August 2017
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It might sound hackneyed but the Romans had it right – a healthy mind in a healthy body. Not only does physical fitness contribute to our overall health, but also nourishes the soul and even boosts brain functions. This is the philosophy behind Feldenkrais.

Whether you have suffered a serious injury, want to get rid of stubborn pain or simply want to find a new and unorthodox exercise routine, Feldenkrais might just be the right thing for you! Read on to find out more about the method and its benefits. You’re bound to be intrigued enough to look for Feldenkrais in San Diego and give it a try.

Feldenkrais in a Nutshell

Invented by Moshé Feldenkrais, this method is an alternative exercise therapy which takes a holistic approach to the connection between mind and body. It, therefore, has a beneficial effect on the physical and psychological state of the body. The focus is on graceful and elegant movements without strain, within a range of movements that is comfortable for you. It can take the form of group or individual classes, depending on your wants and needs.

If you shy away from group activities because you’re too self-conscious, bear in mind that group exercises can have a huge impact on your wellness. Not only that – Feldenkrais is all about letting yourself go. When you see others doing it, you’ll learn to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and expressing yourself through movement.

If you are more of a lone wolf, however, you can opt for one-on-one classes. Your chiropractor can work with you individually and devise your own exercise routine. By focusing on the way you move your body without forcing yourself, you’ll clear your mind. Rely on your Feldenkrais instructor for guidance through movements that will make you feel utterly at ease.

Who is It Meant For?    

In the acclaimed documentary “Mr. Gaga”, a choreographer suffered a spinal injury after which he was told he could never dance again. But then he created the Gaga movement, intertwined in which are the Feldenkrais Method, yoga and aikido. Not only did he manage to put together the amazing Bat-Sheva dance company, he also inspired laymen to join the bandwagon. The point is – anyone can do it. You adapt the range of movements to your body and slowly release your full potential.

The Therapeutic Effect  

Maybe you’ve been cranky and moody? Feeling down and fatigued? The Feldenkrais method is able to provide you with stress relief while simultaneously benefiting your entire body.

This approach will not only effectively boost your circulation and get your blood flowing, but also improve your state of mind as you’ll realize the strength of your body and willpower. It will also help you achieve better posture and improve your balance, giving you a confidence boost as an additional perk.

Looking for Feldenkrais in San Diego?

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