Our chiropractors use a variety of therapeutic modalities and techniques to facilitate healing, improve posture, increase your range of motion, break down scar tissue and restore optimal function. Our goal is to get you back to doing what you love, pain free and stronger than before. With a multitude of techniques, we treat the whole body, so don’t be hesitant if your problem is something aside from neck or back pain.

Your initial appointment in our office is an hour of dedicated time with one of our Doctors. This time is used to get all the important details and establish your goals for care. Next, you will move into the assessment and treatment portion of the visit. Using visual assessments, orthopedic testing and hands-on treatment, we identify what areas our care will focus on. At the end of the visit, your provider will formulate the best plan for you, which may include multiple providers depending on your specific needs.

With the goal of getting you back to doing what you love, stronger than when you started with us, we incorporate many methods. Typically, care begins with soft tissue treatments like active release technique, massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments. As you progress through care our focus shifts to strengthening around the corrections we have made. We use our style of physical therapy, which is a unique blend of corrective exercises to assist in the process. Our personal trainers also help to stabilize our corrections, which in turn educates you on how to become independent in your care.

To book your initial appointment in our office, simply contact our reception team directly. We accept most PPO insurance plans as well as medicare in our office. When you call to book your appointment, our reception team can get your insurance information verified in as little as 24-48 hours. We serve in Downtown San Diego, Hillcrest, Scripps Ranch, Poway or any other area near you. (Please understand that we are an out-of-network chiropractic provider so your benefits in our office may differ.)

How To Find The Best Chiropractor in San Diego?

Best Chiropractor San Diego

Chiropractic care is a varied profession with different approaches, techniques and philosophies which is why finding the best chiropractors in San Diego can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for in a chiropractor. When it comes to San Diego chiropractic wellness is a very popular occupation and there are different chiropractic centers or individual practitioners.

However, as it directly affects your health you need to be very vigilant when looking for chiropractors in San Diego online. To make sure you’re receiving the best chiropractic care you need to be ready to ask your chiropractor a few questions related to their practice, experience and joint manipulation technique. Read on to learn what are the important questions you need to ask if you want to know how to choose the best chiropractor.

Ask For Recommendations For A Good Chiropractor

The word of mouth is still the most reliable way to find the best chiropractor and someone’s good experience with a chiropractor in San Diego can speak more than any diploma. The best places to ask for a recommendation are your general practitioner, the local gym, or a spine specialist.

Next, you should look for a recommendation from your friends who have had a good experience with a chiropractor. Finally, you should do a Google search for “best chiropractor San Diego” and make a list of a couple of names in the search. Next, make sure to visit services such as the Better Business Bureau or Yelp to find out what other patients had to say about their services.

How To Interview The Chiropractor?

Before going to chiropractic treatment, you should speak to the chiropractor over the phone or ask for a consultation. This will give you the chance to learn more about the clinic, the chiropractor and the techniques they are using.

A lot of people feel that the most important thing when meeting a chiropractor for the first time is to feel comfortable with both them and their clinic. This includes details such as how long the waiting time is, how clean the office is, how the chiropractor talks about the treatment, etc.

Some of the traits you should look for in a good chiropractor are:

  • Do they have a friendly attitude?
  • Are they pleasant to talk to?
  • Do they give complete answers to your questions?
  • Do they listen to your problems and concerns with undivided attention?
  • How long have they been in practice?
  • Do they have a post-graduate specialty such as rehabilitation or sports chiropractic care?

Do Some Background Research

Once you’ve met a chiropractor you feel comfortable with, you should do your own research into their background, expertise and history. Make sure there are no disciplinary actions pressed against them by the local Chiropractic Regulation & Licensing Board. You can find this info on their official website.

Entrusting any health care expert with your wellbeing is not something you should take lightly. This is why you need to take your time and do your research, interview a couple of different chiropractors before making your decision.

A chiropractor at a reliable clinic like Fix Body Group will recommend the best treatment course for the patient and let the patient decide whether it suits them. You should not feel like you are being pressured into treatment.

Learn More About Their Chiropractic Technique

Different chiropractors use different techniques in their practice. While some only use their hands, others use various tools. While these might not mean a lot to someone who’s never had experience with a chiropractic treatment before, it is good to know what you need to ask your chiropractor in order to make sure you are getting the treatment best suited for you.

