April 2015
Sweet relief! Medical experts agree too much stress will negatively impact our health in a serious way. Try this exercise to help reduce daily tension and feel like yourself again.   Relieving neck tension can restore confidence in yourself and your ideas and cause others to perceive you as a leader, not to mention helping you sleep better and get through your day a lot more comfortably.   The goal is to get your nervous system to let go of its grip on your cervical vertebra – the bones in your neck – to allow them to move more freely.  To do this, we just have to remind your brain how your neck is meant to move.   Here’s what you can do:   1. Check your baseline.   Turn your head gently and slowly to the right and left to see how far you can twist, picking a point in the room for reference. Don’t force it, we’re just looking at your available range of motion. Also, pro tip: moving slower allows your nervous system time to adjust and you’ll get more range of motion instantly. Whipping your head around quickly causes your body to guard the delicate neck muscles, especially if they’re already tight and rigid.   2. Place your hands on your cheeks.   Let your elbows hang down heavily, relaxing your shoulders.   3. Pick a side and twist in that direction.   Move from your belly button up, so you’re turning your torso, arms, head and neck all as one unit. Only go as far as is comfortable. It’s not a contest. You’ll get more out of working within your comfortable range of motion than you will from trying to overachieve and strain yourself.   4. Once you’ve completed several twists in one direction, drop your hands and turn your head that same way.   Check to see if the range of motion has increased. You’ll know because you can turn further and see past the point that you originally marked in step one.   5. Repeat steps 2-4 on the opposite side.   Enjoy your new found range of motion! It’s amazing how liberating it is to be able to look over your shoulder without turning your whole body, almost like being let out of prison.  

Excerpt from SuzieBaxter.com – read the full article here