April 2015
Fitness Bucket List You’ve all heard of a bucket list – but what about a Fitness one? Not only is it a great way to work toward your goals and have some fun, but it will keep you in shape along the way.   And we do all love a good list – shopping list, the wish list and even the not so popular “honey-do” list. But if you want to stay active your whole life and maybe even have some fun along the way, get started on your Fitness Bucket List! What’s one event that makes your heart pound just thinking about it?   Well then – Put it on a list, stay accountable and get training! Here are 5 ideas to get that list started.  

1. Newbie’ Runners to the seasoned Marathoner:

  Join your local running group and enter a 5k or 10k for charity – plenty to choose from here– not only will you tick that box and meet new people you are raising much-needed funds!   Sign up for a marathon in another country, here are just a few:   Boston Marathon because it’s the oldest and most prestigious in the US (hint if you don’t make the qualifying race time, you can run under a charity name instead);   Berlin Marathon the fastest marathon course;   Athens Marathon This is where it all began!   Of course the reward for all your hard work will be a holiday to celebrate in some of these amazing places!  

2. Vertical Racing:

  Think stairs, lots of them, climbing….up! Definitely a challenging one for the bucket list, but stair climbing is a total body workout and you need to build some serious strength in those legs and lungs! Don’t be fooled by the thought of a ‘sprint’, you going to need endurance and strength – fast!   Vertical World Circuit’ (yup), so you are covered all around the world.   Empire State Building with 1,576 steps   Eureka Tower Climb in Melbourne with 1642 stairs   Tower 42 London with 932!  

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