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March 2020

Suffering from neck pain is just as difficult as enduring pain in your knee and back and trying to alleviate shoulder pain. These kinds of pain make you even more stressed and angry because they can keep you from living life to the fullest. Therefore, it’s normal to inquire whether you should seek help from a chiropractor or a masseur

But, you should know that chiropractic is an extremely successful method for treating all these kinds of pain. Let’s see how regular chiropractic care in Escondido can help you get the much-needed relief from shoulder and neck pain. 

Does stress cause neck and shoulder pain?Does stress cause neck and shoulder pain

Not always, but yes, stress can definitely cause both shoulder pain and neck pain. Although stress is still not taken as seriously as it should be, it can cause many health problems, painful shoulders and neck included.

Here are some ways stress causes and contributes to shoulder and neck pain:

  • Stress does its best to enlarge all the blood vessels in your big muscle groups, thus allowing quicker oxygen delivery.
  • When you’re stressed, you instinctively, and without even knowing it, tighten and clench your neck, shoulder, and jaw muscles, making them become painful.
  • Stress also increases the tension in your trapezius muscles. These muscles run all the way from the top of your body to your back, and when they’re tense, your shoulders and neck hurt. 
  • Stress can also restrict normal shoulder and neck movements, causing them to start hurting due to irregular movements.
  • Finally, stress can heighten your perception of the pain you’re experiencing, making you more susceptible to it.

How do you loosen tight neck and shoulder muscles?

If your neck and shoulders are feeling tight, sore, or painful, there’s something you can do to loosen those muscles – stretch. Here are some top stretches you can do to relieve the tension and pain in your neck and your shoulders:How do you loosen tight neck and shoulder muscles

  1. Neck roll – Take a towel, roll it up, lie down on your bed, place the towel at the base of the head and near the edge of the bed, and allow your head to fall back off the edge. Hold for ten minutes.
  2. Neck stretch – Sit on a chair and clasp your hands firmly behind your head. Now, perform gentle pulls with your head toward your chest. Stretch as far as you can and hold for half a minute.
  3. Trapezius stretch – Take your right arm, place it behind your back, and pull it with your left hand, but very gently. Tilt your head towards your left shoulder, and hold for half a minute. Switch arms and repeat. 
  4. The needle – Get down on your hands and knees, bend your knees and stretch your upper body slightly forwards. Then, slide one arm under your other arm while keeping your palm up, and rotate your body until your head is touching the ground and you’re looking to one side. Hold for about half a minute.
  5. Shoulder rolls – Finally, an extremely simple and common stretch that is, nonetheless, very effective. Just stand up straight and lift your shoulders up and down with smooth movements. Just remember to tuck your chin in. 

What is the best treatment for neck and shoulder pain?

While you can relieve a lot of the tension and pain from your neck and shoulders on your own, by either performing gentle stretching routines or applying heat or cold to the affected area, sometimes the problems lie deeper within your body.

It is at those times that you should think about seeking the help of qualified professionals whose job it is to deal with issues you might be experiencing. Members of the World Federation of Chiropractic are probably your best option if you’d like the pain in your neck and shoulders to go away quickly and easily.

Chiropractic treatment for neck and shoulder pain is non-invasive, but very effective. It will not only help you deal with the pain, but also resolve the underlying issues causing that pain. And that’s what’s great about chiropractic.

While some other treatment methods may also make the pain go away, the pain is likely to return since these methods do not tackle the cause of the pain. Chiropractic does, and once you’re finished undergoing chiropractic treatment, your pain is gone for good, as it should be!

“Where can I find professional chiropractic care close to Escondido?”

If you’d like to be done with the pain in your neck and your shoulders, chiropractic certainly is the way to go. However, if you’re struggling to find chiropractors to rely on in Escondido, don’t worry, you haven’t yet discovered Fix Body Chiropractor Group.

We are a team of experienced and dedicated chiropractors ready to tackle all the problems you might be experiencing. If you’re ever near the California Center for the Arts in Escondido, you’re near us. Stop by our clinic for a consultation today!

March 2020

If you’re wondering if chiropractic can help with your shoulder pain, you don’t have to, because it can. Chiropractic offers very successful treatment methods for shoulder pain, so if you were ever in doubt about going to a masseur or a chiropractor, again, you don’t have to be. 

