Oct 2019

What is the Gonstead chiropractic techniqueThey say there is a chiropractic technique for every problem and seeing how chiropractors can help with various digestive issues, how chiropractic can treat IBS, and how quickly a chiropractor can tackle knee problems, it does sound logical.

Although it is an overstatement, there really are many chiropractic techniques designed to treat various conditions, and one could easily get lost in all of it. So, let’s first see what the Gonstead and Thompson techniques, often used at Rancho Bernardo chiropractic clinics, are all about.

What is the Gonstead chiropractic technique?

According to the American Chiropractic Association, the Gonstead chiropractic method gets its name from dr. Clarence S. Gonstead, a former engineer turned chiropractor. His background in engineering gave him the ability to look at the human body in a completely different light, leading him to create a new and effective chiropractic technique.

The Gonstead method is an all-encompassing technique used for treating various medical conditions originating in the spine. It relies on different diagnostic methods prior to manipulation to ensure the most adequate treatment possible.

The Gonstead technique explained

The first step in treating your body, mainly your spine, with the Gonstead technique, is a thorough examination of the spine itself. The process is quite detailed, beginning with the chiropractor inspecting your case history, taking an X-ray of your spine, and using an instrument called Nervoscope to inspect heat distribution for any swelling and nerve dysfunction.

After that, the chiropractor performs both static and motion palpation so as to feel any irregularities in your muscles, soft tissue, and the spine itself. It is only after all these examinations that a chiropractor will begin to perform gentle manipulations.

The Gonstead approach to manipulating the spine is often characterized as biomechanical since your body has to be in the correct position prior to manipulation. Also, a chiropractor will take great care when performing spinal manipulations to return your spine into its optimal position, eliminating any unwanted conditions.

What is the Thompson chiropractic technique?What is the Thompson chiropractic technique

The Thompson chiropractic method is an interesting one as it focuses on using the Segmental Drop Table for all its manipulations. This technique increases the motion force on the areas that are to be adjusted.

Parts of this table are movable, thus allowing for adjustive thrust to be applied to the various areas of the body, including the lumbar, dorsal, and pelvic area. This method takes into account the inherent design of spinal joints and it makes good use of it for various manipulations.

A chiropractor employing the Thompson technique will move a misaligned segment in one direction, thus improving not just the range of motion of that single segment, but also of the segment’s position above and below the segment being adjusted. 

There are many benefits to this technique, including improvements in strength, flexibility, posture, and performance, and all of this is achieved with gentle manipulations. That is why the Thompson technique is one of the most popular chiropractic methods in the world. 

“Where can I find a chiropractor familiar with both the Gonstead and Thompson techniques?”

If you’re looking for a chiropractic expert in Rancho Bernardo familiar with these two popular techniques, you don’t need to look any further than Fix Body Chiropractor Group. We are proficient in many chiropractic techniques, Gonstead and Thompson included, and we will choose the most appropriate one for your condition. If you’re feeling too sore to enjoy a walk through Black Mountain Open Space Park, stop by our clinic and we’ll help you out!

Oct 2019

Experiencing problems with your knees can be a debilitating occurrence. Having trouble walking is never a welcome addition to your normal daily routine, and finding relief quickly becomes paramount! 

And, while various chiropractic techniques can traditionally help with back and neck issues, and even though chiropractic can treat digestive issues and chiropractors can alleviate IBS symptoms, the question remains – Can a Rancho Bernardo chiropractor help me get rid of the pain in my knee? Yes, they can, and let’s see how. 

Can a chiropractor help me with sore kneesCan a chiropractor help me with sore knees?

Chiropractic can definitely treat soreness in your knee. Chiropractic treatment does not just alleviate the symptoms of your condition, but tries to identify the underlying cause of the problem and employ adequate techniques to successfully treat it.

Sometimes, the pain in your knee might originate in the spine since the knee is connected to the spine through the leg, hip, and pelvis, chiropractic can be an extremely reliable method for treating knee soreness.

But, even if the root of the problem is at another spot of your body, don’t worry, there are many different chiropractic methods and procedures that a chiropractor can use to treat knee pain.

