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July 2020

Personal training sessions are great. They can help you quicken the process of your recovery, as well as lessen the impact of an injury on your sports performance. Personal training is one of the best things you can do after physical therapy.

But, you might still have some doubts about doing personal training in Scottsdale, AZ. And we understand. You need some more information probably. Well, that’s exactly why we’re here!

Are personal training sessions worth it?

Most definitely! You see, there’s a variety of reasons why working out with a personal trainer is not only worth it, but really worth it. And, if that personal trainer is an expert from the World Federation of Chiropractic

Well, you’re setting yourself up for a huge success. Now, it’s normal for you to think there’s probably not that many differences between “normal” and personal training. But, if you just take a look at all of the benefits of personal training, you might change your tune.

  1. Personalized regime – Let’s face it, you’re probably not a working out expert, especially when it comes to recovering after an injury. But, a personal trainer definitely is, and he or she will help organize a training regime that will work best for you.
  2. Expert advice – Sometimes, you’ll need expert advice on the fly. That is where personal trainers come in. They’ll be there during each and every one of your training sessions, ready to help you along.
  3. Accountability – It’s a lot easier to skip training sessions “when you’re not feeling up for it” if you’re working out on your own. However, if a personal trainer’s out there, waiting for you… Let’s just say you’ll be skipping fewer sessions.
  4. Efficiency – Personal trainers are there to help make each training session a lot more efficient that you’d ever be able to make it. And that’s a fact, they’re professionals. This will help you maximize your results, and quickly.
  5. Support – Sometimes, you might be feeling down, or you might be feeling that the bar’s set too high for that particular day. And we know the feeling. But, a personal trainer is there to pick you up, motivate you, and help you achieve success, even when you don’t believe in yourself.

How often should you work out with a personal trainer?

When it comes to the frequency of personal training sessions, we feel like that’s something you should definitely work out with a professional chiropractor who’s going to be your personal trainer. That’s the whole point of having a personal trainer, right?

However, there’s a general rule of thumb that says that if you’re recovering from an injury, you should take it slow and easy until you start feeling more up to the tasks at hand. So, that means that you should definitely start with less frequent training sessions, and work your way from there.

However, all of this doesn’t have to mean anything upon consulting with a personal trainer. They know what they’re doing and, depending on the injury you’ve sustained, they probably already have a training regime in mind specifically for you. So, consult first, think later is our motto.

“What’s the best personal training spot in Scottsdale, AZ?”

If personal training is starting to sound completely OK to you, then it’s time to start thinking about whom you’re willing to give your trust to. Don’t worry, it’s an easy decision as well. There’s no one better in Scottsdale than the trainers at Fix Body Chiropractor Group.

That is why you should contact us as soon as possible. Sure, a day at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve does sound amazing, but it would be even better for you to arrange a consultation and see how we can help you. We’re here for you, even in these trying times. Call us!

July 2020

Finishing physical therapy is only the first, albeit the most important, step in the process of your recovery. Coming What should I do after physical therapy?back after an injury is difficult, and although you might want to speed up your recovery process as much as possible, some things just take time.

Going to personal training sessions after physical therapy is one thing you can do. There are also alternatives to personal training in Scottsdale, AZ. Let’s see about your options after PT.

What should I do after physical therapy?

If you’ve been undergoing physical therapy with a member of the American Chiropractic Association, it means you’ve probably sustained an injury. If that’s true, you’re probably wondering how you can continue after it.

Now, the single biggest false assumption people make is that once you’re done with physical therapy that’s it, you can go back to your “old ways” the next day. But, that’s not true. Physical therapy is only the first step on the road to complete recovery.

Yes, you should exercise after physical therapy, but you should do more than just hit the gym and do as you used to. First, think about the following three steps, and then we’ll work from there.

  1. Set your goals – Be realistic about the goals you set after physical therapy. Start off small, and work your way up. Try to first restore the function of the afflicted area to its former state, and then think about the rest of it.
  2. Consult an expert – The best person to consult before getting back at it is the chiropractor who’s been working with you during the tough times. Ask his or her opinion on what to do after physical therapy, and how to go back to exercise properly to avoid injury.
  3. Start slowly – Finally, whatever you do, start slowly. Don’t rush it, because, if you do, you’re risking it all happening all over again. Baby steps first, big strides second.

Can I work out after physical therapy?

Yeah, as we’ve said, you can start working out again after finishing your physical therapy. But, again, we have to emphasize that you take it slowly in the beginning, and that you should in no way overdo it.

But, seeing as you already know all that, let’s take a closer look at all the reasons why exercising after physical therapy, especially with a personal trainer, is not only acceptable, but advisable.