On the other hand, you might be experiencing knee pain as well, and wondering what the underlying cause is. Chiropractors in Escondido can also help determine the cause of it all and tackle it immediately. For now, let’s see about the pain in your shoulder. 

How do I get my shoulder to stop hurting?

If your shoulder is aching and you can no longer stand it, don’t worry, it’s not as grim as you might think it is. There are some actions you can take in the comfort of your home to relieve the pain from your shoulder:How do I get my shoulder to stop hurting

  1. Heat – Step into the shower, set the water temperature to mildly hot, and place your shoulder under a steady stream for five to ten minutes. Also, you could use an electric hot pack. However, be mindful to set it on medium heat.
  2. Ice – Take a cold pack or anything frozen, like frozen peas, and keep it on the sore spot for about ten minutes. It’s guaranteed to help.
  3. Stretching – Gently stretch the muscles of the area that feels painful. Be careful not to overdo it, stretch slowly and patiently, and you should find relief soon enough. 
  4. Salt bath – If your pain is similar to cramping pain, then this old school home therapy is the way to go. Fill the bathtub with warm water, take some bathing salts, and immerse yourself in the water for ten to fifteen minutes.
  5. Massage – You should also take some time to massage your shoulder or get a family member to do it for you. If you want to do it completely alone, take a tennis ball, place it in a sock, put it on your shoulder, and rub the area against the wall. 
  6. Professional help – Finally, visit an experienced member of the American Chiropractic Association. Why risk further injury when you can consult a professional and ease your mind?

Do chiropractors work on shoulders?

Yes, chiropractors definitely offer treatment for shoulder pain. The shoulder is a joint, and chiropractic is extremely successful in treating many conditions associated with various joints throughout your body. There is no reason why you should not consider chiropractic for shoulder pain.

What’s more, chiropractors are very good at treating shoulder pain, especially those chiropractors who specialize in sports chiropractic. They possess the knowledge and skills to first find the cause of the pain and then deal with it.

Finally, we have to note that undergoing chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain is in no way just a quick fix to a problem. That is, chiropractic provides more than just immediate pain relief. Chiropractors treat the root of the problem and not just the symptoms.

What can a chiropractor do for shoulder pain?

Chiropractors are educated professionals who take their time when treating each individual. It’s the same with shoulder pain and every chiropractor will go through a series of procedures to ensure that you receive the best care possible for your shoulder pain:What can a chiropractor do for shoulder pain

  1. Examination – A chiropractor will first perform a detailed examination of your shoulder in an attempt to determine the underlying issue.
  2. Diagnosis – After examining your shoulder, a chiropractor will diagnose what is causing it to be able to provide adequate treatment.
  3. Plan – Then, a chiropractor will make a detailed plan that will cover the most important points during the course of your proposed treatment, making sure you undergo the most effective chiropractic procedures for your shoulder problems.
  4. Treatment – It is only after careful careful examination and detailed planning that a chiropractor will perform chiropractic treatment. This treatment is designed to relieve pain and solve the underlying cause of it.
  5. Monitoring – A chiropractic professional will monitor your progress and adjust the therapy if necessary, ensuring that you receive maximum results during your every visit.
  6. Checkups – Finally, a different manner of monitoring, sometimes you will be required to come in for regular checkups so the chiropractor can be certain that the underlying condition causing shoulder pain has been completely eliminated. 

“Who are the leading chiropractors near Escondido to help me with my shoulder pain?”

If your shoulder is really starting to give you trouble, there’s probably more to it than just the pain. If you’d like a true chiropractic professional to help you out, there’s only one center to go to – Fix Body Chiropractor Group. We are the leaders when it comes to chiropractic treatment, and we will do all we can to help you get rid of that pesky shoulder pain. 

If your shoulder is making your visits to Palomar Mountain State Park less enjoyable than before, you should definitely come to our clinic for a consultation. We’re here for you!

February 2020

The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone, the foot bone’s connected to… And so the song goes. When it comes to the body, everything’s connected, so there’s no questions that your back issues certainly are related to the pain in your knee.

Similarly, neck pain and shoulder pain are also related, and you might want to consider visiting a chiropractor for your shoulder pain. Leave the debate about massage or chiropractic for some other time, and look for quality chiropractic treatment in Escondido. First, though, let’s see about the connection between back problems and knee pain. 

Are your back and knee pain related?

Can disc problems cause knee painMost of the time, and logically so, people assume that the pain in their knee is due to the, well, their knee. It must be originating somewhere nearby by, and is only normal to think so. However, that is not always the case. 

