February 2015
If you’re a golfer – whether recreational or even a pro like John Cook – you can benefit greatly from the services we offer at FIX. Recently our founder and Clinic Director Dr. Shawn Robek served as John’s private practitioner during the Mitsubishi Champion’s Tour in Hawaii and performed pre and post round performance care on him. When asked what these athletes need in terms of treatment, Dr. Robek said “Golfers utilize chiropractic adjustment to maintain flexibility of the spine, as well as active release technique to break up restrictions and scar tissue in muscle. Corrective exercise is also used to enhance the strength and endurance of deep spinal muscles.” He went on to say that “golfers typically experience knee, hip, and lower back pain as a result of a poor golf swing – all of which can be corrected by our procedures at FIX.  For someone trying to enhance their golf game but not suffering from a specific injury, our strength coach would be a great adjunct.” So if you’re a golfer – what are you waiting for? Set up an appointment with us today and experience the FIX difference.
Dr. Robek of FIX with pro golfer John Cook