Apr 2018

There are as many as 20 million veterans in the USA, all from foreign wars. So, get acquainted with some of the most important benefits you can claim through the Veteran Affairs program.

Health care and long-term care

Probably the most important aspect of the VA program is whether veterans can apply for chiropractic care under their VA health care program since the majority needs chiropractic treatment.

The Household benefits and Aid and Attendance programs can provide valuable financial help to those veterans, as well as their surviving spouses, who need assistance in everyday activities. The said activities can include eating, dressing, bathing, and toileting.

The va disability eligibility requirements of this program state that only those who are over the age of 65, and possess a wartime service record, are eligible. What’s more, they have to qualify for basic VA pension.

A program called the Choice helps you with finding the best health care services in your own community. This program bypasses the need to wait for appointments, or to travel long distances to a VA facility.

The VA Blind Rehabilitation Service provides VA benefits for veterans who are either blind, or with poor vision. Depending on the needs of the veteran, the services can be carried out in an outpatient or inpatient facility, as well as in the person’s home, depending on the level of disability.

There are also State homes for veterans that provide various services, such as skilled nursing, rehabilitation, residential care, long-term care, hospice care, and dementia care. This might be the best option for some veterans with grave disabilities.

Financial assistance

More often than not, financial VA benefits go hand in hand with those of a medical nature. At other times, financial assistance is needed for the continuation of education or home loans.

The most important and common type of financial VA benefit is the veteran’s pension. It is administered through Veterans Administration to veterans over the age of 65, or to veterans of any age with a disability. The amount received depends on the income, number of those dependent on you, and the pension rate of the program.

The Death Pension is one of financial benefits awarded to the spouse who survived the veteran. The eligibility demands that the spouse not be remarried.

Disability payments are part of Veteran Affairs benefit program for those veterans who have suffered an injury, or who have contracted a disease with a worsening condition. Additional compensation is available for severe disabilities, such as loss of limb, as well as for a disabled spouse, or several dependents.

Financial assistance for education helps pay for tuitions, fees, books, examination, as well as housing expenses for undergraduate and graduate degrees. Financial aid is also available for technical and vocational training.

Home loans

There are many veterans who are struggling for housing, veterans choice program news problems so the Veteran Affairs program also provides assistance in that aspect.

Housing grants provides cash benefits for veterans with service-connected disabilities. They can use the money granted to buy a new home, or remodel an existing one, in order to accommodate for the acquired disability.

Home loans for veterans ease the process of securing a loan for property purchase. The VA guarantees a loan through approved lenders. The exceptional perk of this benefit is that the Veterans Administration guarantees the repayment of the loan to the lender if a veteran has trouble paying the loan back on his own.

State programs

Besides specific Veteran Administration programs that provide VA benefits paying for chiropractic to veterans with a disability, there are also various state-funded benefits.

These include employment assistance when a veteran is struggling to find a job after service, and assistance for educational purposes at any university or college sponsored by the state. There are also boons of a smaller scale, such as license plates recognizing your service time, and a discount for hunting and fishing licenses.

There is a place for chiropractic that accepts veteran benefits

Fix Body Chiropractor Group cares about the people who have defended our freedoms, and we like to show it. Chiropractor for veterans in San Diego have been a long term partner with Veteran Affairs, and are here to help in any way we can. So, whether active duty or retired, we would like to show our appreciation to you by providing a 20% discount on services. Contact us today!


Apr 2018

After surviving a car accident, your top priority is to assess the injuries sustained and start the recovery process. Sometimes, surgery and medication are required in order for the treatment to be effective. However, there are milder cases when physical therapy in a facility near you or a chiropractor could do the trick.

Even when you think there are no visible signs of damage suffered, visiting a chiropractor is recommended. He will give the professional estimate and come up with the best solution for you to get better. Here are some of the benefits of seeing a chiropractor after a car accident.

Some injuries are not instantly apparent

As previously mentioned, there are times when you won’t be able to spot any injuries after being in a car accident. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any hidden ones which will only later have their effects on you. One of them is whiplash.