Chiropractic can reduce potential inflammation in the area, a tender massage of the soft tissue can improve the range of motion, and gentle manipulation in the area can reduce any pain you might be experiencing. So yes, chiropractic can prove an excellent treatment for your sore knee.

Can a chiropractor help with a torn meniscus?Can a chiropractor help with a torn meniscus

The knee is the biggest joint in your body, and its meniscus is supposed to increase the surface of your joint, thus increasing joint articulation. It also reduces the pressure placed on your knee, increases lubrication, and improves stability. A meniscus is an important cog, and when it tears, the situation is usually serious.

The usual course of action for a torn meniscus is immediate surgical procedure. However, chiropractors are able to employ non-invasive methods to treat such an injury. According to the World Federation of Chiropractic, a torn meniscus is not treated only with gentle manipulations.

The chiropractic approach to this issue is a holistic one, consisting of ultrasound treatment, ice and heat therapy, as well as various exercises designed to strengthen your knee. Also, a chiropractor will mobilize the injured knee in order to enhance joint lubrication and blood flow, quickening the recovery. So, if you’re looking for a non-surgical way of treating a torn meniscus, chiropractic is the best option by far.

“Where can I find a good chiropractor to help me with my knee issues?”

If you’re experiencing soreness in your knee, or if you’ve torn your meniscus, but would like to employ a non-invasive treatment plan, there is only one place you should go to – Fix Body Chiropractor Group. We are the best group of professional chiropractors in Rancho Bernardo, and we are completely dedicated to our patients making a full recovery. If you’re ever on your way to Glassman Recreation Center, stop by our clinic for a consultation, and we’ll take it from there!

Sep 2019

Irritable bowel syndrome and constipation don’t seem like the typical problems you’d apply chiropractic treatment for. Similarly to chiropractic helping with other digestive issues, it sounds a bit out there. Well wait, doesn’t chiropractic work best when it employs various techniques to help with knee problems or spine or headaches?

Wrong, as these are only the areas chiropractic is most famous for treating. In fact, chiropractic procedures have such a wide range of potential benefits that it is sometimes difficult to list them all. But, let’s find out how a chiropractor in Rancho Bernardo can, indeed, help with constipation and IBS. 

Can a chiropractor help with IBS?

“Irritable bowel syndrome… It sounds as if it has something to do with bowels, right? Well, if so, how can a chiropractor help me, don’t they treat injured backs and necks?” On a certain level, this kind of logic is understandable, even though the pundits from the World Federation of Chiropractic disagree.

Now, we don’t mean to look down on anybody and we fully understand that chiropractic is often considered just in terms of various manipulation techniques employed to rid individuals of any pain they may be experiencing in the aforementioned areas. 

But, chiropractic has a lot more to offer than that, and it can definitely help with your IBS problems, as well as other digestive system issues. Many of these problems, IBS included, stem from nerves being damaged by improper spinal alignment.

This is where chiropractic comes into play – it will tackle the underlying cause, not focus on the symptoms, and greatly help even with any problems concerning your gastrointestinal tract. So, to put it bluntly, yes, chiropractic certainly can help with IBS.

How does chiropractic help with IBS?

There are three main ways in which chiropractic treatment can help you put IBS under control.

  1. Reduced medication dependency – IBS is a very uncomfortable problem and many patients try to tackle its symptoms with medication. However, after taking medication, symptoms often return with a vengeance. Chiropractic eliminates the need for painkillers and other medication and provides natural relief.
  2. Improved nerve communication – Since digestive issues stem from problems with your nervous system, chiropractic tries to eliminate any interference that may have occurred in the way your nerves communicate with the rest of your body. Gentle chiropractic adjustments assure proper procedure is restored.
  3. Root cause – Chiropractic doesn’t just treat the symptoms, it tries to eliminate the underlying problem behind IBS. That is why chiropractic is an excellent choice for patients suffering from IBS.

Can chiropractic help constipation?

Again, yes, chiropractic can definitely help with constipation. However, constipation is a bit trickier to deal with than IBS or other digestive issues because constipation, especially if a child is in question, can also be caused by a psychological problem.

