February 2020

The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone, the foot bone’s connected to… And so the song goes. When it comes to the body, everything’s connected, so there’s no questions that your back issues certainly are related to the pain in your knee.

Similarly, neck pain and shoulder pain are also related, and you might want to consider visiting a chiropractor for your shoulder pain. Leave the debate about massage or chiropractic for some other time, and look for quality chiropractic treatment in Escondido. First, though, let’s see about the connection between back problems and knee pain. 

Are your back and knee pain related?

Can disc problems cause knee painMost of the time, and logically so, people assume that the pain in their knee is due to the, well, their knee. It must be originating somewhere nearby by, and is only normal to think so. However, that is not always the case. 

While, at times, your knee is hurting because of a problem with your knee, sometimes the pain you’re experiencing is due to another matter entirely. Have you ever even considered the possibility of your knee hurting because of a back issue?

Well, believe it or not, that is frequently the case. Knee pain can often be caused by either a pinched nerve in your lower back, or a disc protrusion in the lower back area. But, in order to be sure, you’d best consult a professional from the World Federation of Chiropractic

Can disc problems cause knee pain?

Back issues can definitely cause your knee to hurt, and disc problems are among the most common causes of it. Although a herniated disc, for example, would not be your first guess when it comes to the pain in your knee, it definitely can be the cause.

Now, here are the three telltale signs that a problem with your back might be causing knee pain. However, in order to be completely sure of the cause, you should visit an experienced chiropractor, and not diagnose the root yourself. 

  1. Additional back pain – Your back is hurting alongside your knee is the first sign that your knee pain and back problems might be connected, if only based on the phenomenon of referred pain. 
  2. Tight hamstrings – If your hamstrings are feeling unusually tight while your knee is painful might indicate that the cause of the pain in your knee is a problem with your back. This is even more possible if the tightness doesn’t go away with regular stretching.
  3. Bunions – It sounds rather improbable that bunions can indicate that your knee pain is caused by a problem with your back. However, when there are bunions combined with knee pain, there are back issues potentially causing it all.

Is your lower back causing your knee pain?

Sometimes, the source of the pain in your knee can originate in your lower back as well. If it’s an issue with your lower back, it can be down to a pinched nerve preventing normal communication between the spine and the knee, causing problems.

The nerves responsible for transmitting painful sensations are in your lower back. If a problem originates, these nerves can become pinched, causing irritation and sending out of pain signals. The intensity of the pain, in this case, depends on how pinched the nerve is. 

There are also some accompanying symptoms that may indicate that the knee pain you’re experiencing is due to a pinched nerve in your lower back:

  • Pain in the front part of your thigh
  • Tingling or numbness in your thigh
  • Feeling of weakness in your quadriceps muscles or your hip

Sometimes, it may be the hip that’s causing knee pain too, so you should definitely visit a chiropractor to see what’s what!

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