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June 2020

Are muscle knots badOh, those pesky muscle knots!They may seem like no big deal at first, but, sometimes, that’s exactly what they turn into. You know how you can adjust your sleeping position because of shoulder pain? Well, you can’t do that with muscle knots.

They’re almost as bothersome as pinched nerves, and can become almost as painful as problems between your shoulder blades. So, you should do something about it. Visiting experienced chiropractors in Scottsdale should be your no. 1 option, and here’s why!

Are muscle knots bad?

Muscle knots are bad in the sense that they are really, really boring. They are usually not harmful in the long run, but they can certainly be very painful and difficult to get rid of without asking help from a qualified member of the American Chiropractic Association

So, to answer your question – muscle knots are as bad for you as they are making it harder to do all the actions you normally do. So, if a muscle knot is keeping you from being as active as you’re used to being, then yes, muscle knots are bad.

However, there are also various other symptoms of muscle knots, as well as different causes you should be aware of when trying to determine if your muscle knots are bad or not. The best way to do so is to visit a chiropractor, but in case you want to do it alone…

What are the symptoms of muscle knots?

Before giving you the most common symptoms of muscle knots, let us first tell you where they are most likely to appear:

  1. Lower back muscles
  2. Calf muscles
  3. Neck muscles
  4. Shoulder muscles
  5. Shins

These are the areas you should first pay attention to when trying to determine if a muscle knot is giving you trouble. 

As for the usual symptoms of muscle knots, here they are:

  1. A lumpy feeling beneath your fingertips.
  2. Pain in the area around the lump in your muscle.
  3. Twitching of the muscles in the affected area. 

These are the most common symptoms of muscle knots, but they can, sometimes, also cause the following:

  1. Pain in your jaw.
  2. Pain in your lower back.
  3. Ringing in your ears.
  4. Tension headaches.

What are the usual causes of muscle knots?

Now, let us only briefly take a look at the most common causes of muscle knots. Yes, there are certainly more potential causes than we’re about to discuss, but these are the most usual ones you should pay attention to.

  1. Tensions in your muscles from overusing them.
  2. Injuries of muscles caused by heavy lifting and repetitive motions.
  3. Poor posture can also lead to muscle knots forming in certain muscles.
  4. Too much sitting every day without stretching.
  5. Prolonged bed rest without providing your muscles with some work.

Do chiropractors get rid of muscle knots?

Yes, an experienced chiropractor can definitely help you get rid of muscle knots rather quickly and very efficiently. By using the techniques we’re going to describe, a chiropractor will make your muscle knots disappear without a trace.

  1. Adjustments – Sometimes, muscles knots also appear because of a joint dysfunction. Gentle chiropractic adjustments are just the treatment you need to eliminate both the cause and the knot. 
  2. Massage – Chiropractic experts are also well-versed in various therapeutic massage techniques that will help you get rid of your muscle knots. 
  3. Heat – By applying heat to the area affected by your muscle knot, a chiropractor will promote blood flow, thus allowing your own body to help itself deal with this problem.
  4. Stretches – A chiropractor will also instruct you on how to perform gentle stretches in order to relieve pain caused by muscle knots, but also reduce tension in the affected area, which will help you eliminate the knot for good. 

And that’s it – by combining all these techniques, chiropractors can effectively treat your muscles knots, but they can also provide you with some instructions on how to prevent more muscle knots from appearing. 

How can I prevent muscle knots from appearing again?

Finally, as we’ve mentioned, here’s some advice that can greatly help you to stop further muscle knots from appearing. Bear in mind, though, that sometimes, nothing you do can prevent a muscle knot from appearing.

That being said, it’s better to be doing something to prevent it, than to be doing nothing and hoping for the best. 

  1. Trying to maintain good posture can help prevent the forming of muscle knots. 
  2. Being physically active is a tried-and-tested method too.
  3. Not overusing your muscles by doing the same physical activity every day. Instead, walk, swim, run… Mix it up on a daily basis so as not to overwork the same muscles and cause knots to appear.
  4. Preventative visits to a chiropractor are a sure way to prevent muscle knots from forming.

“Who are the leading chiropractors in Scottsdale to help me get rid of muscle knots?”

