While an active lifestyle involving lots of physical exercise is great, sports people are prone to injuries that may cause damage to the nervous system, especially if neglected or treated improperly. Even minor and seemingly insignificant injuries can have serious consequences. Seeking quick-fix solutions often proves unwise because you risk further damage to your body and gamble away the chance for full recovery.

More and more athletes from Clairemont, chiropractor La Jolla and around San Diego who have sustained some kind of injury are seeking chiropractor care to ensure quick and long-lasting recovery. What’s more, athletes turn to chiropractic care to make their bodies stronger and more flexible to ultimately improve performance and prevent injuries in the first place. Chiropractic care has proved to be a safe method for providing the competitive edge to athletes around the world.

San Diegans who enjoy an active sporty life, as well as professional athletes seeking chiropractic services at or near the area with 92117 zip code, read on for useful information.

Why sports chiropractic?

If chiropractic proves to deal with a wide array of ailments, why not use it for sports injuries? This method of healing has existed for over a century and is gaining momentum in sports. Athletes are looking for ways to enhance their performance, become more pain-resistant and delay fatigue for as long as possible. And since there is a great chiropractor service available for residents of Clairemont, Mission Valley chiropractor,  chiropractor La MesaMission Hills chiropractic and other neighborhoods in San Diego, why not take full advantage of it and do something your body will be grateful for?

Alleviates the pain

Trainings and workouts cause a lot of strain to the leg and back muscles. Chiropractic care provides a method of alleviating the pain and fatigue and dealing with the trauma caused by an injury.

Treats and rehabilitates sports injuries

Chiropractic rehabilitation counts when it comes to caring for sports injuries. After suffering from an injury like torn ligaments, dislocations and fractures, some sportsmen and women are unable to reach their initial performance levels. With chiropractic care, many have come back to the racing tracks and performed even better than before.

Beneficial to young athletes

According to the Neurological Science Journal, chiropractic care is highly beneficial for young athletes whose bodies are still growing. It gives them the chance to boost endurance and agility to carry their body without getting hurt in the process. Through various treatments at chiropractor 92117, practitioners are raising awareness on the benefits of chiropractic care to young athletes.

Non-invasive approach

Chiropractic care is non-invasive, using methods such as:

Active Release Technique: Involves massaging and moving the affected part through a range of motions.

Electric Stimulation: It uses electrical impulses to simulate a massage-like experience which releases tension and relaxes the body.

Dry Needling: Dry needling stimulates muscular trigger points, focusing on relieving stiffness and stretching the muscle.

Graston Technique: It uses stainless steel instruments of different shapes and sizes to press the skin and break down scar tissue.

Who should give chiropractic care?

Specialists in this field understand what an athlete’s body goes through. They have advanced knowledge in musculoskeletal pain and biometric principles. They are equipped to identify and treat sports related injuries. In most sporting events, you will see a chiropractor providing pain relief techniques before the injured athlete gets a conventional medical treatment.

Sports chiropractic inspires professional and amateur athletes to take a holistic approach to bodily care and recovery from an injury. Including chiropractic care into a training regime helps to manage the pain that comes with extensive exercise.

Not all athletes who seek sports chiropractic have suffered an injury. It is always important that the chiropractors in San Diego provides all the necessary information regarding a particular treatment. It is also paramount to understand the advancements in the chiropractic field in order to take advantage of the benefits of modern chiropractic.

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