  1. Muscles – When you sustain an injury and undergo physical therapy, your muscles will not be as they were at the end of it. Working out after therapy is a good way to rebuild your muscle mass.
  2. Bone strength – A serious injury can cause you to have a sedentary lifestyle for an extended period of time. During that time, your bones suffer too, and working out after physical therapy is a great way to get your bone density and strength back up.
  3. Metabolism – Working out increases the health of your metabolism, which is essential for your overall health and fitness.
  4. Discomfort – Although it usually doesn’t happen, you can experience a level of discomfort after undergoing physical therapy. Working out can help you get rid of that, but make sure to keep it slow and safe.
  5. Mental health – Finally, going back to your exercising routine after sustaining an injury and undergoing physical therapy is a great way to get your mental health back to normal after a period of trials and tribulations.

“Who can help me organize a personal training routine in Scottsdale, AZ?”

Can I work out after physical therapy?If you’re eager to get back out there, but still feel like you need some help, opting for a personal trainer is a great option. And, if you’re looking for the best personal trainers in Scottsdale, you should definitely turn to Fix Body Chiropractor Group.

We not only offer the finest chiropractic and physical therapy services, we will also create a training routine perfect for you. So, first clear your head at the Desert Botanical Garden, and then contact us and see if we can organize a consultation.

June 2020

Are muscle knots badOh, those pesky muscle knots!They may seem like no big deal at first, but, sometimes, that’s exactly what they turn into. You know how you can adjust your sleeping position because of shoulder pain? Well, you can’t do that with muscle knots.

They’re almost as bothersome as pinched nerves, and can become almost as painful as problems between your shoulder blades. So, you should do something about it. Visiting experienced chiropractors in Scottsdale should be your no. 1 option, and here’s why!

Are muscle knots bad?

Muscle knots are bad in the sense that they are really, really boring. They are usually not harmful in the long run, but they can certainly be very painful and difficult to get rid of without asking help from a qualified member of the American Chiropractic Association

So, to answer your question – muscle knots are as bad for you as they are making it harder to do all the actions you normally do. So, if a muscle knot is keeping you from being as active as you’re used to being, then yes, muscle knots are bad.

However, there are also various other symptoms of muscle knots, as well as different causes you should be aware of when trying to determine if your muscle knots are bad or not. The best way to do so is to visit a chiropractor, but in case you want to do it alone…

What are the symptoms of muscle knots?

Before giving you the most common symptoms of muscle knots, let us first tell you where they are most likely to appear:

  1. Lower back muscles
  2. Calf muscles
  3. Neck muscles
  4. Shoulder muscles
  5. Shins

These are the areas you should first pay attention to when trying to determine if a muscle knot is giving you trouble. 

As for the usual symptoms of muscle knots, here they are:

  1. A lumpy feeling beneath your fingertips.
  2. Pain in the area around the lump in your muscle.
  3. Twitching of the muscles in the affected area. 

These are the most common symptoms of muscle knots, but they can, sometimes, also cause the following:

  1. Pain in your jaw.
  2. Pain in your lower back.
  3. Ringing in your ears.
  4. Tension headaches.

What are the usual causes of muscle knots?

Now, let us only briefly take a look at the most common causes of muscle knots. Yes, there are certainly more potential causes than we’re about to discuss, but these are the most usual ones you should pay attention to.

  1. Tensions in your muscles from overusing them.
  2. Injuries of muscles caused by heavy lifting and repetitive motions.
  3. Poor posture can also lead to muscle knots forming in certain muscles.
  4. Too much sitting every day without stretching.
  5. Prolonged bed rest without providing your muscles with some work.

Do chiropractors get rid of muscle knots?

Yes, an experienced chiropractor can definitely help you get rid of muscle knots rather quickly and very efficiently. By using the techniques we’re going to describe, a chiropractor will make your muscle knots disappear without a trace.

  1. Adjustments – Sometimes, muscles knots also appear because of a joint dysfunction. Gentle chiropractic adjustments are just the treatment you need to eliminate both the cause and the knot. 
  2. Massage – Chiropractic experts are also well-versed in various therapeutic massage techniques that will help you get rid of your muscle knots. 
  3. Heat – By applying heat to the area affected by your muscle knot, a chiropractor will promote blood flow, thus allowing your own body to help itself deal with this problem.
  4. Stretches – A chiropractor will also instruct you on how to perform gentle stretches in order to relieve pain caused by muscle knots, but also reduce tension in the affected area, which will help you eliminate the knot for good. 

And that’s it – by combining all these techniques, chiropractors can effectively treat your muscles knots, but they can also provide you with some instructions on how to prevent more muscle knots from appearing. 

How can I prevent muscle knots from appearing again?

Finally, as we’ve mentioned, here’s some advice that can greatly help you to stop further muscle knots from appearing. Bear in mind, though, that sometimes, nothing you do can prevent a muscle knot from appearing.

