May 2018
Upset Man After Car Crash - Car Accident Physical Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing you want to do after being in a car accident is probably to forget the whole thing happened. However, this is a serious issue and can have long-lasting consequences if not addressed timely and properly. This is why car accident physical therapy is very important even if you seemingly don’t feel pain or have injury symptoms. Here are some of the car accident physical therapy frequently asked questions which might help you if you’ve been in a car accident.

What symptoms are common after being in a car accident?

There are many variants of injuries after a car accident and numerous ways they can manifest themselves. The most often types of pain associated with such an injury are in the neck, middle and lower back areas. Other are muscle spasms, pain in the extremities, headaches, blurred vision, fatigue, memory loss etc.

Should I get myself checked even if there are no symptoms?

Sometimes, even if you don’t feel any pain and there are no visible signs of injury, you could still be hurt. If you don’t go and see a doctor immediately after being in an accident, the hidden condition can manifest itself down the road, when you least expect it. This can have even more dangerous effect than the injuries which show up at once.

What type of doctor should I see after being in a car accident?

When it comes to car accident physical therapy frequently asked questions, this one is amongst the most common ones. Heading into an emergency room is a good place to start. They will check for the most common types of injuries and apply instant remedies in the form of pain relievers and other medication.

However, this isn’t where your visit to doctors should end. Depending on the type of determined injuries, you should also worry about follow-up care. This means going into a private medical facility with adequate equipment. You might need a chiropractor, massage therapist or neurologist.

I was not at fault for the accident. Do I get some form of compensation?

If this is the case, it is most likely that you are entitled to some form of compensation. The best way to find out is to consult a car accident attorney, who specializes in such cases. If it’s determined the case is such, you will need the medical records. This is why it’s essential to seek medical attention immediately after the injury. If you wait too long, you will not be able to file a proper insurance claim.

What if pain or injury is discovered after the claim has been settled?

Injury-related claims are usually still open for two years after the last bill was paid. This means there is time, but visiting a doctor and starting treatment as soon as possible gives you greater chance for a claim.

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