February 2015
Proper Running Mechanics By Jonathan Pierce, ART Director at FIX Body Group When: Thursday, March 26th Where: Crossfit PB (Garnett) Time: 6:30 PM I believe there’s a lot of information out there regarding footwear options for running, proper foot contact mechanics, and more generally gait and what it means for running and athletes of all levels.  It has also become apparent that as more ideas get pushed into the pipeline, there are many prevalent ones of an extreme nature.  It’s either maximalist shoes, minimalist shoes, or no shoes but no one is really advocating the moderate approach and mindset.  When it comes to bio-mechanics, or running gait, there’s also this prevailing  extremist perspective, we went from a model of heel-toe running to one of forefoot running and forgot to ask what the costs of injury for this was.  I would like to create a discussion around moderate ideas, for shoes, bio-mechanics, and injury prevention in general.  I believe that the way to do this is through the use of models, the application of techniques that the elite, top performers use successfully and taking these models to the masses.  I have spent many years in the world of elite running, as an athlete, then as a coach and therapist, now as a consultant and sports rehab practitioner.  I’ll present on techniques and commonalities that elite athletes have in running, and which we can learn from.  We will also discuss the common faults runners make, the injury risks associated with each.

FIX patients are encouraged to attend!