While, at times, your knee is hurting because of a problem with your knee, sometimes the pain you’re experiencing is due to another matter entirely. Have you ever even considered the possibility of your knee hurting because of a back issue?

Well, believe it or not, that is frequently the case. Knee pain can often be caused by either a pinched nerve in your lower back, or a disc protrusion in the lower back area. But, in order to be sure, you’d best consult a professional from the World Federation of Chiropractic

Can disc problems cause knee pain?

Back issues can definitely cause your knee to hurt, and disc problems are among the most common causes of it. Although a herniated disc, for example, would not be your first guess when it comes to the pain in your knee, it definitely can be the cause.

Now, here are the three telltale signs that a problem with your back might be causing knee pain. However, in order to be completely sure of the cause, you should visit an experienced chiropractor, and not diagnose the root yourself. 

  1. Additional back pain – Your back is hurting alongside your knee is the first sign that your knee pain and back problems might be connected, if only based on the phenomenon of referred pain. 
  2. Tight hamstrings – If your hamstrings are feeling unusually tight while your knee is painful might indicate that the cause of the pain in your knee is a problem with your back. This is even more possible if the tightness doesn’t go away with regular stretching.
  3. Bunions – It sounds rather improbable that bunions can indicate that your knee pain is caused by a problem with your back. However, when there are bunions combined with knee pain, there are back issues potentially causing it all.

Is your lower back causing your knee pain?

Sometimes, the source of the pain in your knee can originate in your lower back as well. If it’s an issue with your lower back, it can be down to a pinched nerve preventing normal communication between the spine and the knee, causing problems.

The nerves responsible for transmitting painful sensations are in your lower back. If a problem originates, these nerves can become pinched, causing irritation and sending out of pain signals. The intensity of the pain, in this case, depends on how pinched the nerve is. 

There are also some accompanying symptoms that may indicate that the knee pain you’re experiencing is due to a pinched nerve in your lower back:

  • Pain in the front part of your thigh
  • Tingling or numbness in your thigh
  • Feeling of weakness in your quadriceps muscles or your hip

Sometimes, it may be the hip that’s causing knee pain too, so you should definitely visit a chiropractor to see what’s what!

“What’s the best place for chiropractic treatment and consultations in Escondido?”

Are your back and knee pain relatedIf you’re looking for the leading chiropractors in Escondido, then you’re looking for Fix Body Chiropractor Group – the finest collection of chiropractic professionals in the area! We’re experienced, we’re dedicated, and we’re eager to help! If you’re knee and your back are so painful that you’re no longer able to enjoy the treks along Mount Woodson Trail, then come to our clinic and let us help you!

February 2020

Deciding between a chiropractor and a masseur is similar to deciding between a doctor and a soothsayer. Joking aside, chiropractors can help with shoulder pain, chiropractic can help you eliminate knee issues caused by back problems, and an experienced chiropractor can alleviate neck and shoulder pain quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, massages usually only soothe the symptoms, hence the soothsayer analogy. The point is that they are not tackling the underlying causes, like a chiropractor in Escondido would. So, let’s see whether you should opt for chiropractic or a massage, and the differences between the two. 

Do I need a massage or chiropractor?

What is the difference between massage and chiropracticIt’s difficult to determine if you need the help of a member of the American Chiropractic Association, or if you should resort to massage therapy. It’s hard to say which kind of problems require chiropractic adjustments, and which require massaging.

On the whole, your best best is definitely to, first, consult a chiropractor, as they are thoroughly educated in providing a holistic approach towards solving your problems, and then go from there. 

There is, however, a rule of thumb – if you’re experiencing muscle stiffness or soreness, you might be ok with just a massage. But, if you’re experiencing more severe issues, like pain and great discomfort, you should definitely turn to chiropractic adjustments.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the best approach can be a combination of the two – chiropractic adjustments to tackle the root of the problem, and massage therapy to relax your body afterwards.

What are the benefits of chiropractic?

Let us briefly note the benefits of resorting to chiropractic care:

  1. Improved mobility
  2. Improved nervous and digestive functions
  3. Improved balance and coordination
  4. Reduced headaches
  5. Boosted immunity
  6. Decreased joint degeneration
  7. Improved circulation
  8. Boost to your energy
  9. Improved sleep
  10. Great as pain relief

What are the benefits of massages?