The best way to be a step ahead of the possible injuries even before you feel any pain or irritation is to visit a chiropractor. You can avoid long-term pain and only after a proper diagnose will you be certain what shape your body is in.

Reducing inflammation

There are some car accident effects which will not be apparent on an X-ray scan. These include micro-tearing in the muscles. A chiropractor can use certain techniques to help the body deal with them by releasing an anti-inflammatory effect. This will also reduce the possible pain.

A non-invasive type of treatment

If you wait too long before seeking medical attention after being involved in a car accident, it can leave permanent consequences. It can also leave surgery as the only treatment option for a full recovery. Seeking a chiropractor’s help in time can be the right therapy without the need for surgery. The non-invasive treatment will help you long-term.

No need for drugs

Serious injuries bring serious pain and people sometimes try to deal with it by the use of pain relief drug medication. Pain relief drugs can help in feeling better, but only for a while. This is because they don’t heal the damage but simply make the pain subside temporarily.

Another harmful effect is that pain relief drugs can be addictive, leaving the patient wanting more even after the treatment is complete. Applying for chiropractic care is a way to avoid the addictive effect, while having the same level of pain relief. It is also aimed directly at healing the injury and not just overcoming the pain.

Restoring range of motion

For the natural body healing process, it needs to be free of inflammation. This can happen in cases involving a neck or back injury, blocking blood and oxygen from reaching certain areas. A chiropractic adjustment can restore the range of motion in your spine, which will help the body in healing faster.

Easier insurance claims

If another person has caused the car accident you were in, you will have the right to an insurance claim. In order for the claim to cover your medical expenses, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Visiting a chiropractor in time helps when it comes to insurance claims.


Apr 2018

Being in a car accident can have numerous harmful effects on all those involved. Injuries can have a broad range of seriousness. No matter the type of accident, your body will require professional care and some time to heal and return to normal if possible.

Regardless of whether there has been bone breakage, strains or other injuries, visiting a chiropractor after a car accident as soon as possible is a must. Even if there is no visible or apparent sign of injury, only a doctor can give the right assessment. After the initial check-up, the doctor will most likely define a resting period along with some medication, and then you will be recommended an exercise routine.

Exercises for people with no specific injuries

With a little luck, you’ve gone through an auto accident without suffering any serious injuries. Your doctor has performed a detailed examination and confirmed your body hasn’t sustained any permanent damage. But even if this is the case, there are some easy exercises to help you strengthen your body just in case.

  • Sit up straight and bring your ear close to one shoulder. Then slowly move your head towards the other shoulder, bringing the chin to your chest while in the center.
  • Another one performed sitting, take some light weights, water bottles or cans of soup to your side and lift them up to the shoulder level.
  • Lift your arms to shoulder weight and bring them to the chest one after the other without bringing the arms behind your body.
  • While on your hands and knees, keep your back and neck completely straight and lift one leg and the opposite arm straight for 10 seconds. Then repeat with the other side.

Exercises for people with specific injuries

If the doctor has determined a certain injury or set of injuries has been sustained in the car accident, he will recommend a set of required exercises. The therapist or chiropractor will choose adequate exercises to help in the healing stage. They will most often be aimed at strengthening, stretching and regaining range of motion, all while brining enough oxygen to the muscles.

Fractured arm

After taking off the cast, use your good arm to take the broken one and raise it above the head level. Applying the same technique, try to slowly bend the elbow of the broken arm as much as possible.

Fractured leg

  • Standing flat on the ground, step forward with one foot while holding the other in place.
  • While sitting and keeping feet flat on the floor, extend one knee so that it stand perpendicularly against the ground.
  • To strengthen the ankle, rest it on the other knee while sitting. Then, with both hands, rotate the ankle for 5-10 seconds and switch ankles.

Fractured hip

  • While lying on your back, keep the legs straight and toes upward. Then move a leg to the side and return to the starting position, and start with the next one.
  • Keep your balance next to a chair or table and move a leg to one side, as far as possible. Then do the same with the other leg.

If you have been in a car accident and want to know the best way to heal whatever injuries you have sustained, Fix Body Group offers physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. Reach out to us today for premium care!



