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restart is your path to a healthier you

Your RESTART wellness program was created so you have a complete system to take control of your health and Conquer from within. With our team of doctors and coaches, our custom program will be a shoulder-to-shoulder journey to meet and exceed your health goals.

We celebrate your graduation together, however, our support is here for you for a lifetime.


What to Expect

A Restart towards a healthy life

Our restart program is a complete online curriculum with weekly modules designed to educate you on why you are making specific changes and empower you to gain health independence forever.

Included are...
- Weekly Accountability Coaching Calls
- Access to Private Groups and Events
- Health Assessment Lab Tests
- Nutritional Supplements
- Personalized Meal Plan
- Personalized Fitness Program
- Unlimited Coaching Support
- Access to the FIX Online Portal



Our Restart program is designed to deliver

• Weight management
• Stress adaptation
• Sleep quality
• Mental clarity
• Heart health
• Digestive issues
• Quality of life
• Diabetes
• Chronic pain



During your Practice Member Evaluation, your provider will help you determine what program is best for you based on your health and lifestyle goals.


Hit RESTART on your health

The team at Fix Body Group are your partners, your advocates and your cheerleaders. We’re here to educate, to help make it fun, and to keep you accountable the whole way through. Because with a systematic program customized for your specific needs and lifestyle, we can get you to a place of positive health and wellness. Get on a path toward a healthier life.


The first step of our RESTART Program is to give your organs a break. We’ll guide you through a gentle cleanse so your organs can heal and repair, which promotes function and allows them to take in nutrition correctly.


Your personalized nutrition plan teaches you which foods promote growth and repair, and which wreak havoc on the body. Armed with knowledge, you can make the right choices to help you fuel your body so you can achieve your goals.


Customized for your body, you’ll learn how to exercise and move in a way that stimulates your hormones, enhances your mood, helps you sleep, and gets you results that last.


With proper testing, we can see what’s happening inside your body and find any issues or imbalances. This information, combined with Detox, Nutrition, and Fitness, allows you to take control of your internal chemistry and unlock your true potential.


We know change can be hard, but we never ask you to do it alone. Your mentor will encourage you through the tough parts, hold you accountable to your commitment, and be there to listen whenever you need. With guidance and support from those who have been there, you can sidestep setbacks and create lasting change.

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