Do chiropractors get rid of muscle knotsIf muscle knots are giving you a hard time, then it’s definitely high time to do something about it. If you don’t know whom to turn to, we’re here to help by telling you who to best chiropractors in Scottsdale are – Fix Body Chiropractor Group.

We are the leaders in chiropractic care, and we’re sure we can help you eliminate muscle knots in a jiffy. It’s tough being physically active these days when even a walk through Papago Park is an adventure. But, contact us and let’s see if we can schedule an appointment. 

June 2020

What are the symptoms of a pinched nerve in shoulder bladesExperiencing upper and middle back pain can be a real bummer, and that’s putting it mildly (oh, the dreadful irony). It’s just as awful as having to deal with shoulder pain, suffering from pinched nerves, or trying to get rid of muscle knots. It can be painful, and bothersome. 

It’s normal, then, to try and find help as quickly as possible. Sure, seeking chiropractic care in Scottsdale is a great place to start, but is there something you can do on your own to relieve the pain? Well, let’s see. 

What causes upper back pain between shoulder blades?

When it comes to the pain you may be experiencing between your shoulder blades, it is good to know what might be causing it, even if you plan on visiting a member of the World Federation of Chiropractic.

However, there are so many potential causes that we’d struggle to list them all. Instead, we’re going to tell you about the most common causes of pain between the shoulder blades, and insist that you still consult an experienced chiropractor about it. 

  1. Bad posture – Sometimes, the pain you’re experiencing is nothing serious, as it may be due to poor posture, and you can easily deal with it. 
  2. Improper lifting – If you’ve recently had to lift a heavy object, you may have sustained an injury because you did it incorrectly, thus suffering an injury. 
  3. Overuse – Perhaps you’ve just been overdoing it, and you’ve sprained a ligament, or strained muscles surrounding the area. 
  4. Cervical disc herniation – Sometimes, the cause of the pain is a bit more serious, and it might mean that the cervical disc is herniated. 
  5. Dislocated rib – Although it does not seem connected, and is certainly less common, sometimes, the pain between the shoulder blades is caused by a dislocated rib.
  6. Heart condition – Certain heart conditions present themselves through pain between the shoulder blades. 
  7. Compression fracture – When your vertebral bone compresses and becomes weak, it can cause a lot of pain to manifest between your shoulder blades.
  8. Arthritis – Arthritis of the ribs or the neck can also be one of the potential causes of upper back pain.
  9. Pinched nerve – Finally, all the pain may be because a nerve somewhere between the shoulder blades has become pinched. 

What are the symptoms of a pinched nerve in shoulder blades?

There are five main types of symptoms that a nerve between your shoulder blades has become pinched. Pay attention to one or all of the following symptoms, but also consider consulting a chiropractic expert as soon as they appear.

  1. Decreased sensation or numbness in the area of the shoulder blades.
  2. A burning sensation or sharp pain between shoulder blades.
  3. A needles and tingling sensation in the area.
  4. Weakness of the muscles between the shoulder blades.
  5. Your feet or hands frequently “fall asleep”.

So, once again, do not self-diagnose – as soon as you start experiencing one or several of these symptoms, consult an educated professional instead of trying to resolve the matter on your own. 

How do you relieve pain between your shoulder blades?

OK, again – if you begin experiencing pain between the shoulder blades, you should definitely visit a chiropractic pro as soon as possible. However, there are several things you can do in order to alleviate some of the pain prior to the visit.

  1. Rest – First things first, give your upper back and shoulder blades some rest. Try to spare the area of any activity for a couple of days, and see if the pain lessens.
  2. Heat/ice – Also, while resting the area, apply some homemade cold therapy to it by wrapping ice in a piece of cloth and holding for ten to twenty minutes. Then, take a heating pad, and apply for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  3. Massage – Finally, ask a friend or a family member to gently massage the area in order to loosen the muscles and alleviate the pain.

“I’d rather undergo professional chiropractic care in Scottsdale!”

What causes upper back pain between shoulder bladesYes, you can relieve some of the pain on your own, but nothing beats undergoing chiropractic treatment by the best trained professionals in Scottsdale – Fix Body Chiropractor Group. Even in these trying times, we’re here for you. 

We know you can no longer freely roam the Camelback Mountain, both because of the current situation and the pain between your shoulder blades. That is why you should call us immediately and see about scheduling a safe appointment. Contact us today!