Barring a psychological background, chiropractic can greatly help with constipation if the problem is of a physical nature. The most common causes of this kind of constipation are lower-back tension and sacral and lumbar region joint restrictions. And these are areas where chiropractors feel right at home helping people. 

How do chiropractors help with constipation?

In order to solve these issues, an experienced chiropractor will apply gentle chiropractic methods to release tension in the lower back and deal with the joint restrictions that have occurred due to constipation. 

Then, a chiropractor will try massaging the muscles in order to relax them and help the individual further eliminate unnecessary tension which causes difficulties with regular bowel movements.

An additional benefit of chiropractic manipulations performed in these regions is that the parasympathetic part of the nervous system is also stimulated, which leads to improved digestion. 

As you can see, chiropractic is an all-encompassing treatment for constipation and it is a great method that can quickly yield relief when it comes to constipation and related issues without excess medication. Chiropractic is a sure thing when it comes to solving constipation problems.

“I live in Rancho Bernardo, and I’m looking for a good chiropractor for my digestive issues!”

If you’re looking for a good chiropractor who lives in Rancho Bernardo, we have to disappoint you, we don’t know any good ones. We’re only familiar with the best team of chiropractors in the area – Fix Body Chiropractic Group. 

We are experienced professionals who are certainly going to find a way to solve all your problems concerning constipation and IBS. If your walks through Kit Carson Park have become unenjoyable of late, visit our clinic for a consultation about your treatment.

Sep 2019

Digestive issues can be bothersome, especially if they persist, and it is only normal to try and find relief any way you can. You may have perhaps heard of how different chiropractic techniques can help with regular injuries like knee problems and back pain, but did you know that chiropractic is an excellent method for dealing with IBS and other digestive issues?

Yes, it does sound unorthodox, but that’s only because you’re probably unfamiliar with all the health benefits chiropractic can provide. Let’s see why you should consider visiting a chiropractor in Rancho Bernardo if you need help with your GI tract. 

Can spinal problems cause digestive issues?

Yes, definitely. Perhaps not the most usual cause for digestive issues, but spinal problems can cause your gastrointestinal tract to act out in quite a serious manner. This kind of health problem is called neurogenic bowel.

Neurogenic bowel is caused by problems in your nervous system, more specifically in your spinal cord. Sometimes, a nerve disease can lead to neurogenic bowel, but spinal cord injuries are a far more likely candidate. 

This condition is a serious matter and it can lead to many unpleasant and painful situations. People suffering from neurogenic bowel can have difficulties with normal bodily functions such as storing and getting rid of waste while bowel accidents and constipation are frequent. 

What are the types of neurogenic bowel?

Depending on the part of the nervous system that is affected by this condition, there are two main types of neurogenic bowel, and they are reflex bowel and flaccid bowel.

  1. Reflex bowel – This type of neurogenic bowel is characterized by the lack of ability to voluntarily control the function of your body to dispose of internal waste. It can either result in constipation, or in involuntary bowel movements. This usually occurs if the underlying nervous issue is in the upper part of the central nervous system.
  2. Flaccid bowel – This condition results in reducent function or movement of your colon. It can cause constipation, but it can also lead to a leaky stool and involuntary bowel movements. Flaccid bowel is caused by a problem located in the lower part of the spinal cord.

Can a chiropractor help digestive issues?

On first thought, a chiropractor’s office is not the first door you’d come knocking to if experiencing digestive issues. However, knowing that some digestive issues can be caused by problems with the spinal cord, seeking help from a chiropractic professional starts to sound like a better idea than it did a minute ago.

So yes, a chiropractor definitely can help with digestive issues, even the American Chiropractic Association claims so. Since many different digestive problems begin with a misaligned spine and pinched nerves, visiting a chiropractor can greatly benefit the state of your gastrointestinal tract. 

How can chiropractic treatment help digestive issues?

First of all, we need to explain that chiropractic cannot help with all the digestive problems you may be experiencing. You need to clearly identify the root of the problem and if it has something to do with your nervous system, which it often does, you can seek chiropractic assistance.

Chiropractors alleviate and cure digestive issues not by treating the symptoms, but by tackling the underlying cause. If there is a problem with your spine, chiropractors will use gentle procedures to put your spine back into alignment, relieving pressure off the affected nerves and helping you get your GI tract back in good condition. 