Apr 2018

Car accidents are very stressful and dangerous for everyone involved. They are something which should be avoided at all cost. However, when they do occur, there are several things to worry about afterwards.

First of all, any possible auto accident injuries need to be estimated and attended to in order for an effective recovery. Sometimes the best way to recovery after an accident is through physical exercise, but you have to be careful. But there is also the aspect of claiming insurance in such cases and receiving the forthcoming compensation. Going to a doctor near you should be done immediately after the accident, and the amount of time the insurance companies consider appropriate is up to 72 hours.

How soon should be a personal injury attorney visited after an accident?

Accident doctors or chiropractors are the go-to people when it comes to estimating injuries after taking part in an auto accident. You should see them as soon as possible and never wait longer than 72 hours. If more than this has passed, the insurance company can have the right to deny your compensation claims.

As waiting is never a good idea in such cases, the personal injury attorney can help you in your contact with the insurance companies near you. When you start the process of injury treatment and recovery, contact the personal injury attorney so you can ask for compensation for your medical bills. The insurance companies treat the 72 hours as “reasonable” for contacting a car accident doctor or chiropractor. Fix Body Group works with top personal injury attorneys who can help you with your claims.

Having a continual treatment is important

Not only do pauses in your medical treatment lengthen the recuperation process, they can also reduce the amount you will be entitled to because of your insurance claim. When you visit a trained medical professional, they will advise you on which treatment you should have after the car accident.

If you have suffered harm, you will have the right to an insurance claim. Depending on the case, there will be some legal limitations, which include periods of time prescribed as deadlines for filling claims. The best way to deal with these restrictions is to timely start treatment after the car accident and have no delays or pauses.

Keep a record of the process

When starting your medical treatment after an auto accident, it is advisable to keep a detailed record of the whole recovery process. Keep track of every doctor and specialist you visit in the pursuit of getting better. Receipts from prescribed medication or assistive devices will serve as proof in your insurance claim. This way, you can keep a record of all medical expenses you have undergone. This also helps in the process of contacting personal injury attorneys with the help of Fix Body Group.

Don’t settle for less

Settling for a reimbursement is never recommended before completing your medical recovery process. Only after it is finished will you know the total cost of injuries you have sustained. File a police report on the spot and wait for the treatment to end before signing any release forms. Only this way will you be entitled to a full compensation for your claim.


Apr 2018

Auto accidents are one of the major sources of injury in the US. There are some many of them each year which can have serious consequences. Depending on the type of auto accident, there are several types of injuries which occur.

However, not all of them show symptoms instantaneously. This is why, regardless of what kind of automobile accident it was, people affected should seek medical attention. Luckily, this is where physical therapy comes handy. Fix Body Group provides professional physical therapy and here are some reasons why it is a good idea to go after an auto accident.

Supporting the recovery process

The consequences of being in an auto accident are often not apparent at once. They take some time to manifest and when they do, they can really hinder your every day. The injuries a person sustained most often bring pain, a limited range of motion and possible headaches. Attending physical therapy can help alleviate these symptoms, ease the pain and speed up the healing process. Fix Body Group has specially designed treatments to help patients get in shape quicker.

Preventing long-term damage

Apart from speeding up the healing process, physical therapy helps in the prevention of long-term damage. Not addressing the sustained injuries in time can cause chronic pain which will linger for years. But if you do contact a professional immediately after the car accident, chances are long-term damage will be prevented. Patients who receive the care as soon as possible are more likely to life a pain-free life afterwards.

Physical activity reduces pain

Although being physically active sounds like something which can only aggravate the pain, it is much more useful than staying in bed. Of course, this doesn’t mean forcing patients to the limits of pain. A carefully thought out recovery program will focus on the important parts of recuperating. Every movement and exercise designed by Fix Body Group is intended to slowly increase patient’s motor functions and decrease pain.

Therapy helps in avoiding surgery

Being in a serious auto accident often requires surgery to battle the injuries. For some milder cases, this is not necessary, but injuries sustained on that occasion can still lead to the need for surgery later on in life. In order to avoid this, attending physical therapy immediately after the accident can decrease the possibility of complications. Physical therapy will strengthen the body muscles, helping protect various parts of it. It is also a much less costly and time-consuming effort than surgery.