Now, let’s do the same for massage therapy:

  1. Great for whole-body relaxation
  2. Reduced stress
  3. Lowered blood pressure
  4. Better posture
  5. Stronger immunity

What is the difference between massage and chiropractic?

When it comes to explaining the differences between chiropractic and massage therapy, the matter requires a deep dive into both methods equally thoroughly. So, instead of naming the staples of one, and then the other, let us see how each method functions and differs.

What does a masseur do?

Massages focus on muscular symptoms. That means that a masseur will try to massage the areas of your body that are tight, overworked, or with spasms. Also, massages can help with pulled or strained muscles. 

Also, it is worth noting that massages are not just for luxurious pampering. They provide real health benefits, and can greatly help with pain management and recovery. What’s more, massages can impact the central nervous system through soft tissue manipulation, thus improving the circulation and the flow of other fluids throughout the body. 

Masseurs cannot, however, prescribe medication, nor can they legally suggest holistic and homeopathic remedies. They can’t perform any joint manipulation either. That is where a chiropractor steps in.

What does a chiropractor do?

Unlike a masseur, a chiropractor is a licenced professional and is able to, first and foremost, perform diagnostic of your problem, and then create a detailed plan of chiropractic procedures that will help you solve it. 

Chiropractic focuses on providing balanced treatment that will tackle the root of the problem and resolve the cause of the issue, not just alleviate the symptoms. Chiropractic procedures are designed to solve the real problem, while massages are usually there to alleviate the symptoms.

Finally, it is worth noting that massage therapy can serve as a welcome addition to chiropractic care, but not as a primary treatment method. Chiropractic treats the cause behind the problem, thus solving it, while massage therapy can be performed to ease some of the symptoms.

“Who provides the finest chiropractic care in Escondido?”

Do I need a massage or chiropractorIf you’re experiencing problems with your back, neck, or knees, or if your headaches are becoming too painful to endure, you’re in need of urgent chiropractic care. And, if you want only the best, you want Fix Body Chiropractor group! We are the leading experts in providing chiropractic care in the wider San Diego area, and our chiropractic professionals will do all in their power to make your life pain free once again. 

If you’re finding the hikes to Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve a bit too much these days, come to our clinic for a consultation ASAP!

January 2020

You shouldn’t take the health of your spine for granted, and caring for your spine and spinal cord will work wonders to stop you from having to undergo chiropractic care in Carmel Mountain Ranch for muscle and back pain and discomfort.

However, not everybody is aware of just how important it is to maintain the health of your spine by visiting a chiropractor regularly. Well, you’re about to find out!

Why should you care about your spine health?

Why should you care about your spine healthYour spine is the literal backbone of your body, and it allows you to perform all of your everyday tasks properly. So, because mostly all movement originates directly from your spine, you should take good care of it if you want to be able to move easily for as long as possible.

Many experienced chiropractors from the World Federation of Chiropractic say that there are many patients who are unable to move, bend over, sit up, walk, run, or pick up objects easily due to the poor state of their spine.

This is the main reason why you should try and take good care of your spine. Experiencing pain with even the easiest of movements gets old really quickly, and you should do everything in your power to stop it from happening.

What can I do to take care of my spine?

Luckily, there are many things you can do on a daily basis to keep your spine in pristine condition:

  1. Lifting – Lifting even the lightest of objects requires proper form, and if you lift objects improperly you risk injury to your spine. Remember – always lift from your knees, never from your back!
  2. Sleeping – Your body heals itself when you sleep, and a good night’s sleep is sometimes the best cure for many ailments. Also, try to sleep on the side, not the stomach, as this sleeping position relieves pressure from the spine.
  3. Stretching – Perform stretches on a regular basis. Stretching helps you remain as flexible as possible, while remaining gentle on your spine.
  4. Massages – Every spine needs a good massage from time to time. Treat yourself and your spine to a massage whenever you can spare the time.
  5. Weight – Excess weight places more stress on the back and, consequently, the spine. Maintaining a healthy weight can go a long way in keeping your spine healthy.
  6. Hydrating – Finally, don’t forget to stay properly hydrated every day. A hydrated body is elastic, and elasticity means your discs will not shrink, which greatly reduces risk of herniation and bulging. 
  7. Chiropractors – Most people visit a chiropractor when they’ve started experiencing problems. However, regular preventive procedures ensure good spinal health for a long time. 

Why is the spinal cord important?