So, although chiropractic treatment certainly does not seem like the first resort for digestive issues, it certainly can be when those issues are the result of spinal problems. If that’s the case, a chiropractor might very well be your best bet to a quick and safe total recovery.

“Who’s the best chiropractor in Rancho Bernardo to treat my digestive issues?”

Not only are there good Rancho Bernardo chiropractors, but there is also Fix Body Chiropractor Group – the finest team of chiropractic professionals you can ever hope to find. Fix Body Chiropractor Group takes great care of every patient, treating every condition calmly, professionally, and painlessly. 

Digestive issues can be a big nuisance, especially the more serious ones and finding help quickly is important. Our chiropractic professionals will do their best to get your digestive tract back in line adequately. So, if your digestive problems are causing you to enjoy your weekly visits to San Dieguito River Park less and less every time, then stop by our clinic and let us help you!

Aug 2019

Does sciatica ever go awaySciatica is a serious condition and it must be treated. People frequently run to their chiropractors to get help with migraines or speed up the weight loss process, but when they start experiencing back pain they think they’re going to shake it off.

They try to take care of the problem themselves, without asking a professional what triggered their back problems and what the best course of action in terms of treatment is. Well, we’ll try to correct that mistake, and tell you why you should always consult chiropractors in San Diego, CA about everything concerning sciatica!

Does sciatica ever go away?

Yes, sciatica can go away, but only if you do something about it. If you decide to soldier through the pain, or if you decide to bed rest yourself, then, we’re sorry to tell you, your condition will only get worse.

Sciatica goes away once it’s treated adequately. That means as much physical activity and exercise as you can manage, regular visits to a chiropractor, consultations with a doctor, and improved nutrition.

If you want your sciatica to go away, you need to be responsible about it. The American Chiropractic Association advises regular treatments as the only sure way to battle sciatica and you should follow that piece of advice.

How long will sciatica take to heal?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a unified answer we could give you, like “Sciatica lasts three to six months and then you’re good!”. To tell you the truth, nobody knows how long sciatica can last and anybody who tells you otherwise is not exactly speaking truthfully.

It is because the severity of the underlying causes of sciatica varies a great deal among patients. Sometimes, patients come to chiropractors right away, making it easier for the professionals to treat their condition.

Other times, patients wait a great deal longer than advisable, which makes the entire process of recovering from sciatica longer and more challenging. Without a detailed examination, it is difficult to provide an estimate of how long sciatica is going to persist.

Plus, you have to be ready to make certain lifestyle changes and dedicate yourself fully to giving it your all in order to find relief from sciatica as quickly as possible. The bottom line is this – the sooner you see a professional and the more dedication you put in, the sooner you will be healed from sciatica.

What happens if sciatica is left untreated?How long will sciatica take to heal

As you may have guessed it, there are no upsides to leaving sciatica untreated. Your condition will only continue to deteriorate until it becomes really difficult to make even the usual movements without breaking a sweat.

Other than that, there are some other pitfalls that are best avoided by treating your sciatica regularly and effectively.

  1. Nerve damage – When sciatica is untreated, there is severe risk of permanently damaging your nerves, which can, in turn, lead to the pain in your legs and your back becoming unbearable.
  2. Loss of sensation – If the nerve damage gets too out of control, there are extreme cases where patients have completely lost all feeling in their affected limb.
  3. Bladder control – There have been rare instances of patients’ spinal cords that provide control over the bladder being affected to the point of them losing all control of their bladder. 

“I want to fight my sciatica, but who can help me in San Diego?”

If you want to deal with sciatica head on, then Fix Body Chiropractor Group should be the first place to visit. We are a team of highly educated and experienced chiropractic experts in San Diego, CA who have helped many patients with sciatica, and we know we can help you too! If you want to hike to Point Loma as easily as you did before, visit our clinic for a consultation!

Aug 2019

What triggers sciatic nerve painSciatica is a serious condition and it should be treated as such. You should know what triggers sciatica, as well as how long sciatica can last and how to treat it. 