Restoring function in old injuries

Even patients who have been in a car accident a long time ago can benefit from physical therapy. It can help in restoring strength and function even with old injuries. There are various techniques and exercises which can be pursued in order to achieve this goal. This type of treatment, designed by Fix Body Group, is non-invasive and doesn’t require the use of pain medication. The only requirement is the desire to get better and the willingness to start in time and follow rules.


Mar 2018

If you have told yourself “I’m going to visit a chiropractor near me accepting Medicare”, you need to know where to begin, and if your Medicare Plan will cover all the costs of chiropractic treatment.


If you want your Medicare Plan to pay for your chiropractic treatment, you first need to qualify for Chronic Disease Management, or CDM. This scheme allows you up to five visits to a chiropractor on medicare who takes Medicare every calendar year.

You must have single or multiple complex and chronic health conditions in order to meet the requirements of CDM. Chronic means that the condition has to be present for more than six months, and complex means that your health management requires help from more than one practitioner.

The common conditions that are covered under Medicare are lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, prolapsed and bulging disc injuries, knee pain, shoulder pain, arthritis and repetitive strain injuries.


The first step in finding out whether you do actually qualify for CDM is to consult your GP on the conditions you are experiencing. He or she will provide advice and guidance for the remainder of the process if they deem you eligible.

If you are able to qualify for CDM, your GP will sent a TCA (team care arrangement) referral to your chosen chiropractor. After that, there is nothing stopping you from consulting with a chiropractor that is near you and accepts Medicare.

Chiropractor participation

Does medicare cover chiropractor visits? When consulting with a chiropractor you want to use Medicare with, make sure that he or she accepts it. There are many professionals, not only chiropractors, that don’t accept people with Medicare as their medical insurance.

However, even if the chiropractor you want treating you doesn’t take Medicare, you can always pay for the treatment out-of-pocket. After that, bill Medicare on your own and wait for them to send you payment in a couple of weeks.

Part B procedure

Part B Medicare covers certain chiropractic treatments – manual manipulation and spinal subluxation correction.

On the other hand, Medicare Part B will not cover anything else which may be included in the treatment process, such as x-rays, physical therapy, and orthopedic devices.

You will have to pay deductibles for Medicare Part B, plus an additional 20% of the amount approved by Medicare for chiropractic services. You are also responsible for chiropractic fees for procedures not approved by your Medicare Plan.

Supplement insurance and Medigap

Does medicare pay chiropractor? If the chiropractor you wanted doesn’t participate in the Medicare program, chances are Medicare for chiropractor in San Diego will not pay for the treatment.

However, there is a chance of avoiding payment for chiropractic if you have some coverage with the Medigap or Medicare Supplement Plan. Inquire about your options with your Plan’s manager, and see just how much chiropractic coverage you can obtain.

We are a group of chiropractors that accepts Medicare

If you are struggling to find a certified chiropractic professional accepting Medicare, look no further than Fix Body Chiropractor Group. We can guide you through the process of coordinating your coverage Plan with our services. We hope we are in your network, so contact us today!


Mar 2018

Chiropractic treatment has been around for quite some time, and has become increasingly popular due to its numerous benefits. With more and more chiropractors on Medicare, why is it that some elderly still shy away from Medicare covered chiropractor visits?

The unknown

It is normal to fear the unknown. Visits to a chiropractor that is nearest and takes Medicare have become more frequent in recent years, but many seniors are still not entirely familiar with the benefits.

Chiropractic procedures on Medicare can provide many benefits, such as immune system optimization and realignment of spine and joints.

Even if they are familiar with the benefits, the sole idea of chiropractic treatment may sound too experimental or too new for their taste.


Skepticism derives directly from not being well informed about chiropractic treatment. San Diego chiropractor included in Medicare, are a relatively modern concept, so it is normal to be skeptical about the procedure itself, as well as the potential benefits.

Does medicare cover chiropractor visits? That is why it would be a good idea to ask friends who have visited a chiropractor who accepts Medicare, and hear their opinions. It might change your mind about chiropractic procedures.