That being said, it’s better to be doing something to prevent it, than to be doing nothing and hoping for the best. 

  1. Trying to maintain good posture can help prevent the forming of muscle knots. 
  2. Being physically active is a tried-and-tested method too.
  3. Not overusing your muscles by doing the same physical activity every day. Instead, walk, swim, run… Mix it up on a daily basis so as not to overwork the same muscles and cause knots to appear.
  4. Preventative visits to a chiropractor are a sure way to prevent muscle knots from forming.

“Who are the leading chiropractors in Scottsdale to help me get rid of muscle knots?”

Do chiropractors get rid of muscle knotsIf muscle knots are giving you a hard time, then it’s definitely high time to do something about it. If you don’t know whom to turn to, we’re here to help by telling you who to best chiropractors in Scottsdale are – Fix Body Chiropractor Group.

We are the leaders in chiropractic care, and we’re sure we can help you eliminate muscle knots in a jiffy. It’s tough being physically active these days when even a walk through Papago Park is an adventure. But, contact us and let’s see if we can schedule an appointment. 

June 2020

What are the symptoms of a pinched nerve in shoulder bladesExperiencing upper and middle back pain can be a real bummer, and that’s putting it mildly (oh, the dreadful irony). It’s just as awful as having to deal with shoulder pain, suffering from pinched nerves, or trying to get rid of muscle knots. It can be painful, and bothersome. 

It’s normal, then, to try and find help as quickly as possible. Sure, seeking chiropractic care in Scottsdale is a great place to start, but is there something you can do on your own to relieve the pain? Well, let’s see. 

What causes upper back pain between shoulder blades?

When it comes to the pain you may be experiencing between your shoulder blades, it is good to know what might be causing it, even if you plan on visiting a member of the World Federation of Chiropractic.

However, there are so many potential causes that we’d struggle to list them all. Instead, we’re going to tell you about the most common causes of pain between the shoulder blades, and insist that you still consult an experienced chiropractor about it. 

  1. Bad posture – Sometimes, the pain you’re experiencing is nothing serious, as it may be due to poor posture, and you can easily deal with it. 
  2. Improper lifting – If you’ve recently had to lift a heavy object, you may have sustained an injury because you did it incorrectly, thus suffering an injury. 
  3. Overuse – Perhaps you’ve just been overdoing it, and you’ve sprained a ligament, or strained muscles surrounding the area. 
  4. Cervical disc herniation – Sometimes, the cause of the pain is a bit more serious, and it might mean that the cervical disc is herniated. 
  5. Dislocated rib – Although it does not seem connected, and is certainly less common, sometimes, the pain between the shoulder blades is caused by a dislocated rib.
  6. Heart condition – Certain heart conditions present themselves through pain between the shoulder blades. 
  7. Compression fracture – When your vertebral bone compresses and becomes weak, it can cause a lot of pain to manifest between your shoulder blades.
  8. Arthritis – Arthritis of the ribs or the neck can also be one of the potential causes of upper back pain.
  9. Pinched nerve – Finally, all the pain may be because a nerve somewhere between the shoulder blades has become pinched. 

What are the symptoms of a pinched nerve in shoulder blades?

There are five main types of symptoms that a nerve between your shoulder blades has become pinched. Pay attention to one or all of the following symptoms, but also consider consulting a chiropractic expert as soon as they appear.

  1. Decreased sensation or numbness in the area of the shoulder blades.
  2. A burning sensation or sharp pain between shoulder blades.
  3. A needles and tingling sensation in the area.
  4. Weakness of the muscles between the shoulder blades.
  5. Your feet or hands frequently “fall asleep”.

So, once again, do not self-diagnose – as soon as you start experiencing one or several of these symptoms, consult an educated professional instead of trying to resolve the matter on your own. 

How do you relieve pain between your shoulder blades?

OK, again – if you begin experiencing pain between the shoulder blades, you should definitely visit a chiropractic pro as soon as possible. However, there are several things you can do in order to alleviate some of the pain prior to the visit.

  1. Rest – First things first, give your upper back and shoulder blades some rest. Try to spare the area of any activity for a couple of days, and see if the pain lessens.
  2. Heat/ice – Also, while resting the area, apply some homemade cold therapy to it by wrapping ice in a piece of cloth and holding for ten to twenty minutes. Then, take a heating pad, and apply for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  3. Massage – Finally, ask a friend or a family member to gently massage the area in order to loosen the muscles and alleviate the pain.

“I’d rather undergo professional chiropractic care in Scottsdale!”

What causes upper back pain between shoulder bladesYes, you can relieve some of the pain on your own, but nothing beats undergoing chiropractic treatment by the best trained professionals in Scottsdale – Fix Body Chiropractor Group. Even in these trying times, we’re here for you. 

