your body, but also for your mind. The best part is that you have nothing to lose but stand to gain a lot: massage therapy is healthy and safe. There are zero health risks when you put your health in the hands of the best in the field!

Massage therapy in Rancho Bernardo: the best for your body and mind

Here at Fix Body Group, we take a holistic approach to treating our patients and addressing their health issues. We believe it is our job to help you maximize the benefits, which is why we will optimize your course of treatment so you can get fast, lasting results. Call today to set up your first appointment!

Make the most of the best massage in Carmel Mountain

Fix Body Group has a long and successful track record in the domain of massage therapy in Carmel Mountain and throughout the area. We have helped countless patients experience pain and stress relief, as well as recover from various serious injuries. We can help you too, so call today!

The most effective massage in Carmel Mountain Ranch

It’s time for life-changing steps, and the very first one can be to shoot Fix Body Group a call. Our expert team will set up your tailor-made treatment plan so you can make the most of our experience and expertise in the shortest amount of time. Our focus is on your wellbeing.

Use all the perks of the best massage therapy in Rancho Santa Fe

The daily grind can take a toll on our health, both in the physical and psychological sense. It gets even worse if you have suffered a more serious injury or if you are affected by various other symptoms of deteriorating health. Call Fix Body Group today so we can do everything in our power to make things right!

Maximize the potential of massage in Poway

Undergoing a massage therapy provided by Poway’s leading massage therapists can be a life-changing experience. It all starts with a careful examination of your health and inspection of your medical history. Call Fix Body Group today to schedule your first appointment and see for yourself what we can do for your health and general wellbeing.

Pleasure and relief: massage therapy in Scripps Ranch

Pain management, stress relief, recovery from serious injuries and more: this is what massage therapy can offer. You will feel the soothing sensation of expert massage therapy tailored to you, as well as experience the much needed escape from the pain and discomfort. Put your trust in the best of the best!

Massage in Encinitas: put your health in the hands of the best

Experience the best that massage therapy has to offer. Your massage therapist will examine you so as to decide on your optimal course of treatment. Expect countless health benefits for your body and mind. We are here to usher in a new era! Call today and schedule your initial appointment with one of our expert therapists.

A boost of health: massage therapy in Del Mar

It’s time to feel better than ever before and we are here to ensure that happens in the shortest amount of time. When you put your trust in Fix Body Group, you can feel certain that you will get the best course of treatment and that the results will be lasting.

Undergo a massage in 4s Ranch to feel better than ever before

Our massage therapists are the best at what they do. They will go above and beyond to ensure you reap all the benefits that massage therapy has to offer. Whether you are dealing with the consequences of an injury or simply need some much-needed stress and tension relief, Fix Body Group is the way to go!

Why use massage therapy in Black Mountain Ranch?

The soothing sensation induced by a professional massage therapy can hardly be put into words. But there is much more to it than that. Your Fix Body Group massage therapist will go the extra mile to ensure you experience pain relief and better wellbeing in general in just a few effective treatments.

Make the most of massage therapy in Rancho Penasquitos

It has never been easier to track down the best massage therapists in the area, because we’ve done it for you! Here at Fix Body Group, we boast a team of experts who get outstanding results in the shortest amount of time. Our focus is on you and your well-being. Reach out to us today so we can get started!

Make game-changing steps with massage in Mira Mesa

It’s time to say goodbye to pain, discomfort, poor blood flow, poor stamina or limited mobility. Whether any of these issues were caused by your lifestyle, age, disease or injury, we can make it all go away. Using effective, carefully planned treatment methods, we will ensure you get the most out of your massage therapy.

Massage therapy in Solana Beach: your optimal course of treatment

Put your confidence in our professional massage therapists and let them conduct your thorough examination so they can determine your best course of treatment. By combining massage therapy with one or all of the other Fix Body Group services, we can and we will help you achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time!

The best of the best: massage therapy in Cardiff

We are here to lend you a helping hand and show you that living a pain-free life is possible even after serious injuries and tissue damage. Let us help you eliminate pain, improve your range of motion and get a boost of self-confidence. It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief because we are here to help restore your functionality and sense of wellbeing.

Turn to expert providers of massage in Escondido

Aside from stress and anxiety relief, expert massage therapy can have a beneficial effect on your whole body, from better blood circulation to toxin removal, to recovery of damaged tissue. Say goodbye to endless pain and muscle spasms and get ready for a better, brighter future. Make Fix Body Group your number one choice!

Massage therapy in Fairbanks Ranch: pain relief is just a call away

With our competent providers of massage therapy in Fairbanks Ranch, you can rest assured you will feel better than ever before. The Fix Body Group team know what’s good for your body and mind. We are here to work out your ideal treatment plan so as to boost your wellness starting now!


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