What’s more, if you couple regular chiropractic treatment with a slight change in lifestyle, creating a holistic approach to your wellbeing, the lifestyle improvement will be all the more noticeable.

Conditions that can be treated

The unfamiliarity of chiropractic treatment means that there is insufficient knowledge on the types of conditions chiropractors on Medicare can help you with.

Does medicare pay chiropractor? Many conditions that aging patients suffer from can be alleviated by paying regular visits to a Medicare covered chiropractor.

Among just some of the conditions that a chiropractor can help you with are osteoarthritis, weak immune system, and degeneration of the spine. In addition, a chiropractor can improve acute conditions, such as dizziness and headaches.

Rough adjustments

Older people are more fragile, and it is normal to fear potentially rough procedures. Spinal adjustment sounds painful, inducing a fear of potential consequences.

In reality, Medicare covered chiropractic treatment wouldn’t exist if it were not tailored to the requirements of its patients. Every chiropractic adjustment is performed according to the needs and the physical state of the patient.

A professional chiropractor will also take time to answer any existing dilemmas about manual adjustments, putting the patient at ease prior to the procedure. This will definitely stop any lingering fears, and relax the patient before the procedure.

Medicare coverage

Although it has already been mentioned several times, this may be the most important reason why most seniors do not choose to visit a chiropractor.

Since it is relatively new and modern, elderly patients may think that it is surely not covered by their Medicare Plan. However, many businesses that deal with chiropractic treatment offer Medicare covered procedures.

If you have a desire to try out chiropractic treatment, inquire whether your Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan covers visits to a chiropractor. From there on, it is easy to find a suitable professional near you.

We are professional chiropractors and we take Medicare

Fix Body Group has the best chiropractor accepts medicare near me team around. It is an added benefit that we provide Medicare benefits for chiropractic treatment. If you would like to try it, there is no better place for you to start. Check if we are in your designated network, and contact us as soon as possible.


Mar 2018

If you are in need of a chiropractor visit, try looking at the list of the most common mistakes people make when choosing a Medicare plan. You may first want to avoid the following, before inquiring if a chiropractor in your vicinity does accept Medicare.

Signing up process

The initial signing up period for Medicare is around the age of 65. It would be good to know what chiropractor on the desired Medicare plan is available.

In addition, there are substantial long-term penalties for enrolling too early or too late for Medicare coverage. So, having as much information as possible before the enrollment time is crucial, as it limits the margin for receiving early or late enrollment penalties.

For example, the penalty for Part B late enrollment is an up to 10% yearly increase to your premium. So, if you are three years late for enrollment, you pay the Part B monthly premium, plus as much as additional 30% for as long as you have that Plan.

Advantage and supplement differences

Being faced with a choice of Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans can be confusing. Even more so when trying to determine if a certain Medicare and San Diego chiropractor plan does cover chiropractor visits.

Original Medicare, that is Parts A and B, functions according to a fee-for-service principle. Most users usually supplement this plan with a Medicare Supplement Plan, or Medigap, and add the Part D Plan for prescription drugs. By doing this, you pay additional premiums, but do not need authorization to visit specialists covered by Medicare.

An Advantage Plan substitutes Plans A and B entirely, functioning like group insurance. Licensed companies sell them, usually with increased monthly premiums. They include drug coverage as well as additional services not covered by original Medicare. They do, however, also limit the ability to visit different hospitals and doctors,chiropractor on medicare and demand authorization for specialty services.

Financial assistance

Many aging adults are eligible to receive one or several types of financial assistance, but do not realize it. The government provides may Medicare financial aid programs, the three main ones being Medicare Savings Program, Medicaid, and Part D Extra Help.

Does medicare pay chiropractor? The financial assistance programs can cover prescription drugs, costs of coinsurance, and premiums for health plans. If your retirement income is modest, it would be prudent to check the qualification criteria for government-financed aid programs before applying for Medicare.

Coverage evaluation

Selecting your Medicare health insurance is not a one-time option anymore. If you’re already under Medicare, and you have chosen your Plan, you can reevaluate it if you choose so.

Insurance companies make changes every year. If your medication and doctors are covered under Medicare Plan one year, nothing can guarantee they will be covered next year.

