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Best Beginner Hikes in San Diego, CA

Over the past year, more people have taken up hiking as an outdoor activity. The number of people using the hiking app AllTrails went up 163% in 2020 from 2019. If you're new to hiking or have a physical injury that makes it difficult for you to do more intense hikes, finding out what suits your physical needs can be tricky.

There are lots of easy hikes in San Diego, CA. Whether you want to do a quick 20-minute walk or something a bit longer, we can help you figure out which is the best option for you. There are trails close to the coastline or some up in the foothills, depending upon your preference.

In this guide, we'll go over the best beginner hikes in the San Diego area.

Seven Bridge Walk

Spruce Street Bridge San Diego
Spruce Street Bridge in Banker's Hill

If you want to head out for a run or take your dog for a walk, head over to the Seven Bridge Walk. It's a 5.9-mile loop that is heavily trafficked. It is considered more "urban" than some of the other hikes in the area, with the trail taking you through some of San Diego's parks, canyons, museums, and more.

It includes Balboa Park and the picturesque neighborhoods of Banker's Hill, North Park, and Hillcrest. The entire trail is flat, making it easy for walkers, bikers, and those walking with a stroller. If you need to take a break along the way, stop at a local coffee shop or cafe.

Batiquitos Lagoon

Batiquitos Lagoon San Diego, CA
Batiquitos Lagoon Trail in Carlsbad

Located north of San Diego, the Batiquitos Lagoon is one of the few tidal wetlands remaining on the southern California coast. It's designated as a marine protected area and nature reserve.

The hike is 3.25 miles and is perfect for dog walkers, bird watchers, families, and casual runners and hikers. There are some areas of shade, making it perfect to explore during the warmer months. The trail is flat, made mostly from packed dirt.

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve San Diego, CA
Torrey Pines Trail

The Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is within the San Diego city-limits and is one of the biggest stretches of natural land along the coast. People travel to the area to experience the spectacular views and peaceful, easy trails. The cost of entry ranges from $15-25 to park in the main parking lot.

Visitors need to keep in mind that this is a reserve, not a park. That means there are threatened animals, plants, and habitats in the area, making it a protected space. There are additional restrictions you'll need to follow when visiting.

Guy Fleming Trail

Guy Fleming Trail San Diego, CA
Guy Fleming Trail

The easiest trail in the reserve is the Guy Fleming Trail. It is 0.8 miles long that is ideal for hikers of any skill level.

You can check out two different scenic overlooks that have panoramic views. You can also observe a variety of ferns, wildflowers, cacti, and habitat diversity.

Torrey Pines Beach Trail Loop

Torrey Pines Beach Trail Loop San Diego, CA
Torrey Pines Beach

For spectacular views, check out the Torrey Pines Beach Trail Loop. This hike is perfect for all skill levels and is 2.3 miles long.

It's close to Del Mar and is full of beautiful wildflowers in the spring months. It does start with a steep gravel and paved hill, but once you get to the top, the remaining trail is flat and easy. You can also access the beach from the trail.

Ocean Beach Park Trail

Ocean Beach Sunset Cliffs San Diego, CA
Sunset Cliffs San Diego

If you want to take it down to the beach, head over to the Ocean Beach Park Trail. It starts at the river channel at Dog Beach, then goes past Mission Bay. Eventually, the trail will be expanded to follow the entire 52-mile length of the river.

The trail is along the sand, so wear appropriate shoes or go barefoot if you want to feel the sand between your toes. You can also incorporate some beach workout moves to get your heart rate up. In addition to taking in the ocean waves while you walk and exercise, there is an abundance of birds, palms, bougainvillea, and agave.

Lake Miramar Trail

Lake Miramar Trail San Diego, CA
Lake Miramar San Diego

A 4.9-mile hiking loop, the Lake Miramar Trail has something for every hiker at each skill level. The path is flat and paved, making it great for running, biking, or even rollerblading. If you want to experience a more rustic hike, there is a dirt path that is in between the paved one and the lake.

There are trail markers at every 1/4 mile and bathrooms every 1/2 mile. If you're not up for a long hike, you can easily turn around at any time and head back. It does have limited shade, so if you're going during the summer, plan accordingly.

Father Junipero Serra Trail

Mission Trails San Diego, CA
Kwaay Paay Trail, Mission Trails

The Father Junipero Serra Trail is 2.6 miles long and mostly follows along the San Diego River. It starts near the visitor center and is great for hiking and horseback riding. The trail is paved and is great for families or those wanting an easy stroll.

If you want more of a challenge, there are different trails that shoot off the main one, such as the Cowels Mountain, Oak Canyon Trail or the Kwaay Paay Peak. The east side of the trail gives you a great view of the granite walls on the nearby hills, so keep an eye out for climbers. During the fall months, the sycamore and cottonwood trees turn into beautiful shades of yellow and orange.

Try Some of the Best Easy Hikes in San Diego, CA

Whether you're up for a hike completely in nature or want to check out some of the sights of the city, there are plenty of hikes in San Diego, CA to choose from. It's a great way to start hiking or running while getting some fresh air. You don't need to have a high level of skill and stamina to get out in the great outdoors for some day hikes.

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