December 2018
active release technique near me

When looking for the help of the finest active release therapist San Diego residents are buzzing about, chances are you know how active release technique works. However, with so many other available treatment options around, you’re a bit unsure, wondering “Is visiting the top specialist in active release technique near me really my best choice?”. Well, let’s find out by comparing ART with other treatments.

“Will going for active release technique near me yield better results than opting for chiropractic care?”

When it comes to comparing chiropractic care and active release technique, it is difficult to speak in terms “better” or “worse”. Some say that ART and chiropractic are two sides of the same coin, and they’re not wrong. However, in all honesty, chiropractic care is the cornerstone of all the treatments of this medicinal branch.

The fact that many licensed chiropractors are also certified in ART providers speaks in favor or our claim. Both methods are non-invasive, they provide incredible pain relief, and both methods work wonders for mobility and injury prevention. However, while many of the same underlying issues can be treated with both techniques equally successfully, some problems can be tackled with ART alone.

These problems include, most prominently, scar tissue restoration and soft tissue corrective effects. Due to the movements and pressure employed while administering active release technique, the positive effects it can have on the aforementioned issues is unprecedented.

“Should I schedule a visit to an active release technique near me expert, or try out therapeutic massage?”

Both deep tissue massage and active release technique are completely non-invasive, there are some differences in their scope. Both techniques provide relief when it comes to repetitive chronic injuries, they are great at reducing pain, as well as inflammation and muscle tension. Plus, due to the movements made when administering these techniques, they both improve blood circulation to injured tissues.

Massages of deep tissue cannot, on the other hand, help with matters concerning muscle tissue adhesions. This method cannot successfully break or reduce adhesions, leaving active release treatment to take care of these problems. What’s more, ART is able to restore full motion range by addressing the underlying issue that causes all the pain.

“I’m thinking about the Graston technique, but is that a better choice than an active release technique near me treatment?”

Perhaps these two methods are most similar, as they are both used to tackle problems concerning muscle adhesions. The main difference is that Graston technique uses medium or small metal tools to treat specific areas of injury, while ART practitioners only use their hands.

And although it would be easy to presume that, due to the greater surface complexity of the Graston technique, that it is more beneficial than ART, it’s not actually that simple. Although Graston technique is just as effective as active release technique, there is one major downside to this method.

Because it employs metal tools, and because of the combination of rhythm and pressure the Graston technique is known for, it remains more painful than active release technique, and patients are frequently left with bruising that can last for a couple of days upon treatment. So, both techniques work equally well with muscle adhesions, but ART is more patient-friendly.

“What about dry needling in comparison to a session of active release technique near me?”

Wester Acupuncture, the name dry needling also goes by, is, if you want, a cousin to the Eastern art of Acupuncture. It does employ needles and much of the same techniques as traditional Acupuncture, and it used to treat myofascial pain, alongside various spinal and nerve injuries.

With dry needling, the needles are carefully inserted into the myofascial tissue trigger points, i.e. those areas that cause pain and reduce range of motion. The needles then disrupt the neural signal that causes pain, and disperse all the muscle tension.

Active release technique and dry needling treat many of the same conditions equally well. Adhesions, though, still remain in the ART treatment territory, and cannot be successfully treated by dry needling. Active release technique also remains the less-invasive procedure. Plus, there are ongoing debates about the actual effectiveness of dry needling, still without official confirmation.

“Rolfing, or an active release technique near me practitioner?”

Rolfing represents a system of deep movements by hands, trademarked and named after its creator, Dr. Ida P. Rolf. The underlying principle of Rolfing is “function follows structure”. This method realigns the body vertically, thus improving functions, as well as form.

ART and Rolfing are approaches used to alleviate muscle tension, decrease pain, and both treat and prevent repetitive and acute injuries. Rolfing can also help with reducing cumulative stress stemming from bad posture, and improve fatigue. Practitioners of Rolfing also claim that it can enhance performance, because it refines the patterns of muscle use.

However, there are two major problems with Rolfing, that might leave you thinking “OK, I’d rather go for tried-and-true active release technique near me treatments.”. The first issue is that, while active release technique is individualized, tailored to specific purposes of each patient, Rolfing is a general approach, the same for every patient. While there are claims that it works equally well for everybody, the medical research to support these claims is scant.

Which brings us to the second problem. The official research detailing the observed benefits of Rolfing is really sparse. Although there are numerous patient claims, without adequate official research, all of it is left in the domain of unconfirmed rumors.

“Now I know about all the techniques, but I still want to opt for an expert in active release technique near me!”

And a fine choice you’ve made, if we can say so ourselves. The problem of finding the finest practitioners of active release technique in your vicinity still remains, though. Or, does it? Fix Body Chiropractor Group is the best institution for all the techniques that lead to improvements in your physical wellbeing, ART included. Our professionals are experienced, certified, and eager to help, and there is no doubt they will do all in their power to tailor your ART appointments to you and your needs. Stop by oud clinic today, and see what time works for you!