Chiropractors are well known for helping people find relief from migraines, and even helping individuals lose weight through regular chiropractic procedures. But, chiropractors usually specialize in treating various back issues, sciatica included. We’ll tell you how Mission Valley chiropractic in San Diego, CA can alleviate your sciatica problems. 

What triggers sciatic nerve pain?

Sciatica can be a really painful and debilitating condition, especially if left untreated. Most people simply ignore the pain until it worsens, and only then do they seek help. However, the World Federation of Chiropractic insists that you visit a professional right away.

Sure, it sounds a bit panicky, but once you learn what actually causes sciatica, you won’t be so quick to dismiss the symptoms.

Common causes of sciatica

The most common cause of sciatic pain is a herniated disk that is located in your lower or lumbar spine. Vertebrae, the bones of your spine, are separated by these disks made of a type of connective tissue.

Once one of these disks starts getting worn out, it becomes herniated, thus placing pressure on all the nerves surrounding it. And, when this happens, you start experiencing pain.

So, as you can see, sciatica is not a simple condition. Yes, it manifests as pain you can, to an extent, try to ignore or work around, but it is a serious problem and it has to be treated by a medical or a chiropractic professional.

Can you be put on bed rest for sciatica?

You can, but not by a professional chiropractor or anybody else who knows what they’re doing. We don’t mean to sound harsh, but being put on bed rest for sciatica is one of the worst courses of action you could take. Why?

We’ll explain, but let’s first say this – having a day or two of bed rest in cases of extreme pain can be beneficial in terms of allowing your body to recuperate from that pain. Longer than that, and you risk worsening your condition.

By lying in your bed you only risk further worsening your condition. Bed rest will only cause your muscles to deteriorate rapidly, thus, decreasing your chances of a quick recovery, and increasing pain that stems from your body not having enough strength to compensate for the herniated disk.

The weaker your back muscles become, the tougher it will be for you to deal with your sciatica pain and it will become more difficult to walk the path to recovery adequately. You need to be as strong as you can to battle sciatica, and bed rest will not make you so.

Can chiropractors cure sciatica?

Chiropractors can massively help with sciatica. They can improve your overall physical fitness, boost your body’s ability to respond to the pain, and treat the underlying cause of the condition effectively.

Many individuals who seek out help from a chiropractor for their problems stemming from sciatica find relief rather quickly, and continue treatments for as long as they need them. So yes, chiropractors can treat sciatica quite successfully.

How do chiropractors treat sciatica?

There are several methods chiropractors employ when treating patients with sciatica, and here are the four most common ones.Can you be put on bed rest for sciatica

  1. Ice therapy – This type of treatment greatly reduces inflammatory processes and puts sciatic pain back in your control.
  2. Ultrasound – The ultrasound technique produces heat through sound waves and penetrates the soft tissue of the patient, thus, increasing circulation and reducing swelling, stiffness, cramping and muscle spasms.
  3. TENS – Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit is a device that sends electrical currents of varying intensities through your muscles to reduce acute pain and control muscle spasms. 
  4. Spinal manipulation – At the very core of every chiropractic treatment lie chiropractic adjustments.This is the most important part of every chiropractic procedure, helping to put the misaligned vertebral bodies back into position, treating the very cause of sciatica.

“Who are the best chiropractors in Mission Valley I can turn to?”

The finest chiropractic practice in Mission Valley, San Diego, CA is definitely the Fix Body Chiropractor Group – a team of seasoned chiropractic professionals who have spent years helping others with the same sciatica issues you are facing today. If you want to hike through Mission Trails Regional Park as you did before this condition, come to our clinic for a free consultation.

Jul 2019

can a chiropractor help with weight lossSo, chiropractic helping with weight loss… We’ve all heard how perfect chiropractic is for eliminating migraines, how chiropractic cures sciatica, and how chiropractic lessens the damage already caused by sciatica. But chiropractic and weight loss? You’ve got to be kidding, right?

Well, wrong, and you’ll soon see why asking for a chiropractor in Mission Valley for help with your weight losing efforts is not only a good, but a great idea!

Can a chiropractor help with weight loss?