Why is the spinal cord importantYour spinal cord serves as a link between your body and your brain. Together, the brain and the spinal cord control many bodily functions, behavior and movement included. Here are the three most important reasons that state the importance of your spinal cord.

  1. Movement – Every type of movement you do with your body originates in the brain, but is transferred by your spinal cord. If you suffer a spinal cord injury, normal movement can become obstructed or limited.
  2. Impulses – Spinal cord is home for nerves that connect your sense organs with your brain. If it’s damaged, your body might lose the ability to feel various sensations.
  3. Life – Finally, as we’ve said before, a healthy spinal cord is essential for a normal life. Through it, the brain controls the majority of bodily movements, which can become completely obstructed if you sustain a spinal cord injury. Take good care of your spine and spinal cord!

“Where can I get chiropractic care for my spine in Carmel Mountain Ranch?”

If you’re, unfortunately, experiencing certain problems caused by a spinal injury, you have to get treatment quickly. Chiropractic is an excellent option, and Fix Body Chiropractic Group are the best chiropractic experts in Carmel Mountain Ranch. If you’re ever taking a relaxing walk through Garland Ranch Regional Park, continue a bit further to our clinic for a consultation. We’ll do everything we can!

January 2020

Experiencing muscle or back pain, or both, is not only annoying, but can become debilitating if not adequately treated. Luckily, chiropractic is an excellent choice for treating muscle and back pain through many modern methods.

Some of them might include a chiropractor treating your spine, while others include gentle chiropractic adjustments of the affected area. However, we understand that you’d like to know more about what awaits when you go for chiropractic treatment in Carmel Mountain Ranch, and we’ll oblige. 

How does a chiropractor treat muscle pain?

What chiropractic methods are used to treat back painWhen it comes to muscle pain, every member of the American Chiropractic Association has a number of options for treating your muscles, depending on the underlying cause of the pain.

The first thing every experienced chiropractor does is determine the reason behind your aching muscles. Once the chiropractor diagnoses the root of the problem, then it is time for one of the following techniques:

  1. Cold therapy – Cryotherapy is usually the first resort when dealing with muscle pain and other inflammatory processes. Blood vessels will constrict, slowing down your blood flow, which reduces swelling, bruising, inflammation, and pain. 
  2. Heat therapy – On the other hand, chiropractors employ heat therapy to enhance blood flow. With an increase in blood flow comes an increase in oxygen flow, which speeds up the process of healing and increases range of motion.
  3. Ultrasound – Ultrasound employs sound waves that penetrate all the way to your deep tissue. This creates a so-called “deep heat”, which improves oxygen delivery to painful areas, alleviating pain.
  4. Phonophoresis and Iontophoresis – With the use of these two methods, topical medication penetrates deeper into the tissue for an improved effect. Phonophoresis uses ultrasonic waves, while iontophoresis uses electrical current.
  5. Electrical stimulation – This treatment allows a gentle current to flow through your body, relieving pain and reducing inflammation. 
  6. Kinesio taping – This treatment method consists of a special tape being placed on the affected areas of your body. It takes some pressure off the painful areas by rearranging the tissue beneath them.
  7. Trigger point – When employing this technique, a chiropractor will apply gentle pressure on the specific points of your body, known as “trigger” points, which will bring the patients significant pain relief.
  8. Chiropractic adjustments – Finally, a chiropractor will perform certain adjustments in order to correct any muscle imbalances that may exist, thus facilitating healing of injured or overworked muscles. 

What chiropractic methods are used to treat back pain?

How does a chiropractor treat muscle painNow that you know how chiropractors treat muscle pain, let’s see how they help you cope with back pain:

  1. Toggle drop – This technique consists of quick-but-precise thrusts that target a specific area of your body, with the aim of relieving pain.
  2. Motion palpation – Motion palpation is mostly used as a tool for diagnosing the root of the issue. A chiropractor will gently inspect areas of your body with his hands, trying to determine which areas are out of alignment.
  3. Lumbar roll – This method requires that patients lie on their side while a chiropractor applies quick and precise thrusts that return the vertebrae into alignment. 
  4. Release work – When chiropractors use this technique they apply gentle pressure to your spine in order to separate the vertebrate and allow the spinal column to return back into proper alignment.
  5. Table adjustments – A chiropractor places the patient on the table, after which he applies a sharp thrust to the area which is misaligned. At the same time, the portion of the table drops.This dissipates the force of the thrust to dissipate, making the entire procedure more comfortable.
  6. Instrument adjustments – For this method, a chiropractor uses an instrument which is spring-loaded to adjust the spine. This instrument frees the vertebrate, helping the patient experience immediate pain relief. 
  7. Anesthesia manipulations – This technique is only for the patients experiencing extreme pain, and it takes place at hospital. It’s considered a last resort, employed only when every other type of treatment fails.
  8. Pelvic blocking – This treatment focuses on the disk-related issues. A chiropractor places cushioned wedges under the patient’s pelvis before making gentle movements that employ the help of gravity to separate discs and relieve pain. 

