Jul 2018
Men shaking hands in gym - Personal trainer client relationship

Getting yourself in shape and motivating yourself to go to the gym can sometimes be a drag. This is true regardless of your goals and overall condition and shape. One of the ways to make sure you persist is to hire a personal trainer.

Personal training San Diego can make a whole world of difference when recovering from an injury or getting back in shape. But if you do decide to go for it, there is a certain personal training etiquette which should be followed.

The quality of your personal trainer client relationship will impact the overall effects and progress of your training sessions. Here are some things to consider.

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Jun 2018
Upset car driver after car accident - After Car Accident Symptoms

Being in a car accident is never a pleasant affair, no matter how minor it is. It is one of the most stressful situations which entails additional issues which have to be handled. This mainly includes legal procedures and insurance claims.

In such a situation, the health of those included, which should be a priority, can easily be put in last place. But this should never be the case and you should immediately seek an auto accident physical therapist if you feel any of the most common after car accident symptoms.

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Jun 2018
Stressed Woman - Mental Therapy after Car Accident

Physical injuries are the first thing that people tend to alleviate after they have been through a car accident. Although visiting a doctor and getting thoroughly examined is the most important first step, it certainly isn’t the only thing that should be kept in mind.

Being a part of an auto accident can also take its toll on your emotional and mental health. So, although you will find yourself looking for ‘auto accident physical therapy near me’, don’t forget the emotional influence as well. Remember to seek mental therapy after car accident as well.

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May 2018
Physical Therapy Shoulder - Best Treatment After Auto Accident San Diego

Having a car has become a necessity which is supposed to make our daily life easier. However, car accidents occur frequently and they can have a range of negative effects on those who took part in one. This is why it is of paramount importance to take it seriously and attend auto accident physical therapy as soon as possible. Trying to figure out your next steps can be tricky, but the best treatment after auto accident in San Diego is the one started at once.

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May 2018
Upset Man After Car Crash - Car Accident Physical Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing you want to do after being in a car accident is probably to forget the whole thing happened. However, this is a serious issue and can have long-lasting consequences if not addressed timely and properly. This is why car accident physical therapy is very important even if you seemingly don’t feel pain or have injury symptoms. Here are some of the car accident physical therapy frequently asked questions which might help you if you’ve been in a car accident.

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Jan 2018
Young Woman with Back Pain - Chiropractor in San Diego

Read through this list of greatest myths concerning back pain. It is good to be informed before scheduling a consultation with a chiropractor in San Diego.

Bed rest is the best option

Lying in your bed may be a good solution for other maladies, but not so much for back pain. Even though resting sounds like a logical way to decrease back pain, in most cases it only worsens the pain. When we are in a horizontal position, our discs fill with fluid, causing the vertebrate to be pushed away from one another. This is the cause of stiff back in the morning. Prolonged inactivity will cause further muscle and tendon stiffness, making it harder for you to move. So, remain active and visit a chiropractor in San Diego.

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Dec 2017
Young Woman Receiving Acupuncture San Diego Treatment

You are probably familiar with acupuncture and the way it is performed, but did you know that it is extremely beneficial for athletes? If not, acupuncture San Diego specialists are here to give answers to commonly asked questions.

When should an athlete undergo acupuncture?

There is no definitive answer. Studies in the field of acupuncture treatment have shown that it can reduce inflammation, help with muscle spasms, and increase neurohormones, which reduce pain. Since it is highly beneficial, it can be a secondary treatment to many sports-related ailments, or a primary one. Simply put, acupuncture always does the trick, so there is no bad time to visit an acupuncture San Diego professional.

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