Sep 2013
NSAID-List A recent topic in the athletic world is the role of inflammation in healing and adaptation to training. This is particularly of note to our running, cycling, and triathlete patient base that train many hours per week and are constantly at war with inflammation, pain, soreness, and fatigue. This topic is fleshed out in greater detail in an excellent blog linked here: If you don’t have time to read the article (which you really should take the time) I will outline some of the main points. 1. Inflammation is often a desired, and necessary response to injury or training. Without it, adaptation can be less effective. 2. NSAID’s (or Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) inhibit training adaptations in muscle according to research. 3. Recent studies show that anti-inflammatory drugs don’t always reduce pain. This flies in the face of what is commonly believed and thus brings into questions of placebo with NSAID’s. 4. Use of NSAIDs sparingly and in the acute injury phase is recommended. At Fix Body Group we often recommend the use of NSAID’s but the timing and types of issues always are brought into play in making these decisions. While this must always be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, we generally approve of the suggestions in this blog. Using NSAID’s (and let’s not forget ICE!) in the acute but not chronic phase of injury is recommended. Icing as done by many runners and endurance athletes such as ice baths, along with use of NSAID’s to treat general training soreness is not recommended. This goes hand in hand with what the elite athletes I’ve worked with for years are doing. Elite athletes often take doses of NSAID’s and use ice baths during competitions, so that they can prepare for the next round or day without care for training response from the event. In training they typically limit or avoid these practices to allow their body maximum adaptation to the training stimulus. Remember, soreness is a good thing in training, it means you have taxed the fibers and musculoskeletal system. Soreness can also be thought of as a governor, forcing your body to slow down for a few days until both the metabolic, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems are recovered and ready for more. If you acquire a simple ache, tendon injury or something that is more than general soreness consult with your health care professional and generally some advil for about three days would be a good idea. If you have questions about different kinds of soreness or what you should do in these scenarios please leave comments below or call to speak to one of our providers. Happy training!

Aug 2013
The Fix team will be out in force at the Pacific Beach Movin’ Shoes store to provide injury screening and diagnostics this Saturday 8/31, from 9-11:30am. Our team of chiropractors, therapists, and trainers will analyze your imbalances and deficiencies and suggest action steps for improvement. Movin’ Shoes will also hold a labor day sale so if you need some shoes or would like to get recommendations for shoe choices make sure to come by also. Knowing your physical risks and limitations through our injury screen will be helpful when you go to purchase shoes. Thanks to Movin’ Shoes and we’ll see you all out there! Check out facebook here to get more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/430896390356516/438268076286014/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity

Aug 2013
We would like to thank San Diego’s Free to Breathe and race director Roger Drews of Challenger Productions for a great event this morning!!! This community race does great work to support Lung Cancer.  We were in Point Loma bright and early Saturday to donate a raffle prize and do some work on injured walkers and runners.  Special congrats to team member Jonathan Pierce for winning their 5K this morning! Proud of you Jon!   teamJ&S 2

Jul 2013
Dr. Robek and a few patients suffering with shoulder and lower back conditions attended a private aqualogix group class at FIT in Downtown.  A big thanks to Jon Edge who instructed the class and kept us motivated when we were starting to fatigue. This was tough!  Aqualogix is a great work out and a safe way to use water resisitance for rehabilitation of an injury, especially shoulder and hip. Water resistance is extremely effective for people of all ages and abilities, and is safer than traditional weight training.  You can visit aqualogix.com for more information. We have been treating a number of shoulder injuries lately such as frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears and strains, trauma to the shoulder during contact sports, and subluxation/dislocations of the shoulder.  Often these injuries result when the patient has imbalances or instability in the joint due to dominance of certain muscles such as the Pec Minor/Major or Subscapularis and weakness of other opposing muscles of the rotator cuff.  By nature, the shoulder is a weak and unstable joint, it’s important to ensure that it is balanced and strong before undertaking any aggressive exercise program.  If you want to understand more don’t hesitate to come in for an assessment or personal training session at Fix Body Group.  We can prehab or rehab any shoulder injury that you might have or incur in the future.


