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January 2015

Meet Jason Hiebert, our Director of Acupuncture
Jason came to Fix Body Group June of 2014 Jason has traveled the world treating people including Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand.
Most people are nervous or unsure of Acupuncture. We hear needles and stop listening. What can someone expect during a session with you?
People can expect to be comforted from the start. Like every service here at Fix Body Group, this is a top rated experience. When you come into my room, you have a seat on my table and we talk to learn what areas are concerning you. Once we begin treatment I explain exactly where I am going to place needles. What most people don’t realize is how fine the needles are. Many patients think its going to be the same types of needle you receive at the Doctors office. Truth is, about 50 acupuncture needles can fit into one needle that the doctor uses. They are that tiny.

Do people feel them being placed on the body?
The majority of the time people don’t even realize I have placed the first needle in. Depending on the spot or the reason they are getting acupuncture they may feel a dull ache.

What’s so different between Acupuncture at Fix and other places?
Because of my vast and varied background, I am able to incorporate other techniques into the sessions. I often add in some myofascial release, scrapping techniques and stretching.

What are some reasons people would get acupuncture?
There are many reasons. The most common here at Fix are different types of pain they are experiencing. Acupuncture is a great treatment to include to ease that pain. I also commonly treat people for insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues and menstrual issues.

How can people expect to feel after leaving your office?
It is so different based on the person and the condition but a lot of people tend to leave with a better range of motion, relaxed and overall, just calmer. My therapy room is alike a unique sanctuary inside Fix. It has a much different feel to it than the rest of the office.

What’s one fun fact about you people may not guess?
I drove across Australia in a car I bought on craigslist. It broke down in Sydney. I sold the car for $500 and wound up staying in Sydney for a period of time. I loved my time there.

If you have more questions about Acupuncture or perhaps would like to try a complimentary session, email Jason at