Being in a car accident can have numerous harmful effects on all those involved. Injuries can have a broad range of seriousness. No matter the type of accident, your body will require professional care and some time to heal and return to normal if possible.

Regardless of whether there has been bone breakage, strains or other injuries, visiting a chiropractor after a car accident as soon as possible is a must. Even if there is no visible or apparent sign of injury, only a doctor can give the right assessment. After the initial check-up, the doctor will most likely define a resting period along with some medication, and then you will be recommended an exercise routine.

Exercises for people with no specific injuries

With a little luck, you’ve gone through an auto accident without suffering any serious injuries. Your doctor has performed a detailed examination and confirmed your body hasn’t sustained any permanent damage. But even if this is the case, there are some easy exercises to help you strengthen your body just in case.

  • Sit up straight and bring your ear close to one shoulder. Then slowly move your head towards the other shoulder, bringing the chin to your chest while in the center.
  • Another one performed sitting, take some light weights, water bottles or cans of soup to your side and lift them up to the shoulder level.
  • Lift your arms to shoulder weight and bring them to the chest one after the other without bringing the arms behind your body.
  • While on your hands and knees, keep your back and neck completely straight and lift one leg and the opposite arm straight for 10 seconds. Then repeat with the other side.

Exercises for people with specific injuries

If the doctor has determined a certain injury or set of injuries has been sustained in the car accident, he will recommend a set of required exercises. The therapist or chiropractor will choose adequate exercises to help in the healing stage. They will most often be aimed at strengthening, stretching and regaining range of motion, all while brining enough oxygen to the muscles.

Fractured arm

After taking off the cast, use your good arm to take the broken one and raise it above the head level. Applying the same technique, try to slowly bend the elbow of the broken arm as much as possible.

Fractured leg

  • Standing flat on the ground, step forward with one foot while holding the other in place.
  • While sitting and keeping feet flat on the floor, extend one knee so that it stand perpendicularly against the ground.
  • To strengthen the ankle, rest it on the other knee while sitting. Then, with both hands, rotate the ankle for 5-10 seconds and switch ankles.

Fractured hip

  • While lying on your back, keep the legs straight and toes upward. Then move a leg to the side and return to the starting position, and start with the next one.
  • Keep your balance next to a chair or table and move a leg to one side, as far as possible. Then do the same with the other leg.

If you have been in a car accident and want to know the best way to heal whatever injuries you have sustained, Fix Body Group offers physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. Reach out to us today for premium care!