You’ve tried everything. You exercise regularly, you’ve modified your diet, you’ve even tried positive reinforcement, but still the results you’ve been expecting and working towards are eluding you. Have you really tried everything?

Have you visited a chiropractor? No? Well, then, there’s still one thing you can try on your journey to perfect weight. And yes, we know just how ludicrous it sounds that chiropractic can even help you lose weight. But it really can, it’s a fact, even the pundits of the World Federation of Chiropractic agree.

Chiropractic practice and weight loss

“But how?”, you ask. Well, chiropractic brings your entire body into balance, which, in turn, helps you become healthier and burn those pesky calories a lot faster, and makes it easier for you to exercise properly. 

Plus, chiropractic treatment usually excludes the use of medication. This is also important for weight loss because some medication can have weight gain as a side effect. Eliminating some of that medication also helps you lose weight at a faster rate. So yes, chiropractors can really help you lose weight.

How chiropractic treatment can help you lose weight?

There are several reasons why there is a positive correlation between visiting a chiropractor and losing weight.

Improving nerve communication

Nerves communicate via pathways that stem from the spine and have the ability to control both your fullness and your hunger. If the spine is misaligned, these pathways don’t send information adequately, leading to increased appetite and a misadjusted sense of fullness.

In turn, when the spine is in proper position, everything functions like clockwork, and you know how much food is enough food.

Exercising get easier

You can’t work out the way you should if your body aches. Even if you do force yourself to beat the pain and exercise through it, your intensity will be lowered. Chiropractic will help you eliminate the pain and get back on track.

No more stress-eatingHow Chiropractic Treatment May Help You Lose Weight

Chiropractic eliminates stress, which means no more coping with it through eating. You won’t feel the need to grab junk food off the supermarket shelf. Instead, you can become focused on developing healthy eating habits.

In addition, a chiropractor employs a holistic approach, so they will suggest some dietary changes you can make to attain your desired weight.

Improving daily movements

Weight loss is not just about hitting the gym, but also about those small everyday movements you make. Did you know that you burn about 350 calories each day just by walking around your home?

Any kind of pain makes you sit more and walk about your home less, with even the smallest of daily chores becoming an insurmountable mountain. With chiropractic, these will be a breeze, and you’ll burn more than just 350 calories.

“Where can I find a Mission Valley-based chiropractor to help me with weight loss?”

Let’s cut it short, there only one team of Mission Valley chiropractors you should visit – Fix Body Chiropractor Group. We are a superstar team of chiropractic experts and we can help you with all kinds of conditions, ranging from headaches and migraines to back and neck pain.

And yes, we can even help you lose weight. With our help, you’ll be able to explore Mission San Diego de Alcalá feeling confident in your own body. Visit us and we’ll help you attain your fitness objective without any pain!

Jul 2019

Can migraines go away on their ownMigraines are horrendous and not just because of the pain they cause, but also for placing you in a state of constant unrest, which is why getting help with migraines using chiropractic treatment should be a priority.

Yes, chiropractic helps with weight loss, chiropractic alleviates the symptoms of sciatica, and it can also reduce the duration of sciatica significantly. But, it can also do wonders for migraines, so you should be quick about seeking help from a chiropractor in Mission Valley, San Diego, and here’s why.

Can migraines go away on their own?

Migraine is a type of headache, but a much more serious, severe, and tiring sort. Migraines are a serious matter and they should not be taken lightly. People suffering from migraines experience a lot of pain, so much at times, in fact, that they often can’t function properly until they soothe it.

This is why you should consult a professional about your migraine. The probability of a migraine disappearing on its own is slim, to say the least, and it should never be left untreated. Perhaps you can avoid using medication, but allowing it to last until it goes away on its own is not a move anyone would recommend.

How can I get relief from migraine?

Barring medication, there are things you can do to find relief from migraines. In fact, there are probably courses of action you’ve never considered. Let’s see about the most useful ones.