We know you can no longer freely roam the Camelback Mountain, both because of the current situation and the pain between your shoulder blades. That is why you should call us immediately and see about scheduling a safe appointment. Contact us today!

May 2020

If a pinched nerve is giving you a hard time, you’re probably looking for some help. Did you know chiropractic can help treat pinched nerves? Yes, it can, and chiropractic can also deal with shoulder pain, it can relieve pain in between your shoulder blades, while, at the same time, helping you untie those pesky muscle knots!

Who knew chiropractic was that great, right? Who knew that a chiropractor in Scottsdale could help you get rid of all these conditions? Well, we knew! That is why we’re going to tell you all about how chiropractors can treat pinched nerves. 

Can chiropractors help pinched nerves?

Can a chiropractor help with a pinched nerve in lower backYes, chiropractic definitely can help with pinched nerves. In fact, a visit to a licenced member of the World Federation of Chiropractic is one of the most successful ways to treat pinched nerves. But why is it so?

You see, chiropractic addresses the root of the problem, it does not focus solely on treating the symptoms. The techniques that involve spinal manipulation and other methods of chiropractic adjustment have proved to be really effective in treating pinched nerves.

These techniques bring your entire body back into alignment, thus relieving pressure from the nerves, massively helping your nerves get back to their normal, “unpinched” state. This will alleviate the pain and help you get back to your normal, everyday, activities. 

Can a chiropractor help with a pinched nerve in lower back?

Again, chiropractic can certainly help with a pinched nerve in your lower back. First of all, a professional and experienced chiropractic will determine the cause of a pinched nerve in your lower back. THere are four main causes of a pinched nerve:

  • Misalignment or subluxation
  • Disc degeneration
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Disc herniation and protrusion

Then, once a chiropractor has managed to determine the cause behind the pinched nerve in your lower back, he or she can get started on applying gentle chiropractic manipulation that will help resolve the situation with your pinched nerve.

Chiropractic is a great method for dealing with pinched nerves because it involves delicate adjustments that are completely natural and do not require you to undergo surgery. With chiropractic, you can get rid of the problems associated with pinched nerves easily and efficiently.

Do pinched nerves go away on their own?

The good news about pinched nerves is that, for the majority of cases, there is no surgery required to deal with them. That means that you won’t have to undergo any invasive procedures to help you get rid of a pinched nerve. 

However, that doesn’t mean that a pinched nerve will stop giving you trouble without taking any action at all. Chances are that your pinched nerve is a result of either overuse, or an underlying medical condition, and you have to take action in order to deal with it. 

That being said, do not be scared. There are things you can do on your own to help alleviate the problems caused by a pinched nerve, but you can also decide to ask for professional help when dealing with such a medical condition. We’ll shortly see what it is you can do. 

How do you fix a pinched nerve?

As we’ve promised, let’s see if we can help you deal with that pesky pinched nerve of yours by giving you some tips on how to make your daily struggles a bit easier:

  • Professionals – We have to put this first. If you’re suffering from a pinched nerve, consult a chiropractic professional first and then do all the rest on this list. 
  • Take a break – Give the area that’s giving you trouble a long, deserved break. Do not stress the muscles surrounding the affected area, and try getting enough sleep, because sleep always helps
  • Fix the posture – Also, your posture might be poor, which can, in turn, cause the pinched nerve to only give you more trouble. Keep your back straight when sitting and walking, and try not to hunch.
  • Stretching – Perform gentle stretches every day, especially in the area that you find to be painful. However, remember to keep it slow and easy. 
  • Ice and heat – Although this cannot, per se, help you get rid of a pinched nerve, applying ice and heat to the area that feels sore can greatly alleviate the symptoms. 
  • Standing workstation – If keeping your back straight while sitting behind your desk doesn’t seem to be helping, why not try a standing workstation combined with some comfortable footwear?
  • Braces and splints – Finally, since pinched nerves require some isolation and rest, splints and braces are a great way to make sure that you’re doing all you can to keep the affected area protected.

“Who’s the leading chiropractor in Scottsdale I could turn to for help with pinched nerves?”

Can chiropractors help pinched nervesIf you’ve tried out all the home methods for dealing with pinched nerves, or you’d like to listen to our advice and consult a professional first, you’re in need of first-rate chiropractic help. That’s where Fix Body Chiropractor Group steps in!

We are a team of seasoned chiropractic professionals who’ve dealt with pinched nerves a million times. We’re sure we can help you, even now, when you can’t even visit the Musical Instrument Museum. Contact us and let’s see what we can do for you!

May 2020

Having to deal with shoulder pain is a massive bummer. It’s right up there with suffering from a pinched nerve, experiencing upper back pain, and trying to alleviate the knots in your muscles… It’s bothersome, painful, and downright annoying!