“Where can I receive these types of chiropractic treatment near Carmel Mountain Ranch?”

If you’re looking for a chiropractor to help you with your back and muscle pain, and you live in or near Carmel Mountain Ranch, you should definitely go to Fix Body Chiropractor Group. We are a team of experienced chiropractors dedicated to helping patients under constant pain. If you’re no longer enjoying walks through the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, come to our clinic, we’ll help you!

December 2019

If your back is feeling stiff and sore, there’s something wrong. Perhaps there are pesky knots in your back muscles, causing your back to become tight and sore. Or perhaps it’s something else. Whatever it is, the important thing is that treatment is available.

For example – chiropractic. Chiropractors can not only reduce your stress and help you with anxiety, all the while taking care of the sore muscles in your neck, but they can also help with all your back issues. So, let’s see why you should try and find good chiropractors in Carmel Mountain Ranch. 

What causes a stiff back?What causes a stiff back

Stiffness in your back, be it lower or upper, can be caused by a multitude of different factors. That is why it’s sometimes extremely difficult to alleviate back stiffness without some help from a professional, for example, a Word Federation of Chiropractic licensed chiropractor.

However, even if you’re planning to seek professional assistance for back stiffness relief, it is still prudent to be familiar with many of the potential causes. If you know what’s up, you can give your own contribution by changing or eliminating potentially detrimental habits that you might have. Here are the most common causes of stiffness in your back:

  1. Strains and sprains
  2. A rupture in one of your disks
  3. Sedentary lifestyle
  4. Arthritis
  5. Anxiety and stress
  6. Pinched nerves
  7. Obesity
  8. Degeneration of an invertebrate disk
  9. Internal organ malfunction
  10. Irritated joints

As you can see, you can do little for some causes other than to see an expert who could help you. However, if you spend too much time sitting, or you place too much strain on your back, you definitely can switch some of those poor habits and help your back along.

Can mental stress cause back pain?

As evident from the list above, stress and anxiety can definitely cause back problems. Although it does sound a bit out there, or not plausible at all, you’d be surprised with just how much stress and anxiety contribute to many seemingly unrelated conditions.

The best way to look at it is in the form of a vicious circle – the more stressed you become, the more your underlying back issues will surface, becoming even more painful, leading to you becoming even more stressed.

It’s not about stress making your back hurt, no. Stress puts strain on the functioning of your entire body, making your body function poorer and poorer, which leads to many problems, back pain included. 

What’s worse, it seems stress is capable of “uncovering” the hidden issues you didn’t know you had by making you more susceptible to pain and irritation through lack of sleep and a weakened immune system. So yes, stress definitely worsens not only back pain, but it also weakens your entire system. 

How do you relieve spinal stressHow do you relieve spinal stress?

Now that you know the many reasons for the occurrence of back pain, and that stress definitely is not your friend, let’s see what you can do to alleviate the pain in your back.

  1. Morning ease – If you’re feeling stiff in the morning, take a heating pad and place it under the area that is most painful. Heat relaxes muscles, making them less stiff and painful.
  2. Laughter yoga – It sounds silly, we know, but practicing some laughter yoga will increase the intake of oxygen, stimulate endorphin production, and reduce stress, alleviating the pain.
  3. Sleeping positions – Don’t insist on sleeping in a single position you’ve used all your life, even though you keep waking up to a sore back. Try several different positions until you find the one that works best for you and your back.
  4. Hot bath – Again, heat. Jump into the tub and fill it with hot water, as hot as you can handle. Don’t overdo it, naturally, but a hot bath will relax your muscles and lower the pain you’re experiencing.
  5. Water exercises – Try water aerobics, or swimming, or any other type of exercising you can do in the water. The buoyancy allows you to exercise without experiencing pain, and you can strengthen your back muscles without being in agony while doing it.
  6. Massages – Massages are a great way to improve circulation, relax muscles, lower stress, boost endorphins, and so on. A great method through-and-through.
  7. Chiropractic – Finally, if nothing seems to work, chances are chiropractic will. Chiropractors tackle the root of the problem, not just the symptoms, providing an all-encompassing treatment for all your back issues.