  1. Water – Drinking plenty of water each day can sometimes prevent migraines from appearing and can definitely help when they do appear.
  2. Cool compresses– Place an ice pack on the scalp, neck, or forehead in order to soothe your migraine.
  3. Coffee – You can find mild relief if you take in some caffeine.
  4. Darkness – Migraines only get worse with noise and bright lights. Go to a dark and quiet room and lie down.
  5. Exercise – Working out regularly decreases the chances of frequent migraine attacks.
  6. Magnesium – A mineral that can help prevent migraines, but won’t stop one once it begins.
  7. Sleep – The better you sleep, the less likely it is for a migraine to appear.
  8. Yoga – Research implies that yoga sessions greatly reduce the number of migraine attacks.
  9. Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin prevents migraines and you can find it in cheese, milk, chicken, and fish.

Can going to a chiropractor help with migrainesCan going to a chiropractor help with migraines?

It definitely can even according to the American Chiropractic Association. Research shows that a whopping 75% of people who reverted to chiropractic as a treatment for migraines has experienced an immediate relief with symptoms and a decrease in the number of migraine attacks.

Chiropractors use a variety of techniques when treating people suffering from migraines, with spinal manipulation being the most common one. They focus on cervical spine in order to bring the whole body into balance, increase blood flow, and fix any damage that may have been caused to the patient’s nerves that go from the spinal cord.

This way, chiropractors try to not only make the pain go away, but, in time, completely eliminate migraines from appearing. Also, they encourage an all-encompassing approach to treating migraines that includes additional vitamins, change of nutrition, and healthier lifestyle. Chiropractic is definitely a good way to fight migraines.

“Where can I find the best chiropractor in San Diego’s Mission Valley to help me with my migraines?”

There is only one clinic packed with experienced and educated chiropractors in San Diego’s Mission Valley, and that place is Fix Body Chiropractor Group. We are a professional team of seasoned chiropractic pros that can help you fight your migraines. No visit to the San Diego Museum of Art can be considered a fine one if your migraines keep appearing. Stop by our clinic and we’ll do our best to make your life pain-free again!

Jun 2019

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO USE A PERSONAL TRAINERThe importance of working with a personal trainer has been stressed enough. A qualified personal trainer can help you with evaluating the seriousness of your back pain, provide numerous benefits by combining personalized training with chiropractic care, and help you get back in shape quickly and properly.

However, if you still have certain doubts, you should inform yourself more about the amazing perks of exercising with a personal trainer in Scottsdale is. 

When should I consider hiring a personal trainer?

If you’re asking us, we’d say right away, plus combine it with chiropractic treatment by a member of the American Chiropractic Association. Working with a personal trainer carries with it numerous benefits, but more on that later.  Now, let’s see what are the signs that signal you should consider a personalized training routine. 

  • No results – If the results are nowhere to be seen, you should think about introducing some changes.
  • Where to begin? – If you’re unsure about how to begin training on your own, consult a personal trainer.
  • Boredom – If you’re growing tired of the same old workout regime, think about mixing it up with a personal trainer.
  • Challenge – If you want to up the ante, nobody can do it better than a professional trainer.
  • Motivation – If you’re growing less and less motivated, talk to a personal trainer and see if their ideas can inspire you again.
  • Problems – If you’ve experienced an injury or you suffer from a certain condition, there’s nobody better to work around it than a personal training expert.
  • Event – If you’re preparing yourself for an important event, a personalized training routine can get you to where you want to be.
  • Company – Even though you’re working out surrounded by people, you can often feel alone and out of place. This isn’t the case when you have an experienced individual working alongside you.

What should I look for when choosing a personal trainer?

There are some characteristics all great personal trainers share, or at least should, and here are the most important qualities to look for in one.

  • Certification and qualifications – Make sure that the person you’re considering to hire has all the necessary certificates.
  • Business policies – Every professional trainer needs to have adequate liability insurance. They should also provide you with copies of policies, projected costs, as well as terms for refunds and cancellations.
  • Experience – Look for a trainer who’s had plenty of experience in the area you’d like to work on.
  • Listening – A good personal trainer should pay attention to what you’re saying and try to create a workout plan based on your needs.
  • Progress – The trainer needs to keep a watchful eye on the progress you’re making, and modify the regime accordingly.

What are the benefits of working with a personal trainer?