But, there are many ways in which you can relieve the pain in your shoulder. Some involve undergoing chiropractic treatment in Scottsdale, while others methods you can do on your own. Want to learn more about them?

How should I sleep with shoulder pain?

If the pain in your shoulder is keeping you up all night, you have to do something about it. The best solution is to visit a member of the American Chiropractic Association right away. But, until you do that, you could try to do one of the following and see what works best for you:

  • No sleeping on the front – It’s tempting to sleep on your front if you’re experiencing shoulder pain, thinking that will keep the pressure of your shoulder and ease your nightly struggles. But, this will do the opposite – push your shoulder out of its proper alignment. Try sleeping on your back instead.
  • Opposite side – Sleeping on the side is a good choice if you’re suffering from shoulder pain, but you should not sleep on the side of the shoulder that’s giving you trouble. Sleep on the opposite side.
  • Head support – In order to keep all of your upper body in proper alignment, you’ll need good support for your head. Try to find a pillow that provides adequate support and which alleviates the pain in your shoulder during the night. 
  • Body pillow – Finally, if nothing else does the trick, try using a body pillow to help you through the night. This will keep you from moving around too much during the night, it will prevent you applying accidental pressure on your shoulder, and it’s really comfortable.

Can I exercise with shoulder pain?

How should I sleep with shoulder painOn the one hand no, you should not revert to your regular exercising habits when dealing with shoulder pain, especially if you haven’t consulted a professional yet. The thing is, you stand to make your pain worse and risk an even greater injury.

That is why we advise that, first, you consult a professional, like a chiropractor, about the causes and potential treatment for your shoulder pain. Then, depending on the reason behind the pain in your shoulder, you can see about continuing with your regular exercising routine. 

However, on the other hand, you should definitely do some exercises that can alleviate some of the shoulder pain and bring you closer to restoring the full range of motion and function of your shoulder. 

What exercises can I do to relieve shoulder pain?

As we’ve mentioned, there are some exercises you can do to improve the state your shoulder is in. However, we have to stress this again – consult a professional first, because you do not want to make the situation worse. Now, here are some simple and easy exercises for you to do:

  • Stretches across the chest
  • Neck releases
  • Chest expansions
  • Eagle arm spinal rolls
  • Shoulder circles
  • Seated twists
  • Doorway shoulder stretches
  • Thread the needle

How do I get rid of neck and shoulder pain?

Finally, let’s see if we can give you a couple of pieces of advice on how to alleviate or eliminate the pain in your neck and shoulders altogether:

  • Ice and heat – Try applying ice or heat for about twenty minutes each day. See what works better for you, heat or ice, and apply that.
  • Stretching – Perform slow, easy stretches that you will hold. However, do not do any sudden movements because they can be harmful.
  • Stress – Stress contributes to the pain you may be experiencing, so try to unwind to ease the pain.
  • Sleeping – We’ve already given you the know-how on how to adjust your sleeping environment in order to relieve shoulder and neck pain.
  • Chiropractic – Finally, and firstly, visit a chiropractic professional who can help you get rid of the pain in your shoulder and neck safely and quickly. 

“Where can I find the best chiropractic treatment in Scottsdale?”

Can I exercise with shoulder painIf your shoulder is giving you a hard time, and your neck is stiff and sore, you should definitely consider getting help from a chiropractor. But, who can you turn to in Scottsdale? Well, Fix Body Chiropractor Group, of course!

We’re a team of experienced chiropractic providers who take great care of each and every one of our patients. We know times are trying, and that you can’t even visit the Western Spirit. But, contact us and we’ll see if we can arrange a safe visit to our clinic. 

April 2020

Improper body alignment can cause numerous hindrances, aches, sores, and pains throughout your entire body. Bad body posture can cause your shoulder to hurt, for example, among other things. So it’s not a matter that should be taken lightly, although many people do. Check out what experienced chiropractors in Escondido have to say about body alignment and if you should even worry about yours. 

How do you know if your body is out of alignment?How do you know if your body is out of alignment

A misaligned body stems from a misaligned spine, and that is something that should be addressed sooner rather than later. Do not wait to consult an expert from the American Chiropractic Association.

But, how can you even begin to suspect your body might be out of alignment? Well, there are some telltale signs that might signal a misaligned spine, and these are the most prominent ones:


  1. Your walk has changed – If you notice your feet are positioned differently than they used to be, i.e. that one of your feet point more to the outside than your other foot, your body might be misaligned.

  2. Posture – Inspect your posture by standing in front of a mirror. If there are significant changes in your posture, something might be happening to your body.

  3. Joint pain, headaches, back pain – A misaligned body can cause any of or all of these problems, so if you’ve started experiencing them recently, it could happen that your body is out of alignment.