“Where can I find experienced chiropractors in Carmel Mountain Ranch to relieve my pain?”

If your back just won’t stop bugging you, and you’ve decided to find the finest chiropractic professionals near Carmel Mountain Ranch, then your only stop should be Fix Body Chiropractor Group – the leaders when it comes to all things chiropractic.

We are seasoned pros and we perform gentle chiropractic procedures to resolve the cause of the problem, making your every day as enjoyable as it once used to be, before the problems reared their ugly heads. If you want to experience the Torrey Pines Gliderport in all its glory, without pain preventing you, come to us for a consultation today!

December 2019

If you’re experiencing knots in your muscles, you need to “untie” them as soon as possible. While they’re not extremely painful, they are rather irritating, and they have no place being there, period. But how do you treat them?

Well, have you considered chiropractic? Did you know chiropractic can alleviate anxiety? No? Well, chiropractic can also relax all your tight muscles, and chiropractors can help you with the stiffness in your back

But, before you run out looking for an experienced chiropractor in Carmel Mountain Ranch, which you should, let’s see what we can tell you about muscle knots and their treatment.

What causes muscle knots?What causes muscle knots

Muscle knots can appear for a variety of reasons. However, there are some frequent causes that will make those pesky muscle knots appear, according to the American Chiropractic Association:

  1. Tension and stress – If you put too much tension on your muscles, or if you stress them too much on a regular basis, chances are knots will appear.
  2. Injuries – If you exercise, and you lift weights, and you start overdoing it, you will start noticing muscle knots.
  3. Poor posture – Always try to walk, stand, or sit with a straight back and a straight neck. Otherwise, you risk muscle knots.
  4. Sedentary lifestyle – Finally, among the most common causes of muscle knots – sitting. If you sit too much every day, and your posture is not what could be called good, you can get knots in your muscles.

Do muscle knots restrict blood flow?

Yes, muscle knots definitely can restrict blood flow. When muscle knots appear, they limit normal blood flow to the affected area, making it even more difficult for the muscle to function properly.

Consequently, this can increase the pain you may be experiencing, as restricted blood flow entails decreased flow of oxygen and nutrients as well, making your muscles not only knotty, but also sore.

Will muscle knots go away?

If you’re thinking of muscle knots going away on their own, chances for that are slim to none. They may get smaller or less tight over time, but they will definitely not get smaller if you leave them be.

You need to treat your muscle knots as soon as you notice them. Sure, they won’t cause a terrible amount of damage, but they are definitely uncomfortable, and they can restrict normal range of motion and cause pain during everyday movements. That is why you need to treat them.

How do you get rid of muscle knots?How do you get rid of muscle knots

Now, let’s see about how you can actually make muscle knots disappear. 

  1. Resting – If you’ve noticed knots in your muscles, give yourself some time to rest and recuperate. If you exercise, take some time off. Also, sleep longer and try to lie down more.
  2. Stretching – Perform gentle stretches that will elongate the afflicted muscles, helping you release some tension in the body. But, once again, do it gingerly!
  3. Exercising – We’ve said to take a break, not to stop altogether. Opt for exercising techniques that place less stress on your body, such as water aerobics or swimming. 
  4. Hot & cold – Why not try out hold and cold therapy? Combining some heat with some cold can relax your muscles greatly and help you deal with the knots.
  5. Muscle rub – Take some muscle rub and gently massage it onto the affected area. It will cool your muscles, provide relief, and help you eliminate knots.
  6. Pressure – Apply pressure to the affected area, and then quickly release. To it slowly and cautiously. 
  7. Professionals – Finally, you can seek professional help, which we do advise you do. Yes, you can try to eliminate knots from your muscles on your own, but experienced chiropractors can do it more quickly, reliably, and simply better.

“Is there a good chiropractor near Carmel Mountain Ranch to help me with my muscle knots?”

