March 2019

Hmmm, how can you know if you need chiropractic care? This question arises, for the most part, because chiropractic can still seem like a novelty treatment. People are still unsure about chiropractic basics, i.e. if chiropractic can treat allergies, how important chiropractic treatment is, and how often you should visit a chiropractor.

Chiropractic is a medical treatment as normal and as effective as any other, sometimes even more effective depending on the problem you’re experiencing. If you don’t know when to visit a chiropractor in Mission Valley, San Diego, read on and find out.

Who needs chiropractic care?

Who needs chiropractic care?When it comes to knowing whether or not you need chiropractic care, the question is a bit broader than just “Your back hurts, go see a chiropractor!”. Chiropractic can effectively treat many problems experienced by people of different ages and stages. That is why we’re going to look at it from two angles – the issues chiropractic successfully treats and if people of different ages should or should not see a chiropractor.

What can chiropractic successfully treat?

As we’ve said, the list of problems chiropractic can help you with is quite long, so here’s a quick overview.

  • Subluxation – This problem is a fairly common occurrence and chiropractic treatment is extremely effective when it comes to dealing with partial dislocation.

  • Chronic pain – Chiropractic is the kind of treatment that can help with various kinds of chronic pain, alleviating or eliminating the pain altogether.

  • Migraines – By aligning the spine properly and correcting any issues with back or neck posture, chiropractic can effectively stop migraines.

  • Herniated discs – With flexion distraction technique, a common chiropractic procedure, a chiropractor will move the disc away from the nerves, reducing pain and improving function.

  • Sciatica – Chiropractic treatment of sciatica, back pain along the sciatic nerve, brings instantaneous pain relief, reduces inflammation, and greatly restores your range of motion. Pretty good.

At what age should I visit a chiropractor?

Why chiropractic care for auto injury?When it comes to the suitable age to start visiting a chiropractor, there is no good or bad age. You can start visiting your Mission Valley chiropractor whenever you want.

  • Children – Yes, even children can visit a chiropractor, and, according to the World Federation of Chiropractic, they can experience improvements in immune system damaged due to the lack of good nutrition and reduced risk of tonsillitis.

  • Elderly people – You would be amazed to hear about just how much improvement into an elderly individual’s life chiropractic can bring. Less pain, improved range of motion, stronger immune system… The list just doesn’t stop.

As for everybody else, if you start experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, pay your chiropractor in Mission Valley a visit, and see just how much he or she can help you.

How does chiropractic care aid in back injuries?

We’re going to be detailed about this as back pain is one of the most frequent problems individuals turn to chiropractic for. Back pain can be a proper nuisance and it will only worsen over time if not treated properly.

What are the types of back pain?

When it comes to back pain, there are two main types – acute and chronic back pain.

  • Acute back pain – This type of back pain usually improves without an intervention of any kind, but if it persists, you should definitely look for professional chiropractic help.

  • Chronic back pain – As for chronic back pain, the main upside of visiting a chiropractor is pain reduction without superfluous use of pain medication which only eliminate the pain, not the causes.

What are the causes of back pain?

The causes of back pain can be many, but here, we are going to focus on the four main potential causes of back pain that just won’t go away.

  • Strained ligaments or muscles – The most common among back-pain underlying problems, strained muscles and ligaments can cause serious pain, but are mostly quick to heal unless badly torn.

  • Stress – Yes, stress is another common cause of back pain in these modern times and chiropractic can be really effective in battling everyday stress.

  • Vertebral subluxation – Subluxation usually occurs when the spine is not properly aligned, which can be easily treated with regular chiropractic treatments.

  • Herniated disc – Explained simply, the disc cracks in the outer wall, and the inner material of the disc slides into to spinal canal, irritating the nerves and causing pain.

How does chiropractic help with back pain?

How does chiropractic care aid in back injuries?Chiropractic care is extremely effective with various types of back pain because it treats the cause of the pain, not just the symptoms. The goal of chiropractic is to reduce pain and improve function, and it achieves so with gentle spinal manipulations and adjustments. Every chiropractor creates a personalized chiropractic care plan for every individual, ensuring that everybody gets the treatment they need.

Why chiropractic care for auto injury?

When you go through an automotive accident, you can end up with more than just a couple of scrapes and bruises. After it, you can start experiencing severe migraines, neck and back pain, body stiffness, chest pain, anxiety, increased stress and other health problems.  

All of the issues above can be treated with adequate chiropractic care as there are numerous benefits it provides to individuals who have been involved in an automotive accident.

  • Non-obvious injuries – Some injuries are clear immediately after the accident while others are not. It is here that chiropractic truly shines, treating problems such as whiplash, dizziness, soreness, and headaches.

  • Pain relief – And pain relief without drugs. If you’re in pain, frequently using pain medication can lead to more problems. Chiropractic soothes the pain without any need for medication.

  • Restored range of motion – If you’ve been involved in an accident and your range of motion is not as it used to be, chiropractic treatment can gradually restore your body to its full capacity with gentle manipulation techniques.

Who are the best chiropractors to visit in Mission Valley San Diego?

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