When reevaluating your plan, think about your current health requirements. If a Plan doesn’t suit your existing needs anymore, change it. Research shows that people can save themselves up to 300$ a year if they review their coverage annually.

Professional help

Finally, why try to go through this difficult process alone? It is an extremely demanding task to choose proper Medicare coverage, made even more so with constant changes in the Plans.

Find a trusted person who can help when considering your options. Also use Medicare QuickCheck option to see a customized report that shows all the individual options. You can go over these options with an agent, chiropractor accepts medicare near me ,and select the best ones for you.

#1 chiropractors covered by Medicare

We have the best professional chiropractors, we accept Medicare Plans, and we love our job. Fix Body Chiropractor Group is here for all your chiropractic needs. We know we can help. Contact us as soon as you have checked your Plan coverage.


Mar 2018

Find answers to the questions important to you when choosing the appropriate Medicare Advantage plan: does Medicare pay for prescription drugs, will it pay for a chiropractor, etc.

Here are some aspects to pay attention to.

Your doctor

If there is a specialist you are seeing, check and make sure that your specialist is a chiropractor covered by the network under the desired Medicare Advantage plan.

The problem with the networks is that they change frequently, so you have to constantly stay updated and check if your plan does pay for a chiropractor on medicare of your choosing.

Always inspect the network thoroughly, as you may face substantial financial risks if you leave the network covered by your plan.

Type of condition

If you have developed a chronic or serious condition, it is usually better to return to regular Medicare. Original Medicare plan offers coverage for all hospitals and doctors that participate in the program.

However, when asking ‘’will Medicare pay for prescription drugs?’’ you will discover that you will pay more for Part B and Part D prescription drug coverage under regular Medicare than you would be paying for a Medicare Advantage plan that covers the necessary drugs.

That being said, it is far more important to have access to a larger network of hospitals and doctors when dealing with a newly discovered medical condition. That is what original Medicare coverage plan offers – more options for treating your condition, which doesn’t necessarily require prescription medication.

Prescription drug coverage

The question “does Medicare pay for my drugs” is a difficult one to answer, as the formulary, i.e. the list of approved drugs, constantly changes.

The plans add, remove, and change deductibles and co-payments for medication. You should regularly check the Medicare official website, and inspect potential changes.

Type in all the medication you are using to check if Medicare will pay for it. This is the easiest way to observe any changes, and to see if you need to change your Advantage plan.

Pharmacy list

Many of the Medicare Advantage plans use preferred pharmacy lists, meaning that the medication covered by a plan is cheapest at certain pharmacies.

It always pays off to visit a pharmacy that has a contract with your desired health plan than to visit pharmacies outside it. The prices differ substantially.

Always check that there is a preferred pharmacy conveniently close to your home, as it saves not only money, but also time. Some people may not be able to cover larger distances at all, depending on the condition.

Total costs

Always check the total projected costs of the desired Medicare Advantage plan, and not just the premiums. Some people see a low premium, and think it will pay for Medicare for San Diego chiropractors without any additional costs.

It may not be that simple. Check the estimated health and medication costs. This will show you how much the plan will actually cost you. In addition, take a look at health benefits, showing out-of-pocket limits, as well as the limits of leaving your designated plan network.

Pay attention, as some plans have no out-of-network limits, which can significantly drive up the spending if you suddenly develop a health problem and have to visit many different specialist.

Does Medicare pay for chiropractic procedures? It does with us!

Does medicare cover chiropractor visits? If you are in doubt whether your Medicare plan will pay for a chiropractor, don’t worry. Fix Body Chiropractor Group offers Medicare covered chiropractic procedures, meaning less money out of your pocket for the best treatment available with chiropractor accepts medicare near me. Check your network today and contact us.


Mar 2018

Looking to use your medicare benefits to stay active, alleviate pain and get the most out of life? You must be asking one (or all) of these questions: 

Look no further! You can use your medicare benefits to cover all your chiropractic needs with Fix Body Group. 

Looking to utilize non-covered benefits? We have multiple services to help you achieve exactly what you want. Give us a call to find out exactly how we can suit your needs.