June 2017
Pregnant woman during therapy - Chiropractor San Diego Downtown

During pregnancy, women should take extra care of their body to ensure a safe delivery, health of the baby as well their own. Increased stress on the spine, joints and pelvis due to weight gain not only causes pain and discomfort but can also lead to more permanent health issues, such as increased back curve, changes in normal posture and protruding abdomen.

Luckily, chiropractic care is found to be very beneficial to pregnant women. Let’s take a look at the overview of chiropractic benefits to women in pregnancy.

Safety of chiropractic care during pregnancy

It’s important to know that no known contraindications to chiropractic care in pregnancy exist. In fact, most pregnant women (as well as women who are trying to conceive) are advised to have chiropractic care as part of their pregnancy wellness routine.

Chiropractors who provide pregnancy care typically use adjustable tables and also employ chiropractic techniques that don’t involve the unnecessary pressure on the woman’s abdomen.

In addition, chiropractic care during pregnancy involves a series of special exercises and stretches.

Benefits of chiropractic care in pregnancy

During pregnancy, a number of physiological and endocrinological changes occur in a woman’s body to help create the environment for the fetus. We have already mentioned that these changes can cause stress to the spine, joints, and pelvis, none of which should be overlooked.

Here’s how chiropractic care helps to balance the changes during pregnancy.

Establishing pelvic balance

Other than relieving the pressure on the spine and joints, most pregnant women need chiropractic care to restore pelvic balance. The reasons are simple – a misaligned pelvis may make it difficult for the baby to get into the best position for delivery, therefore compromising the safety of the delivery and the well-being of both the baby and the mother.

What’s more, a misaligned pelvis may cause intrauterine constraint – the reduction of room available for the baby white in the uterus.

Dealing with bad posture and back pain

The extra weight a pregnant woman carries during pregnancy can cause back pain and poor posture. The main reason is that the protruding abdomen increases the curve in the lower back, subsequently causing pain and posture issues. Chiropractic adjustments regulate these issues very efficiently.

Making labor faster and easier

Labor and delivery are stressful both physically and psychologically – the two are closely linked and interdependent. Since chiropractic care is known to have a positive influence on the nervous system, it also helps the communication between the nervous and immune systems, making the pregnant woman stronger and healthier.

Also, women who have had chiropractic adjustments in pregnancy usually feel better prepared for the delivery in terms of confidence and lack of fear. They know that they have taken good care of their body and their baby during pregnancy, which is soothing and reassuring.

As a consequence, labor and delivery times in women who had chiropractic care in pregnancy are much shorter than in those who did not.

Promoting the well-being of the fetus

There is a specialized chiropractic adjustment that helps promote to natural balance and optimize fetal well-being. It’s called the Webster Technique, and it has been found to enable the switch from a breech presentation to vertex presentation with no added risk to the pregnancy.

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