If you’re looking for an experienced and dedicated chiropractor in Carmel Mountain Ranch, we have just the place for you – Fix Body Chiropractor Group. We are a superstar team of chiropractic professionals with plenty of experience dealing with muscle knots. If you’re looking for relief, look no further. If you’re ever visiting Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial, stop by our place or a consultation!

August 2015
Tape it up!

One of our specialties at FIX Body Group, many athletes are reliant on this practice for pain relief and muscular support.

Kinesiology tape is a thin, stretchy, elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive. Therapeutic kinesiology tape can benefit a wide variety of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, plus inflammatory conditions.


It is almost identical to human skin in both thickness and elasticity, which allows kinesio tape to be worn without binding, constricting or restriction of your movement.


Kinesiology tape is used for treating athletic injuries and a variety of physical disorders. For the first decade after its introduction practitioners in Japan were the main users of the therapeutic kinesiology tape. By 1988 the tape had been adopted by Japanese Olympic and professional athletes before spreading across the world.


Many professional athletes use kinesiology taping improve their sporting performance, prevent injury and allow them to return to sport quicker.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Kinesiology Taping:

Pain Relief via Structural Support for Weak or Injured Body Parts

Kinesiology tape is a flexible elastic tape that moves with your body. This provides supports to your body parts without the tape slipping.


By supporting your body part kinesiology tape is able to provide you with pain relief and muscular support to help control body parts affected by muscle inhibition.


Muscle Support

As previously mentioned, your muscle strength may be assisted by kinesiology tape via physical assistance and tactile feedback through the skin eg  proprioception boost. This phenomenon may assist both the able bodied athlete to enhance their performance and hypotonic eg children with low muscle tone.


Swelling Reduction

Kinesiology provides a passive lift to your skin via its elastic properties. This vacuum effect allows your lymphatic and venous drainage systems to drain and swollen or bruised tissue quicker than without the kinesiology tape.


It is also thought that this same principle can assist the removal of exercise byproducts like lactic acid that may contribute to post-exercise soreness eg delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


August 2015
Nice abs!

People work hard for perfect abs, but what you’ve been told about training your midsection may not necessarily be true – or even beneficial.

Don’t Believe These Flat Stomach Myths!


Myth 1: Spot-Reducing of Stomach Fat


One of the biggest and most popular stomach toning myth is the ability to target a certain area such as a belly with ab exercises to eliminate the fat from your midsection. You just can’t spot reduce where you would like. Of course this would be great if it was true but unfortunately there is more to it than that.


The main focus of developing abs and losing stomach fat is to reduce your overall bodyfat percentage. To accomplish this it is important to stick to a healthy diet plan that is filled with natural, unprocessed foods and focus doing both cardiovascular and weight training exercises. Doing this on a consistent basis will have your body fat levels dropping, muscles toning, and your belly looking tighter and flatter.


Myth 2: Only Exercise Will Get You Abs


Another popular myth to getting abs is that you can eat whatever you want as long as you workout. Of course working out helps you get leaner and burn fat but exercise alone will not cover up a poor diet.


It is crucial to stop eating high calorie, processed food, and start making changes to eating healthier. This healthy eating plan will spark the fat burning process and give you a solid foundation for your exercise program.


Myth 3: Daily Ab Training


For some reason people will treat the abdominal muscles differently than other muscles and want to train them on a daily basis. Training your abs on a daily basis is not only a myth but it can limit you from making progress and also increase your risk of getting injured.


Train your abs like any other group and work them a 2-3 times per week. This training method will help strengthen your core and will give your abs enough time to recover.


Myth 4: Exercise With High Reps Only


Another flat stomach myth is believing your core muscles will only respond to high repetition, no resistance exercses. True, there are some benefits to high repetition, no resistance exercises, but doing just this type of training will only get you so far and prevent you from getting optimal results.


If you want to get the most of your ab training then a combination of high reps with no resistance and low reps with resistance will get you the most out of your training. This type of combination will help strengthen and define the midsection.


Myth 5: Buying the Magic Product or Supplement


The last myth in the list is buying into the fact of getting six pack abs with a special product or supplement. Believing that a fat burning gel, ab belt, or any supplement is all that will be needed to melt away the fat without the discipline of proper nutrition is just a recipe for failure. The truth with these products is that very few will give you any type of results and aren’t worth the money invested.


So instead of chasing the magic product or gimmick, try going with what is proven to work and that is the discipline of proper nutrition and consistent exercise. Doing it the right way will keep the results lasting longer without hurting the wallet or the body.