May 2020

Having to deal with shoulder pain is a massive bummer. It’s right up there with suffering from a pinched nerve, experiencing upper back pain, and trying to alleviate the knots in your muscles… It’s bothersome, painful, and downright annoying!

But, there are many ways in which you can relieve the pain in your shoulder. Some involve undergoing chiropractic treatment in Scottsdale, while others methods you can do on your own. Want to learn more about them?

How should I sleep with shoulder pain?

If the pain in your shoulder is keeping you up all night, you have to do something about it. The best solution is to visit a member of the American Chiropractic Association right away. But, until you do that, you could try to do one of the following and see what works best for you:

  • No sleeping on the front – It’s tempting to sleep on your front if you’re experiencing shoulder pain, thinking that will keep the pressure of your shoulder and ease your nightly struggles. But, this will do the opposite – push your shoulder out of its proper alignment. Try sleeping on your back instead.
  • Opposite side – Sleeping on the side is a good choice if you’re suffering from shoulder pain, but you should not sleep on the side of the shoulder that’s giving you trouble. Sleep on the opposite side.
  • Head support – In order to keep all of your upper body in proper alignment, you’ll need good support for your head. Try to find a pillow that provides adequate support and which alleviates the pain in your shoulder during the night. 
  • Body pillow – Finally, if nothing else does the trick, try using a body pillow to help you through the night. This will keep you from moving around too much during the night, it will prevent you applying accidental pressure on your shoulder, and it’s really comfortable.

Can I exercise with shoulder pain?

How should I sleep with shoulder painOn the one hand no, you should not revert to your regular exercising habits when dealing with shoulder pain, especially if you haven’t consulted a professional yet. The thing is, you stand to make your pain worse and risk an even greater injury.

That is why we advise that, first, you consult a professional, like a chiropractor, about the causes and potential treatment for your shoulder pain. Then, depending on the reason behind the pain in your shoulder, you can see about continuing with your regular exercising routine. 

However, on the other hand, you should definitely do some exercises that can alleviate some of the shoulder pain and bring you closer to restoring the full range of motion and function of your shoulder. 

What exercises can I do to relieve shoulder pain?

As we’ve mentioned, there are some exercises you can do to improve the state your shoulder is in. However, we have to stress this again – consult a professional first, because you do not want to make the situation worse. Now, here are some simple and easy exercises for you to do:

  • Stretches across the chest
  • Neck releases
  • Chest expansions
  • Eagle arm spinal rolls
  • Shoulder circles
  • Seated twists
  • Doorway shoulder stretches
  • Thread the needle

How do I get rid of neck and shoulder pain?

Finally, let’s see if we can give you a couple of pieces of advice on how to alleviate or eliminate the pain in your neck and shoulders altogether:

  • Ice and heat – Try applying ice or heat for about twenty minutes each day. See what works better for you, heat or ice, and apply that.
  • Stretching – Perform slow, easy stretches that you will hold. However, do not do any sudden movements because they can be harmful.
  • Stress – Stress contributes to the pain you may be experiencing, so try to unwind to ease the pain.
  • Sleeping – We’ve already given you the know-how on how to adjust your sleeping environment in order to relieve shoulder and neck pain.
  • Chiropractic – Finally, and firstly, visit a chiropractic professional who can help you get rid of the pain in your shoulder and neck safely and quickly. 

“Where can I find the best chiropractic treatment in Scottsdale?”

Can I exercise with shoulder painIf your shoulder is giving you a hard time, and your neck is stiff and sore, you should definitely consider getting help from a chiropractor. But, who can you turn to in Scottsdale? Well, Fix Body Chiropractor Group, of course!

We’re a team of experienced chiropractic providers who take great care of each and every one of our patients. We know times are trying, and that you can’t even visit the Western Spirit. But, contact us and we’ll see if we can arrange a safe visit to our clinic.