Jul 2013
We are pleased to announce the recent addition of the newest therapist, Jeff Lacson to our team. A Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Jeff will be providing massage therapy and doing myofascial release and structural integration.  Jeff will work closely with Dr. Robek and Jonathan to further complement the various modalities utilized in our clinic.  Jeff has become an expert in treating postural faults, chronic pain, and overuse injuries.  He has extensive experience working with CrossFit athletes, Martial Arts, body builders, runners, and triathletes.  He currently trains in martial arts and does CrossFit. Many of our patients have already seen rapid improvements in mobility, posture, performance and a decrease in chronic pain and injury symptoms due to Jeff’s care.  If you haven’t been getting regular massage, or are looking for a new approach, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Jeff today!

Jun 2013
Fix Body Group’s soft tissue specialist Jonathan Pierce had the privilege of being contracted to work on the elite runners who travelled from all over the world for the Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon.  He had a busy few days treating athletes from Japan, Kenya, Ethiopia, the U.S., and Zimbabwe as they completed final preparations for the race.  Treatments were focused on fine-tuning muscle tightness and aches the athletes had, and helping them improve circulation, blood flow, and flexibility after all the travel.  Many athletes arrived only 3 days before the race, and after long travel, thus the need for optimal recovery and optimizing their bodies. The elite half race this year was incredible, as it featured a blazing fast start on the men’s side, and a tactical nail-biter on the women’s.  Congratulations to Bernard Koech on running the fastest time ever on U.S. soil in 58:41.  Bernard is a great character, funny, quick-witted and immensely talented.  He might break the world records for either the half or full this year it seems. See you out next year for SD Rock ‘n’ Roll!
World Champion Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya, Jonathan Pierce(FixBodyGroup)

World Champion Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya, Jonathan Pierce(FixBodyGroup)

Jun 2013
Fix Body Group was very active through the buildup to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.  Jon and Shawn treated many athletes from multiple local training groups.  Congratulations to all our patients who had great debut races, ran personal best times, or simply completed their goal of finishing.  We were very inspired by each runner’s dedication and passion to succeed.  There were tons of great success stories but special congratulations to Andrea, Brady, Julie, Emile, Liz, and Bob. Keep running hard everyone and onto the next race.  We look forward to shifting attention toward the AFC Half on August 18th. View from the 2013 start [image url=”http://www.fixbodygroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/San-Diego-20130602-001172-300×223.jpg” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ width=”300″ height=”223″]

Dec 2012
We would like to introduce our newest provider, Jon Pierce.  In addition to our current services of chiropractic, massage, naturopathics, personal training, and physical therapy, Jon will be providing soft tissue treatments, specialized stretching, and myofascial services in the office.  These services will available on Monday and Thursday mornings, as well as Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, for more information on making an appointment please feel free to contact the office either at 619-295-9791 or send us an email to our new office email at getbetter@fixbodygroup.com. Please remember that all of our services are available not only to you, but also as gifts to friends and family as well.  Feel free to contact our staff to ask about our gift certificate special for the holidays.

Oct 2012
We are proud to introduce our new Physical Therapist:

Christina Michael PT

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Hunter College; New York City, NY
  • Bachelor of Biology and Minor in Medical Anthropology, University of Rochester; Rochester, NY
  • PNF Kaiser Permanente Residency Program; Vallejo, CA- rehab of neuro-based population including TBI, stroke, and SCI patients’
  • Gotham Physical Therapy; NYC
  • Personal Trainer for New York Sports Club; NYC
  • Intern with Il Centro di Medicino dello Sport; Bergamo, Italy- assisted with fitness testing for the Serie A/Serie B Italian professional soccer teams
Athletic Background/Involvement
  • San Diego Triathlon Club Central Park Track Club; NYC Div III Women’s Soccer, University of Rochetser; Rochester, NY Div III Cross Country Team, University of Rochester; Rochester, NY Club Cycling, University of Rochester; Rochester, NY

Updated Office Hours

As things are changing in our office, the office hours will be modified to try and accommodate all of our services. Christina Michael will be available for Physical Therapy on:
  • Wednesdays from 8am-12pm
  • Thursdays from 12pm-5pm.