  4. Cracking joints – If your joints are cracking more than they used to do, even during basic movements, it might be due to a misaligned spine. 

  5. Body stiffness – Also, if your body is constantly feeling stiff, there’s definitely something wrong.

  6. Footwear wear – If one of your shoes gets worn faster than the other, something’s misaligned. 

  7. Tiredness – Finally, if you’re tired all the time, and if you get fatigued frequently, it might be a signal of a misaligned body. 

How do you fix body alignment?

When talking about fixing your body alignment, there are several options for you to try out. However, you should not perceive any of these options as a substitute for adequate chiropractic care from a licenced professional. 

Sure, you can improve the overall state of your body on your own, but you will not be able to resolve the underlying issue as a professional is able to. But, you should definitely do your part, even with regular chiropractic care, and these are some of the ways to do so:


  • You can start practicing yoga in order to improve the flexibility and alignment of your body. 

  • Pilates is also one of the better ways of improving your body alignment alongside professional medical help.

  • You could also try to learn to move more efficiently and place less strain on your body by trying out Feldenkrais. 

  • Tai Chi consists of slow-but-precise movements, and is designed so that, in order to practice it properly ,your whole body needs to be in alignment.

  • Even performing certain stretches can help realign your body. 

But, once again, we would like to emphasize that you should try these methods only as a complement to proper chiropractic treatment, not as the only way of getting your body back into alignment. How do you fix body alignment

“Who is the go-to chiropractor to help me realign my body in Escondido?”

If you fear that your body might be becoming misaligned, we understand you’re scared, but you needn’t be, especially not when you can consult Fix Body Chiropractor Group’ team of experienced chiropractors on how to get your body back in shape. 

The trick is to act fast if you have any concerns and not waste time pondering if you should take action or not. It might not be the best time for a visit to San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park, but it’s always a good time to worry about your health. Fix Body is here for you!

April 2020

Shoulder pain’s a right bugger, as it inhibits most of your normal everyday movements. In order to know how to cure it, you first have to find out what’s causing the pain in your shoulder. Sometimes, it’s due to poor body alignment, while rest of the time it can be more complicated. Until you can schedule your next chiropractic treatment in Escondido, let’s see what could be causing your shoulder to be sore. 

What causes shoulder pain? What causes shoulder pain?

There are many causes of shoulder pain, some of which you probably would never have thought of. Good news is that an experienced chiropractor could help you diagnose and treat the condition.

But, it would be good to first get familiar with all the potential causes of the pain you’re experiencing in your shoulder. Just to know what you might be getting yourself into, if nothing else. 


  • Dislocation – If you pull your shoulder back a bit too hard, or you rotate it further than normal, you might end up dislocating your shoulder, which will cause pain, bruising, and swelling. 

  • Separation – The joint where your shoulder blade and your collarbone meet is called acromioclavicular joint. If the ligaments around it get too stressed, they will tear and the collarbone will separate from the shoulder blade, and you’ll get a painful shoulder in return.

  • Fracture – If you’ve sustained a thought hit in the shoulder, the collarbone or the humerus can break or crack, leaving you in a whole world of pain. 

  • Cartilage tear – There is a mass that resembles a rubbery padding that envelopes your shoulder joint, and it’s called cartilage. If the cartilage tears, you will begin experiencing pain when you try to place your arms over your head.

  • Rotator cuff tear – Rotator cuff are tendons and muscles that hold your arm where it should be, and they are located in your shoulder. If you fall, or if you overstress your shoulder, you can cause damage to it, which leads to pain and discomfort. 

  • Frozen shoulder – A frozen shoulder will greatly limit the use of your shoulder. It is caused by tissue build-ups that prevent your shoulder from functioning properly. 

  • Impingement – One or several of the bones located in your shoulder can pinch one or several of the tendons of your rotator cuff. Your shoulder will swell up, and you’ll notice pain immediately. 

  • Bursitis – A bursa is a sack filled with liquid that sort of “cushions” inside your joint. It can become irritated by repetitive everyday motions, and it will become swollen, causing pain during normal shoulder movements.

  • Osteoarthritis – Another name for this condition is degenerative joint disease. This condition can affect all joints, not just the shoulder, causing the cartilage to break down and making your joints rub together.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis – This condition makes your immune system attack the lining that protects your joints, causing massive stiffness and pain.

  • Heart attack – Lastly, if you notice that your shoulder has started to hurt inexplicably, and that you’re short of breath, you might be suffering a heart attack. 

Do uneven shoulders mean scoliosis?Does uneven shoulders mean scoliosis

One or several parts of your body becoming uneven is not a good sign. When it comes to uneven shoulders, it doesn’t have to automatically mean it’s a sign of an early stage of scoliosis and that you should become worried.