Some of the questions you need to ask about the chiropractic technique are:

  • Which techniques do you use and why?
  • Do you only use your hands or additional equipment too?
  • Are you familiar with treating the issues I’m experiencing?
  • How much experience do you have with the technique you’re using?

What Are The Common Chiropractor Red Flags?

For every legitimate chiropractic clinic, you are going to find a few whose practice is questionable at best. Fortunately, there are some red flags that can help you recognize that you’re dealing with an unreliable practitioner:

  • They claim they are using a special technique no one else is familiar with.
  • They claim they can cure conditions such as diabetes or asthma
  • They recommend a long-term plan for treatment
  • They ask you to prepay for a year of chiropractic services
  • They recommend the same type of treatment to all patients
  • They recommend on-going care even when you’re feeling better.

When Is The Best Time To See A Chiropractor

A visit to the chiropractor isn’t considered an alternative healing method as it used to be. In fact, there are numerous proven benefits of this non-surgical, natural procedure most can vastly benefit from. Chiropractors are specialized in fixing spine issues, and since the spine is crucial to the nervous system, by extension helps with a number of other issues as well. Are you uncertain whether you should see a chiropractor in San Diego? Read on to find out what the best time to see a chiropractor is.

Best Time To See A Chiropractor

When The Pain Is Affecting Your Everyday Life

If the pain you are feeling is constant and preventing you from living a normal life, doing your work or rest well, it’s definitely a good time to see a chiropractor. You should try to get the issue treated before the pain becomes more aggravating. However, chiropractic treatment can help you deal with the symptoms and the underlying issue. The most common issues people are seeing a chiropractor for include back pain, neck pain as well as pain in the feet, shoulders, legs or head.

If You Sit For Prolonged Periods Of Time

If your job requires you to sit at the computer for long periods of time, the pressure you put on your spine can lead to serious issues in the long-term. Even if the pain isn’t too strong, you could experience other issues such as limited motion or trouble sleeping. A chiropractor in San Diego can help you find the issue and treat it so it doesn’t lead to serious pain or health issues that take a long time to heal. While a general practitioner will usually treat the symptoms, a chiropractor will deal with the underlying issue that will lead to overall improvement.

Recovering From An Injury

If you are recovering from an injury and your treatment isn’t giving the best results, you should definitely see a chiropractor. If your muscles or joints aren’t healing properly or fast enough, they might be affecting your range of motion or causing serious pain. A chiropractor can help find and treat the issue, and give your body a hand in healing itself.

Prevent Future Issues

Again, if your work requires you to endure prolonged periods of sitting and standing, prevention is the best possible choice. A chiropractor can help you keep your muscles, joints, nerves, tendons and ligaments in great shape and prevent any future pain or mobility issues.

Chiropractor Or Massage – Which Is Best?

Chiropractic care and massage are usually considered one and the same, despite the fact that these two techniques work completely differently. While both can help alleviate pain, they are used to treat different issues and different causes that lead to pain. Read on to learn which of these methods is more suited to your issue.

Chiropractic Care

A chiropractor is a trained and certified practitioner specializing in musculoskeletal system manipulation and adjustment. This includes the muscles, tendon, spine and the surrounding joints. The chiropractor focuses on aligning the spine and the joints properly to relieve the pain. Chiropractors use their hands or special chiropractic tools to put pressure on an affected area of your body. Chiropractors can help you treat neck and lower back pain.

As the chiropractor focuses on the spine, the treatment usually starts with an X-ray of the area. As the spinal cord is an important pillar of the central nervous system, any disruptions can lead to significant pain and other issues. However, to fix these issues the chiropractor must be very precise and professional.

Massage Therapy

On the other hand, massage therapy works by applying pressure on the soft tissue or muscles in order to relieve tension or pain in the affected area. Unlike chiropractic care, massage focuses on the muscles alone and cannot help with issues related to joints or the spine. However, massage is a great relaxation method and can help you restore your energy levels and improve your mood. When combined with chiropractic treatment, massage can help the body heal better and eliminate discomfort or inflammation.

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