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December 2017
Young Woman Receiving Acupuncture San Diego Treatment

You are probably familiar with acupuncture and the way it is performed, but did you know that it is extremely beneficial for athletes? If not, acupuncture San Diego specialists are here to give answers to commonly asked questions.

When should an athlete undergo acupuncture?

There is no definitive answer. Studies in the field of acupuncture treatment have shown that it can reduce inflammation, help with muscle spasms, and increase neurohormones, which reduce pain. Since it is highly beneficial, it can be a secondary treatment to many sports-related ailments, or a primary one. Simply put, acupuncture always does the trick, so there is no bad time to visit an acupuncture San Diego professional.

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December 2017
Cryotherapy Capsule - Sports Recovery San Diego

Cryotherapy can be a valued addition to your everyday life as a sportsperson, and there are many benefits of it becoming a part of your sports recovery San Diego process.

What is cryotherapy?

Although it does sound like something from a sci-fi movie, cryotherapy has become extremely common is the sports world of today. It all started with the long-employed practice of applying ice to sore spots. Now, whole-body cryotherapy is used to submerge your entire body in sub-zero temperatures, stimulating skin sensors and activating your central nervous system. It has beneficial effects on psychological, biochemical, and inflammatory biomarkers, thus enhancing cognitive performance.

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