However, your shoulders starting to become uneven is,in fact, one of the most common early signs of scoliosis, and you should definitely think about consulting a professional and probably undergoing a medical examination, just to be sure. 

Bearing that in mind, early signs of scoliosis do not appear alone. Chances are, you’ll start noticing two or three telltale signs of scoliosis, and here are the most common ones you should be on the lookout for:


  • As we’ve said, your shoulders will start becoming uneven.

  • One shoulder blade is more prominent than the other.

  • Your rib cage can become more prominent too.

  • You may notice that one of your legs is a bit shorter than the other.

  • Your shirts don’t wrinkle evenly anymore – there are more wrinkles on one side.

  • Your sleeves are no longer even – one is longer.

  • One side of your shoes will exhibit more wear.

  • You’re experiencing chronic pain in your muscles.

  • Breathing is starting to get more difficult. 

One of these symptoms doesn’t have to mean anything. However, several of them might indicate that something’s wrong with your body.

“Who are the leaders in chiropractic treatment in Escondido?”

If you have shoulder pain, you should definitely turn to Fix Body Chiropractor Group for advice. We are experts in the field of chiropractic care and follow the latest guidelines of the World Federation of Chiropractic. Do not let your shoulder pain get worse and keep you from planning your next trip to Dixon Lake. Consult with us and let us help you do what’s right for you and your body. You can’t go wrong with Fix Body Chiropractor Group!

March 2020

Suffering from neck pain is just as difficult as enduring pain in your knee and back and trying to alleviate shoulder pain. These kinds of pain make you even more stressed and angry because they can keep you from living life to the fullest. Therefore, it’s normal to inquire whether you should seek help from a chiropractor or a masseur

But, you should know that chiropractic is an extremely successful method for treating all these kinds of pain. Let’s see how regular chiropractic care in Escondido can help you get the much-needed relief from shoulder and neck pain. 

Does stress cause neck and shoulder pain?Does stress cause neck and shoulder pain

Not always, but yes, stress can definitely cause both shoulder pain and neck pain. Although stress is still not taken as seriously as it should be, it can cause many health problems, painful shoulders and neck included.

Here are some ways stress causes and contributes to shoulder and neck pain:

  • Stress does its best to enlarge all the blood vessels in your big muscle groups, thus allowing quicker oxygen delivery.
  • When you’re stressed, you instinctively, and without even knowing it, tighten and clench your neck, shoulder, and jaw muscles, making them become painful.
  • Stress also increases the tension in your trapezius muscles. These muscles run all the way from the top of your body to your back, and when they’re tense, your shoulders and neck hurt. 
  • Stress can also restrict normal shoulder and neck movements, causing them to start hurting due to irregular movements.
  • Finally, stress can heighten your perception of the pain you’re experiencing, making you more susceptible to it.

How do you loosen tight neck and shoulder muscles?

If your neck and shoulders are feeling tight, sore, or painful, there’s something you can do to loosen those muscles – stretch. Here are some top stretches you can do to relieve the tension and pain in your neck and your shoulders:How do you loosen tight neck and shoulder muscles

  1. Neck roll – Take a towel, roll it up, lie down on your bed, place the towel at the base of the head and near the edge of the bed, and allow your head to fall back off the edge. Hold for ten minutes.
  2. Neck stretch – Sit on a chair and clasp your hands firmly behind your head. Now, perform gentle pulls with your head toward your chest. Stretch as far as you can and hold for half a minute.
  3. Trapezius stretch – Take your right arm, place it behind your back, and pull it with your left hand, but very gently. Tilt your head towards your left shoulder, and hold for half a minute. Switch arms and repeat. 
  4. The needle – Get down on your hands and knees, bend your knees and stretch your upper body slightly forwards. Then, slide one arm under your other arm while keeping your palm up, and rotate your body until your head is touching the ground and you’re looking to one side. Hold for about half a minute.
  5. Shoulder rolls – Finally, an extremely simple and common stretch that is, nonetheless, very effective. Just stand up straight and lift your shoulders up and down with smooth movements. Just remember to tuck your chin in. 

What is the best treatment for neck and shoulder pain?

While you can relieve a lot of the tension and pain from your neck and shoulders on your own, by either performing gentle stretching routines or applying heat or cold to the affected area, sometimes the problems lie deeper within your body.

It is at those times that you should think about seeking the help of qualified professionals whose job it is to deal with issues you might be experiencing. Members of the World Federation of Chiropractic are probably your best option if you’d like the pain in your neck and shoulders to go away quickly and easily.

Chiropractic treatment for neck and shoulder pain is non-invasive, but very effective. It will not only help you deal with the pain, but also resolve the underlying issues causing that pain. And that’s what’s great about chiropractic.