Now we come to the part most of you have been waiting for, and that’s learning about the exact benefits a personal trainer can bring into your life. Let’s see.

personal trainer in scottsdale
  • Results – This kind of working out will get you desired results a lot sooner.
  • Injury prevention – Because a personal trainer adjusts your workout according to your needs and possibilities, the risk of injury is greatly reduced.
  • Goals – A personal trainer will organize a goal-oriented routine with objectives you can strive for and achieve.
  • Maximized time – No more wasting precious time on unnecessary exercises.
  • Accountability – You might not like this one, but a personal trainer holds you accountable for your progress, making you take responsibility for your actions.
  • Challenge – They will provide an adequate challenge for you, making you work out even harder.
  • Breaking plateaus – No longer will there be a limit to your possibilities. Personal trainers will add new techniques to your routine and make you go even further.

“Where can I find an experienced personal trainer in Scottsdale?”

Finding an experienced and qualified personal trainer in Scottsdale is no longer as difficult as it used to be because now you have Fix Body Chiropractor Group to go to. We’re experts in creating a personalized training routine to fit the needs of our clients, and we offer the finest chiropractic treatment to those of you who are trying to recover from an injury. If you’re ever strolling through Old Town Scottsdale, stroll a little further to our place for a consultation.

Jun 2019

How to Get Back In Shape After an InjuryGetting back in shape after an injury is rather challenging, both physically and mentally. It seems as though no matter how many different treatments for your back pain you look into or how much you read about the benefits of chiropractic care, you’re not getting any closer to choosing your path to recovery.

Not even exercising with a personal trainer looks all that appealing to you. And we understand. Suffering an injury is difficult and recovering from it even more, but signing up for personal training in Scottsdale will help you overcome both physical and mental obstacles. Let’s see about helping you get back into shape.

When should I start exercising after an injury?

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself when deciding to get back in shape after experiencing an injury. You don’t want to press yourself too hard too soon as it would only make the matter a whole lot worse.

Instead, you should:

  • Listen to your body and see if exercising feels right. That’s of utmost importance. You shouldn’t push yourself because you risk making the injury worse and starting the lengthy process of recovery again. 
  • Consult with your doctor or chiropractor. They can give you sound advice and make sure you’re not beginning to work out sooner than you should be. The experts from the World Federation of Chiropractic are veterans when it comes to working with various injuries.
  • Pay attention to how your body reacts to getting back to exercising after an injury and act accordingly. Nobody, no matter how experienced and professional, knows your body better than you do.

How do I train after suffering an injury?

When it comes to actually training after experiencing an injury, there are some general rules you should follow lest you risk a repeated injury. Here are the most important ones:

  • Mental preparation – Try not to think about the injury, but rather about starting again fresh.
  • Going slow – Start training slowly and get back into your work-out regime gradually. 
  • Isolation – Focus on the area you’ve injured and then try to strengthen it as much as possible so as to regain lost function.
  • Minding the pain – Yes, pain is gain, but not after suffering an injury. If you start feeling pain again, stop or slow down
  • Nourishing your body – And hydrate it too, as often as possible.
  • Personal training – Nothing’s better for recovering after an injury than working alone with a professional personal trainer.
  • Chiropractic – An experienced chiropractor can provide a lot of help if you combine chiropractic treatments and a workout routine.
  • Believing in it – Recovering is not an easy process and it gets even more difficult if you don’t believe you can do it.

What should I pay attention to when starting to exercise again?

We’ve told you what to do, now we’re going to tell you what not to do when trying to get back in shape after an injury.

personal training in scottsdale
  • Long runs – Don’t start by doing long cardio sessions. Your body’s been through a lot, so make sure to start easy.
  • Heavy loads – Don’t overstress your already chipped body. You should work your way up to the loads you used to do.
  • High intensity – Again, as with the loads and long cardios, don’t push beyond your limits. 

“I’d like some help from a good chiropractor and an experienced personal trainer.”

You don’t have to look very far since Fix Body Chiropractor Group employs only the best personal trainers and chiropractors around. If you’d like to begin your process of recovery by undergoing regular chiropractic treatment and personal training with a pro in Scottsdale, you should definitely come and consult with us. Don’t start biking the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt before doing so.