Find out if Medicare pays for chiropractic services 

Medicare does pay for chiropractic treatment, but it is extremely limited in its chiropractic coverage. If you have Medicare Part B, only subluxation will be covered by Medicare. On the other hand, if you have Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage Plan, you will get coverage for a wider range of services. At Fix Body Group, this isn’t an issue. Contact our chiropractor that takes Medicare for any additional information and start reaping chiropractic benefits.

Our chiropractor accepting Medicare is at your disposal

Medicare has strict limitations in terms of what it covers in the domain of chiropractic care: it is limited to medical manipulation performed to correct a subluxation as a medical necessity. However, you can claim your Medicare benefits right here at Fix Body Group. You never have to wonder if our chiropractors have to accept Medicare because we do. Schedule an in-depth examination and start your journey toward facilitated recovery.

  • A wide variety of therapeutic modalities
  • Methods and techniques aligned with the latest advancements in chiropractic care
  • Qualified & experienced professionals
  • Strong commitment to the local community

Experienced & qualified chiropractors that take Medicare

We are highly qualified specialists who can provide you with specialized care adjusted to your needs in Palm Desert, Indian Wells and the rest of the area. Our team specializes in an array of chiropractic adjustment techniques, such as ART and massage therapy, and brings immense health benefits. We can help you with chronic pain, recovery after an injury or accident, migraines, muscle stiffness, and other problems. The best of all? Our services are covered by Medicare, offering you total security and convenience.

Immediate Pain Relief

Our main goal is to help our clients relieve chronic or acute pain without the use of any pain medication. Instead, we focus on safe, gentle, yet effective chiropractic adjustments.

Health & Wellness

Regular chiropractic treatment with us is the first step towards enhanced well-being. We’ll help strengthen your immune system and bring you mental and physical health benefits.

Structural Care

By identifying obstructions and pressure points in your spine and devising adjustment strategies, we can help eliminate related health problems and restore your body’s balance.

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