While some other treatment methods may also make the pain go away, the pain is likely to return since these methods do not tackle the cause of the pain. Chiropractic does, and once you’re finished undergoing chiropractic treatment, your pain is gone for good, as it should be!

“Where can I find professional chiropractic care close to Escondido?”

If you’d like to be done with the pain in your neck and your shoulders, chiropractic certainly is the way to go. However, if you’re struggling to find chiropractors to rely on in Escondido, don’t worry, you haven’t yet discovered Fix Body Chiropractor Group.

We are a team of experienced and dedicated chiropractors ready to tackle all the problems you might be experiencing. If you’re ever near the California Center for the Arts in Escondido, you’re near us. Stop by our clinic for a consultation today!

March 2020

If you’re wondering if chiropractic can help with your shoulder pain, you don’t have to, because it can. Chiropractic offers very successful treatment methods for shoulder pain, so if you were ever in doubt about going to a masseur or a chiropractor, again, you don’t have to be. 

On the other hand, you might be experiencing knee pain as well, and wondering what the underlying cause is. Chiropractors in Escondido can also help determine the cause of it all and tackle it immediately. For now, let’s see about the pain in your shoulder. 

How do I get my shoulder to stop hurting?

If your shoulder is aching and you can no longer stand it, don’t worry, it’s not as grim as you might think it is. There are some actions you can take in the comfort of your home to relieve the pain from your shoulder:How do I get my shoulder to stop hurting

  1. Heat – Step into the shower, set the water temperature to mildly hot, and place your shoulder under a steady stream for five to ten minutes. Also, you could use an electric hot pack. However, be mindful to set it on medium heat.
  2. Ice – Take a cold pack or anything frozen, like frozen peas, and keep it on the sore spot for about ten minutes. It’s guaranteed to help.
  3. Stretching – Gently stretch the muscles of the area that feels painful. Be careful not to overdo it, stretch slowly and patiently, and you should find relief soon enough. 
  4. Salt bath – If your pain is similar to cramping pain, then this old school home therapy is the way to go. Fill the bathtub with warm water, take some bathing salts, and immerse yourself in the water for ten to fifteen minutes.
  5. Massage – You should also take some time to massage your shoulder or get a family member to do it for you. If you want to do it completely alone, take a tennis ball, place it in a sock, put it on your shoulder, and rub the area against the wall. 
  6. Professional help – Finally, visit an experienced member of the American Chiropractic Association. Why risk further injury when you can consult a professional and ease your mind?

Do chiropractors work on shoulders?

Yes, chiropractors definitely offer treatment for shoulder pain. The shoulder is a joint, and chiropractic is extremely successful in treating many conditions associated with various joints throughout your body. There is no reason why you should not consider chiropractic for shoulder pain.

What’s more, chiropractors are very good at treating shoulder pain, especially those chiropractors who specialize in sports chiropractic. They possess the knowledge and skills to first find the cause of the pain and then deal with it.

Finally, we have to note that undergoing chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain is in no way just a quick fix to a problem. That is, chiropractic provides more than just immediate pain relief. Chiropractors treat the root of the problem and not just the symptoms.

What can a chiropractor do for shoulder pain?

Chiropractors are educated professionals who take their time when treating each individual. It’s the same with shoulder pain and every chiropractor will go through a series of procedures to ensure that you receive the best care possible for your shoulder pain:What can a chiropractor do for shoulder pain

  1. Examination – A chiropractor will first perform a detailed examination of your shoulder in an attempt to determine the underlying issue.
  2. Diagnosis – After examining your shoulder, a chiropractor will diagnose what is causing it to be able to provide adequate treatment.
  3. Plan – Then, a chiropractor will make a detailed plan that will cover the most important points during the course of your proposed treatment, making sure you undergo the most effective chiropractic procedures for your shoulder problems.
  4. Treatment – It is only after careful careful examination and detailed planning that a chiropractor will perform chiropractic treatment. This treatment is designed to relieve pain and solve the underlying cause of it.
  5. Monitoring – A chiropractic professional will monitor your progress and adjust the therapy if necessary, ensuring that you receive maximum results during your every visit.
  6. Checkups – Finally, a different manner of monitoring, sometimes you will be required to come in for regular checkups so the chiropractor can be certain that the underlying condition causing shoulder pain has been completely eliminated. 

“Who are the leading chiropractors near Escondido to help me with my shoulder pain?”

If your shoulder is really starting to give you trouble, there’s probably more to it than just the pain. If you’d like a true chiropractic professional to help you out, there’s only one center to go to – Fix Body Chiropractor Group. We are the leaders when it comes to chiropractic treatment, and we will do all we can to help you get rid of that pesky shoulder pain. 

If your shoulder is making your visits to Palomar Mountain State Park less enjoyable than before, you should definitely come to our clinic for a consultation. We’re here for you!