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We empower and educate our patients to heal themselves from the inside out using our comprehensive wellness program. Care is customized to fit each patient’s specific needs. We cover the five pillars of health which include fitness, nutrition, detox, hormones and mentoring. Our team of coaches guide you along the path of optimal health and wellness. At FIX “We’re in this together” and our entire team is your support system. We know change can be hard, but we never ask you to do it alone.

COMPREHENSIVE & Individualized

Everyone’s healthcare at FIX Body Group starts at the same place…CARING!

Listening to you with open ears and an open heart is the first step to finding the root cause of your problem. Once we have found the true cause we work together to paint the picture of the life you want to be living. Our team designs the perfect roadmap to your destination while addressing all your health needs.  Stop treating symptoms and patching up your body, make permanent changes to lead the life you deserve.

Learn to properly fuel your body with the right foods to promote growth and repair tissue. Remove self sabotaging habits and arm yourself with knowledge.

Become the master of your own body. Learn how to stimulate change, burn fat for fuel and add muscle that lasts.

Making changes never happens alone in our family. Our team will be by your side for every step of your journey. With guidance and support from those that have made change you will leave setbacks and frustration in the past.

Heal and restore your gut and internal organs so they can properly take in nutrients. Build a robust immune system, increase energy, burn fat and add lean muscle.

With the proper testing we will see what is happening inside of your body. Through diet, nutrition, exercise and supplementation we will balance your internal chemistry and unlock your true potential.

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Sam and Patrick are both great guys too get adjusted by, I always feel so much better when they are done with me. That’s why I keep coming back!
Peter G.
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One step at a time

Changing your life involves many factors.  FIX Body Group breaks those changes down into small steps.  Leave the frustrations of missteps and pitfalls behind by working together with our team. The journey is just as enjoyable as the ride when you see results and gain control!

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