November 2019

Being under constant stress and anxiety can really cripple your day-to-day life. Now, you know that chiropractors can help with tight muscles, that chiropractic is ideal for getting rid of muscle knots, and that an experienced chiropractor can relieve stiffness and soreness.

But helping with stress? Chiropractic alleviating anxiety? Well, not even the best chiropractor Carmel Mountain Ranch can boast can help with that, right? Well, you’d be surprised.

Can chiropractors cure anxietyCan chiropractors cure anxiety?

The first thing you need to understand that anxiety isn’t necessarily purely psychological. In fact, it can be as nested in the physical as it can in your psyche. And, that’s where chiropractic steps in to help relieve your anxiety.

However, when speaking of curing anxiety, it would be unprofessional of us to state that chiropractic can completely get the anxiety out of your system. But, according to the World Federation of Chiropractic, it can help you eliminate the physical manifestations of your anxiety, and thus help you get it out of your system for good.

What are the physical manifestations of anxiety?

Physical manifestations of anxiety are many. The bigger problem with them is the more you’re experiencing them, the more anxious you become. It’s a vicious circle, but one you must begin to break. And the best way to break it is to prevent the physical manifestations from appearing.

Now, let’s take a closer look into what anxiety can cause:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Inability to sleep well
  3. Inability to properly relax
  4. Migraines and headaches
  5. Pain throughout the entire body

No wonder you become more anxious when faced with all these physical symptoms. Good thing is that chiropractic can help with all of them, or eliminate them completely. Now we’ll see how.

How can chiropractic help with my anxiety?

There are many reasons why chiropractic helps you manage your anxiety. The primary reason is that it will get rid of the physical symptoms of anxiety. But how will it do that?

Mind-body – Chiropractic is a holistic approach and treating anxiety requires exactly that. An experienced chiropractor will not only perform adjustments and manipulations, but will look into other ways of therapy, organize your diet, implement supplements, and help you lead a better life overall.

Blood pressure – Elevated blood pressure is another symptom of anxiety. Chiropractic therapy can help you lower your blood pressure with gentle massages and chiropractic adjustments. This will eliminate yet another manifestation of anxiety, bringing you closer to balance.

Natural solutions – Patients often resort to prescription medication to manage their anxiety. But, there can be side effects like insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, or nausea. Chiropractic tries to take care of the symptoms without the need for medication.

Positive hormones – Chiropractors perform spinal adjustments, and upon receiving chiropractic treatment, your body will increase production of hormones such as 

  • Neurotensin – no more pain induced by stress
  • Cortisol – stops inflammation pain, making you more relaxed
  • Oxytocin – improved neural communication and positive feelings from social bonding

Sleep – Sleeping badly leads to even more anxiety and chiropractic manipulations are a sure way to fall asleep more easily. Certain types of chiropractic manipulations help patients sleep better and a good night’s sleep is just what you need to be less anxious.

Headaches, stiffness, tension – Many patients with anxiety also experience headaches, stiffness in their muscles, and muscular tension. Chiropractic can alleviate these symptoms greatly, helping you feel less nervous and anxious. 

Relaxation – Finally, chiropractic treatments help you relax both physically and mentally. Studies show that muscle activity after a chiropractic treatment is reduced by 25%. Now that’s relaxing!

How chiropractic can help with stress?

Stress is a serious matter. If left unchecked, it can literally wreak havoc on your entire body, and without you even realizing it until it all becomes too unbearable. People perceive stress as something that happens in these modern times and something you have to deal with.

But, stress is nothing short of a catalyst for depression and anxiety. It should be taken seriously and treated seriously. Luckily, chiropractic can help manage your stress levels by implementing natural solutions and a holistic approach. But, before that, in order to take stress more seriously, let us see what the physical, emotional, and cognitive symptoms of stress are.

How does stress manifest itself in my life?

As we’ve already said, stress is a serious matter, one not to be taken lightly. 

Physical manifestations – Stress causes a majority of physical problems, and here are the most common of them:

  • Lack of energy
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Frequent illnesses
  • Sleeping problems
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Grinding teeth and clenched jaw
  • Muscle tensions and body aches
  • Difficulty swallowing and dry mouth
  • Stomach problems – constipation, nausea, and diarrhea

Emotional manifestations – Stress causes some serious emotional problems too:

  • Agitation
  • Frustration
  • Moodiness
  • Feeling of losing control
  • Inability to relax
  • Low self-esteem
  • Avoidance of company

Cognitive manifestations – Finally, stress can lead to you beginning to lose your cognitive strengths: 

  • Inability to organize your thoughts
  • Inability to focus
  • Worse judgment
  • Forgetfulness

So yes, stress is a serious matter and it can cause numerous problems. But, let’s see how chiropractic can help with it. 

How does chiropractic help manage stress?How chiropractic can help with stress

There are several ways in which an experienced chiropractor can help you lower your everyday stress, and, in time, eliminate it altogether. We’ll name the three most important and effective ways in which chiropractic helps with stress:

  1. Muscle tension – The more stressed you are, the tenser your muscles become. It’s as if your entire body is in a constant, huge cramp. This, in turn, leads to less sleep, inability to adequately focus, and more pain, all of which, again, leads to more stress. Gentle spinal adjustments by a chiropractor loosen your body, helping you regain the old feeling back, and placing your body into the state of natural balance.
  2. Restored function – Spine is the backbone of the entire neurological system, which means it is the backbone of your entire body. As the level of stress increases, your entire neurological function begins to shift, causing your spine to move. Chiropractors bring your spine back into alignment, restoring the function of your body.
  3. Nutrition – Finally, chiropractic is a holistic approach. Chiropractors don’t just perform manipulations, they also help you in many other aspects of your life. One of them is nutrition. If you improve your diet, you’ll increase the intake of supplements your body might have been lacking being under constant stress. This will, in turn, reduce that stress, helping you on your way to a stress-free existence. 

“Where can I find a good chiropractor in Carmel Mountain Ranch?”

If you’re constantly under a lot of stress or feeling more and more anxious with each passing day, you should definitely seek help. A qualified chiropractor in Carmel Mountain Ranch is just around the corner at Fix Body Chiropractor Group!

We are a team of experienced and dedicated chiropractors who will help you manage your stress and your anxiety with a completely natural and holistic approach. We always do all we can to see our patients enjoy the beauty of Black Mountain Open Space Park to the fullest once again, without being hampered by anxiety or stress. Come to our clinic for a consultation today!