You have undoubtedly heard about the effectiveness of chiropractic care, and decided to look for a trusted chiropractor serving the Normal Heights area. Before you have your first appointment, let’s take look at what it might involve.

In-depth interview

Before any course of treatment is decided, a good chiropractic center in San Diego serving Normal Heights, chiropractic care Mission Valley or any other area in San Diego will take the time to talk to you about your condition. It could be a face to face conversation or an over-the-phone consultation. The aim of this interview is to give you a basic overview of this type of treatment.

A chiropractor will want to make you aware of the step that you are taking, the processes involved and what you should expect from the treatment. During the interview, you will be free to ask any questions regarding chiropractor care. By giving you adequate information, you will be able to decide whether to proceed with the treatment or not.

Filling Forms

Once you have chosen to go ahead with the treatment, your chiropractor will give you some forms to fill out. In the forms, you will lay out the details of your health condition. Any chiropractor serving, chiropractor Pacific Beach the 92116 zip code area will require this information to draw a perfect chiropractic treatment plan that will work for your condition. Additional information that you may be asked to fill in the form includes your medical history, family medical history, any condition that you are suffering from and if you are on any medication.

Chiropractic Exam

The chiropractor will take you through a series of tests to evaluate your exact state and condition. The general tests may be done to determine your muscle strength, the range of motion, and the neurological capabilities. There are cases where a patient is asked to undergo diagnostic tests such as X-ray to determine the exact cause of your condition.


A reliable San Diego chiropractor serving the Normal Heights area will use the results of all the tests to come up with a conclusive finding. Accurate diagnostics will be given after examining your history, the chiropractic exam and other tests. Using the findings, the Ocean Beach chiropractor will suggest the type of chiropractic care you require.

The actual chiropractic treatment may start on your first visit or may wait till the next appointment. You should note that each treatment is tailored to address the special needs of an individual patient.

However, the most common treatment methods that your chosen Old Town chiropractor is likely to use include spine alignment, massage, and pain relief treatment, among others.