January 2018
Young Woman with Back Pain - Chiropractor in San Diego

Read through this list of greatest myths concerning back pain. It is good to be informed before scheduling a consultation with a chiropractor in San Diego.

Bed rest is the best option

Lying in your bed may be a good solution for other maladies, but not so much for back pain. Even though resting sounds like a logical way to decrease back pain, in most cases it only worsens the pain. When we are in a horizontal position, our discs fill with fluid, causing the vertebrate to be pushed away from one another. This is the cause of stiff back in the morning. Prolonged inactivity will cause further muscle and tendon stiffness, making it harder for you to move. So, remain active and visit a chiropractor in San Diego.

More pain equals worse injury

The worse it hurts, the worse the problem must be. This is true for acute pain, which is sudden and usually short term. When it comes to chronic pain, there is no correlation between the amount of pain and the amount of damage to our body. That is why even the most minor of back pains should be looked into. The longer the pain persists, the greater the damage to the body will be. It is important to contact your chiropractor in San Diego as soon as you start experiencing discomfort.

Medication before therapy

One of the biggest misconceptions around is that you have to take painkillers in order to alleviate the pain. However, painkillers take the pain away only for a short period of time. Also, there is the risk of side effects. There are far better options to choose from than taking medication. Some of the examples include massage therapy, physical therapy, or a chiropractor in San Diego. It is always better to contact a professional than to attempt a quick solution to a serious problem.

The pain is always in the back

It is normal for you to think so. My back is sore, so the pain must originate somewhere in the afflicted area. In reality, your back issues can be caused by a great many factors, including improper stance, poor footwear, or gait. The way we walk, stand, or sit can all cause back pain, with the origin not in the back at all. So, don’t be quick to accuse your bad back for everything, as the issue is not as simple.


I have to revert to surgery

The pain has been with you for so long, you think there is simply no other way than to undergo surgery. Slow down, as only a handful of people ever really need to revert to a surgical procedure. Pain can be managed, and it is sometimes better to evade invasive procedures. Non-surgical approaches can be extremely effective with treating, managing, and getting rid of back pain.

Contact the best chiropractor in San Diego for your back issues

The chiropractors employed at Fix Body Chiropractor Group of San Diego have experience dealing with just about every kind of back pain. What’s more important, they perform the therapy expertly. So, if your back is not the way it used to be, contact us, we can help!