February 2018
Medicare FAQ - Chiropractor near me that accepts Medicare

If you’re over 65 and in need for chiropractic therapy, you definitely need an answer to the question “Is there a chiropractor near me that accepts Medicare?” However, let’s first solve some dilemmas about Medicare itself.

What is Medicare Advantage?

In addition to regular Medicare, there is also Medicare Advantage, and people are often confused about what it really is.

These plans, known also as Part C plans, are offered to you by private insurance companies. If you choose a private company, it will handle all the Medicare benefits, and not the government.

It is quite similar to the coverage you had while actively employed. They offer a specified network of hospitals and doctors you can visit, while providing coinsurance or copayment amounts, so you can easily predict the actual costs.

What if my doctor moves?

If you have selected a Medicare Advantage health plan, you should know that it functions according to a closed network principle. This implies a smaller, closed healthcare network designed to provide efficient and coordinated care. If your doctor has moved outside the designated network, chances are you will not be able to visit him until changing your insurance plan.

However, standard Medicare plan does allow you to continue seeing your doctor without worrying if he will remain within the designated network. If you ever ask yourself “What if a chiropractor near me that accepts Medicare moves?” it’s better to stick to the standard Medicare plan.

Why do I keep getting mail from Medicare companies?

The greatest fear when it comes to your mailbox being constantly flooded with mail from different Medicare companies is identity theft. No need to worry about that. These companies simply know you’re about to turn 65 and use every opportunity to advertise themselves.

Good thing is there is an easy way to stop your mailbox getting swamped by e-mails of this kind. You can simply register on the National Do Not Mail Registry, and quickly solve the problem of those pesky e-mails.

Is Medicare alone enough for a chiropractor near me that accepts Medicare?


It is. Medicare provides both the inpatient and outpatient coverage, so you are good to go. Hearing, dental, vision, and prescription drugs are not included in standard Medicare or Medi-Cal. But, seeing how you are planning to visit a chiropractor precisely to avoid painkillers, you shouldn’t worry about Medicare not providing them.

If you really do want to be completely covered for every eventuality, then you can couple your standard Medicare plan with either Medicare Advantage or Medicare Advantage Special Needs plan. It is only then that you can receive all the extra benefits.

What if I work past 65?

First of all, you need to compare the Part B Medicare premium to your employer’s healthcare plan. For most people, it is better to stick to the employer’s coverage. By doing this, you can delay Medicare enrollment without any penalties.

You should just return the Medicare card you receive automatically, because you will be charged for Medicare Part B on a monthly basis if you don’t do so.

Where can I find the best chiropractor near me that accepts Medicare?

Look no further than Fix Body Chiropractor Group. We accept most PPO insurance plans, as well as Medicare, so call our office today and get informed. We will not disappoint.